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The Last Calusa was a vengeful spirit created by the Calusa tribe to avenge their destruction by the white man.


Around two hundred years ago, the Calusa tribe was decimated by Europeans coming to America. Once a great tribe, the Calusa became determined to get vengeance on anyone not Native American. Near extinction, a Calusa priest bound together all of the souls of the entire Calusa tribe to create the Last Calusa, a vengeance spirit designed to get revenge by killing anyone not Native American and using their life force to increase its own strength.

In 2008, the Last Calusa was strengthened when the demons Alberto and Fedra cast a spell to strengthen all the spirits on Key West to use them for their own purposes. The Last Calusa awoke when a couple found the burial site for part of the Calusa tribe and disturbed it. The Last Calusa drained the two of their life force and was drawn to the demons location by their spell to control all of the spirits on the island. After learning that they were not its gods, the Last Calusa dismissed the demons who attempted once more to control it. The Last Calusa resisted their spell and flung them against the headboard with their spell pentagram on it, breaking it and the spell. Enraged by their actions, the Last Calusa tortured the two demons before the Winchesters attacked it with rock salt rounds to no effect. Telling the group that it would all be over soon and it would have its vengeance, the Last Calusa kills Alberto and leaves.

That night, as the fate of the construction site with the Calusa burial ground is discussed, the Last Calusa strikes at the people there, knocking out all the power and draining the life of the workers despite their efforts to resist. The Last Calusa kills thirty-one people in the attack and returns later as the Winchesters are investigating the deaths the spirit caused. The Last Calusa causes all the power to go out once more, including all of the cars in the area and declares that everyone there has been chosen for "the sacrifice" after which there will be vengeance. The Winchesters hit the Last Calusa with rock salt to no effect while the cops shoot it with their own guns to the same effect. Unimpressed, the Last Calusa declares that "the sacrifices will be prepared" and takes control of everyone at the site except Dean and Officer Van Montrose who it flings away from the construction site since Dean's demon deal means it can't use him and Montrose is a Seminole Indian. After taking its sacrifices into the construction pit, the Last Calusa erects a ward that keeps out Dean and Montrose.

After forcibly taking the cops, lab techs and Sam prisoner, the Last Calusa forces them to stand in a circle around the construction site and Sam questions it on what it intends to do. After silencing the police chief and another cop, the Last Calusa explains that it will enact the vengeance of the Calusa tribe upon the white man for wiping them out. It goes on to explain how it was created out of the souls of the Calusa tribe so that when the time is right, it can rise up, steal the life force of outsiders and use it to destroy all outsiders. Sam questions the Last Calusa on what good its actions will do since the people that destroyed the Calusa tribe are long gone and few of their descendants are still in the area, but the Last Calusa isn't deterred, telling Sam that vengeance will be achieved and that's all that matters. Stating that the group will remain there until the next sunset at which point it will all end, the Last Calusa disappears.

As sunset approaches, the Last Calusa is shocked when its wards shatter, something it didn't believe anyone had the knowledge to do. The Last Calusa finds Dean empowered by the ghosts of Key West with the help of Fedra and began a dance to summon a storm. Seeing what the Last Calusa is doing, Dean channels his and the other spirits who have fought in combat's instincts into a blast of spiritual energy, but the Last Calusa is unaffected by the blast and a second one fired by Dean. Following the advice of the spirit of a poet named Johnathan Gomez within him, Dean channels the passion of the spirits within him into another blast that actually affects the Last Calusa, but doesn't stop it. The Last Calusa is able to summon a powerful thunderstorm causing Dean to channel the protective instincts of himself and the spirits inside him to create wards of his own to shield Sam and the Last Calusa's other sacrifices. As the Last Calusa warns that Dean won't prevent it from getting its vengeance, Dean combines the passion, combativeness and protectiveness of himself and the spirits within himself and begins blasting the Last Calusa repeatedly with it, weakening the spirit and breaking its hold over Sam and its sacrifices. To counteract Dean, the Last Calusa brings the rain down hard enough to dent the police cars, causing Dean great pain that was magnified by his heightened senses from the power he was channeling. The Last Calusa then began manipulating Dean's emotions to make him despair, augmented by the spirits within Dean that had faced great despair in their lives. Dean is able to draw on various spirits experiences to fight back and continue to shield Sam and the other sacrifices, but is unable to fight back further and starts to be overwhelmed by pain from the Last Calusa's relentless attack.

