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The Hunter Games is the 10th episode of Season 10. It aired on January 20th, 2015.


Dean Purgatory Blade.png.png There was something about being there... It felt pure.

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After the massacre at the ranch, Dean, Sam, and Castiel double their efforts to find a cure for the Mark of Cain but there is nothing in the lore that can help them. Desperate, Castiel comes up with an idea that Sam deems the "single worst idea I've ever heard." Meanwhile, Rowena (guest star Ruth Connell) continues to plot against Crowley, and Castiel tries to mend his relationship with Claire (guest star Kathryn Love Newton) who is plotting revenge against Dean for killing her friend.


The episode begins with Crowley walking around in Hell he seems nervous, looking around and checking over his shoulder when suddenly a few other demons appears, armed. Crowley tries to walk away only to be cut off by even more of his subjects. He falls over and is stabbed repeatedly. As he appears to die, you start hearing Rowena's voice in the background.

Crowley suddenly opens his eyes and it's revealed that it was all just a dream. Rowena is in his face asking him if he's okay, he shrugs it off but she rejects it and asks what she can do. To which Crowley replies "not a thing, you evil bitch" and walks away. Rowena remarks that she is his mother and Crowley warns her not to get too cozy before exiting the room. As soon as he is gone we see Rowena pulling out a Hex Bag from under Crowley's throne and kissing it, showing us that she was, in fact, responsible for the nightmare her son was having.

In the bunker, Dean is sitting on his bed, having flashbacks about what happened in the previous episode. He then stands up and looks himself in a mirror.

Meanwhile, Castiel is telling Sam that Claire refuses to speak to him and compares her to a wounded animal. Sam says that Castiel did the right thing and points out that Randy was using her. Castiel counters, claiming that Claire loved him because she thought he was kind, saying it demonstrated how little kindness there was in her life. Sam changes the subject and they start talking about Dean's current situation, being at a loss for words when his brother shows up. The older Winchester points out that he did commit a massacre and gives Sam the right to call him a 'stone cold killer' since he would not be wrong in doing so.

He then rolls up his sleeve and tells them that he has to get rid of the Mark. Castiel, who has been silent up to this point, tells Dean that it won't be easy, but Dean tells him to burn or cut it off. Castiel counters saying that it's more than just a physical thing, telling Dean that it will take a very powerful source to remove the effects. Sam tells his brother that there's nothing in the lore, to which Cass responds that it may pre-date the lore. He also claims it might be possible if they had the Demon Tablet, which is currently missing. He then looks down and tells the brothers that there may be another way to get rid off it.

Back in Hell, Rowena is sneaking around, looking for something when one of the demons (Guthrie) from Crowley's dream comes up from behind and asks if she needs any help and tells her that Crowley didn't wanted his mother wander around unattended. Rowena claims that she was looking for food because she is displeased with what she's currently getting, and Guthrie replies that he wouldn't know since he doesn't need to eat, and tries to show her to the door. Rowena tries to bribe him saying she can put in a good word for him. He declines the offer just as Crowley himself enters, wanting to know if he should sign something he was too bored to read. Guthrie tells him that he should. Crowley does so and gives it to Guthrie, who makes his exit.

Rowena tells Crowley that there has been plotting against him involving Guthrie and warns him to watch his back. When Crowley isn't convinced she tells him that he has the right to distrust her, but also that she wishes him success. Crowley suspects Rowena of being annoying on purpose to have Crowley let her out of Hell, but she rejects this idea, saying that she is exactly where she wants to be -- with her son. Crowley points out that she did manage to stay away for 300 years and they start bickering about Crowley's childhood.

At the portal to Heaven, Castiel is impatiently waiting for someone to arrive. Just as another Angel asks Cass who he's expecting, the portal opens and an angel called Ingrid appears along with another angel with a bag over his head. She warns Castiel that he's taking a great risk. Cass tells her that he reached out to her because both believe that it's the angel's mission to protect the humans and that he wants to eliminate a great threat. Ingrid tells Cass that the angel next to her must be returned at a specific time. Castiel says that he understands that and then takes off the bag, revealing the angel to be Metatron. He teases Cass about their last encounter and that he would get out of prison eventually. Cass assures Metatron that it's temporary. Metatron asks if he's there because Cass needs him because of his grace and Cass says that it's not about him. They arrive to Castiel's car and Sam steps out, looking extremely pissed.

Once they get him to the bunker, Metatron is bound and placed in an Angel's Trap. Sam tells him that Metatron is there to deliver information, specifically, about the Mark and how to remove it. Metatron asks if Dean is a demon and Sam replies that he's not. After Sam refuses to explain further, Metatron asks if Dean "killed a human or something?" Sam just crosses his arms and Metatron drops his jaw and guesses that Dean has gone nuclear. Sam ignores him and asks if he knows how to remove the Mark. Metatron says that he may or may not know, and requires that Sam keep Dean on a short leash if he wants his help. Sam replies that he doesn't care much what happens to Metatron since he killed Dean, who then walks in and stares at Metatron.