As the Last Calusa and Dean continue to battle, Sam sees what's going on and salts and burns the Calusa bones in the construction pit. While not enough to kill the Last Calusa, Sam's actions burn away some of the spirits that make it up and weaken its power, reducing it to the height it was when it attacked Fedra and Alberto. While the Last Calusa patches up the hole Sam's actions left in itself, the time and effort it takes to do so leaves it vulnerable to attack by Dean. Seeing his shot, Dean pulls together all the passion, pain, stubbornness, optimism, pugilism, pacifism, despair and hope within himself and the ghosts of Key West and channels it into one massive blast to use against the Last Calusa. Dean hits the Last Calusa with the blast, causing the spirit to start to become transparent and let out a terrible scream. Finally, with a massive flash of light, the Last Calusa is destroyed by Dean's energy blast and its storm stops.

Powers and Abilities

Due to the number of souls involved in creating the Last Calusa, it was an incredibly powerful spirit with some rare and in some cases, unique abilities. The Last Calusa's power was also strengthened beyond its usual incredible limits by a demonic spell that super-charged all of the spirits on Key West.

  • Life Force Draining - The Last Calusa possessed the ability to drain the life force out of its victims, leaving them unrecognizable husks. The Last Calusa was then able to use this energy to increase its own power. At least after it was strengthened by Alberto and Fedra's spell, the Last Calusa was capable of draining the life force from people with just a hand gesture. Draining the life force of thirty-one people, the Last Calusa grew in size and power with its voice deepening as a result.
  • Immunity - Unlike other spirits, the Last Calusa was completely immune to salt and even Fedra and Alberto's spell couldn't control it.
  • Weather manipulation - As Fedra and Alberto attempt to control it, the Last Calusa makes a wind blow through their hotel room and extinguish their candles. With a rain dance, the Last Calusa was able to summon a powerful thunderstorm and was able to increase the force of the rain to the point of denting the roofs of cars and causing great pain to Dean who's senses were heightened at the time. After the Last Calusa was destroyed, the storm it generated was ended as well.
  • Telekinesis - The Last Calusa was easily able to throw Alberto and Fedra against a headboard and disarm the Winchesters of their weapons. It later flung Dean and Officer Montrose away from the construction pit with great force.
  • Demon Torturing - Enraged at Fedra and Alberto's attempts to control it, the Last Calusa was able to cause them agonizing pain, more than they had ever felt in Hell.
  • Smiting - The Last Calusa effortlessly destroyed the demon Alberto.
  • Teleportation - The Last Calusa was capable of teleporting from place to place.
  • Electrokinesis - At the disturbed Calusa burial ground, the Last Calusa caused all of the power to go out including lights and other electronic devices such as cell phones and even cars.
  • Possession - The Last Calusa could take control of multiple people at once and force them to do its bidding.
  • Spell Casting - The Last Calusa created a ward around the construction site it was using for its sacrifices to keep anyone from interfering with it.
  • Biokinesis - With a wave of its hand, the Last Calusa could render people unable to speak.
  • Reality Warping - The Last Calusa could enable those around it to understand what it was saying despite speaking its own native language.
  • Pathokinesis - While Dean was in pain from the Last Calusa's powerful storm, the Last Calusa briefly manipulated Dean to feel great despair before Dean was able to overcome it.
  • Regeneration - With enough time and effort, the Last Calusa was capable of healing the damage done by Sam salting and burning the bones of some of the souls that made it up.
  • Invulnerability - Due to its extreme power and few weaknesses, the Last Calusa was nearly invulnerable. The only known way to combat and destroy it was to channel all the spiritual energy on Key West through a willing vessel capable of using the energy offensively. Even then, the Last Calusa's power was so great it took immense effort and the Last Calusa being weakened through other means to destroy the spirit.


Due to being an unconventional spirit, the Last Calusa possessed few weaknesses.

  • Salting and burning remains - Due to being made up of the souls of the entire Calusa tribe, salting and burning bones could not destroy the Last Calusa without burning the bones of every member of the tribe who ever lived. However, just burning some is enough to weaken the spirit as it takes away some of the souls that make up the Last Calusa and causes the Last Calusa great pain. Salting and burning some of the tribe's remains also leaves the Last Calusa vulnerable for a moment as it has to repair the hole created by the loss of the souls and it takes time and effort.
  • Massive Amounts of Spiritual Energy - Powered by all of the ghosts of Key West through a spell cast by a demon, Dean Winchester was able to use their spiritual energy to destroy the Last Calusa. However, due to the spirit's immense strength, it took Sam weakening the Last Calusa and Dean channeling everything he had into one blast to destroy the spirit. Other blasts were able to harm and weaken the Last Calusa but not to a great degree.


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