In a motel, Claire is packing her things when Cass comes in. Claire admits that she hoped that she would be gone by the time it took for Cass to get back and Cass says that he can find her another room if she doesn't like the current one. She explains that it's him that's the problem since he looks like her father. She also says that Cass is nothing to her. Cass claims that to be untrue since he's responsible for how her life turned out after he possessed Jimmy, saying that it's his responsibility to help her and that he wants her to have a life after what she's been through. Claire says she already has one and that she likes it. If what Castiel meant was a normal life, she claims "that ship has sailed." Castiel says that she is still young and that her life can change. Claire demands that he stop talking to her like he's her father, whom he killed. She also says that Dean killed the closest thing she had to a family. Castiel is confused saying that Randy didn't make a move to help her when someone tried to rape her. Claire defends him saying he was at gunpoint and claims Dean to be a monster. Cass hesitates before suggesting that there is perhaps a little monster in everyone. Claire says the fact that he defends Dean is proof that she can't trust him and tries to leave the room. Cass tries to stop her, but she yells at him that she's done and has to be on her own while walking out the door.

In the bunker, Sam again asks Metatron how to get rid of the Mark and Dean tells him that he will have no problem torturing him for answers. Metatron tells Dean to lighten up and asks why the brothers just assume that he won't be helpful. Sam says that it's because he's a dickwad, and Metatron replies that he's their dickwad, claiming to have a special place in his "non-heart" for both of them. He says it's possible to remove the Mark, but to do so they'll need The First Blade.

They leave Metatron. Sam claims Metatron's idea to be single worst one he's ever heard since Dean just killed a lot of people when the Blade was nowhere around and is shocked that Dean wants to be in actual contact with it. Dean counters saying that they don't know if he needs to be in actual contact with it, just that they need it. Sam replies that all they know is Metatron says they need it. Dean tells his brother that they are going to play it safe, take one step at the time, and learn how the spell to remove it works before he'll go near it. Sam questions if it's the Mark that makes Dean desire the Blade, asking why they should trust anything Metatron says. Dean replies that he doesn't trust Metatron and makes a case that the Blade without Dean is useless, and the Blade with Dean would mean trouble for Metatron.

Rowena and Crowley are shown sitting together. Rowena asks Crowley if he remembers the lullaby she sang to him every night and he says that she never did such a thing. On the contrary, she made him drink whisky until he fell asleep. Crowley gets a call from Dean and asks him if he's "back to his former self" Dean tells him to meet ASAP. Crowley agrees, asking where and then gets up to leave. He tells Rowena he has business to attend to, and she asks, sarcastically, if she should make dinner for him. He replies, "You don't cook, and I don't eat," before walking out. Rowena is then shown cutting out a piece of cloth from one of Crowley's ties.

Claire is at a pub, shooting pool with two drifters, Brit and Tony. She tells them about Castiel and Dean and about how they killed both her fathers. Castiel calls her and she expresses her irritation against his constant badgering, piquing Brit and Tony's interest.

Sam and Dean are shown trying to persuade Crowley to bring the first blade. They assure him that they just need it in order to remove the Mark. Rowena casts a spell to spy on Crowley without having to be physically present. She sees him with the Winchesters and finds out the whereabouts of the First Blade. She tricks Guthrie into fetching the first blade.

Castiel is shown at the Bunker expressing his disapproval of their plan. He then starts expressing his concern for Claire, asking Dean to reach out to her. He tells him that he would send Claire's number to him via text. He also adds that he loves texting because he loves emoticons. When Dean leaves, he tells Sam that Dean seems "calm," to which Sam responds that he's too calm, guessing that it's a façade. Crowley doesn't find the blade where he had stashed it with his bones.

Back in Crowley's lair, Rowena kills Guthrie in order to get the First Blade for herself. But, before she can do so, Crowley walks in on her. She tells him that Guthrie acted on his own and that he was a traitor and tried to kill her. Crowley doesn't exactly believe her but then relents saying that he also had a vision where Guthrie attacked him.

Brit, Tony, and Claire are shown sitting in front of trailer. Claire listens to a voicemail left by Dean asking her to talk to him in person. Brit and Tony offer to "handle" the situation for her by beating him up or "something more permanent."

Crowley calls Dean to inform him that he has the first blade and would hold onto it until he managed to get more information regarding the removal of the Mark. Dean decides to pay a visit to Metatron in order to get answers but ends up locking himself in the dungeon with him. Not only to extract information but also exact revenge for all of Metatron's evil deeds. Metatron insults Dean while Dean continues to hit him. Dean cuts him with an angel blade, causing Metatron to proclaim, “The river ends at the source!,” while Sam and Cass try to persuade Dean to open the door. When he doesn't do so, Cass uses his grace to break open the door. Sam pulls Dean away while Castiel rushes Metatron back into Heaven.

Sam talks to Dean about the Mark and tells him that maybe there's a part of him that wants to give into the savagery that comes with it. He says that a very strong force will be required to fight and remove the Mark. And, maybe, a part of that strong force needed to be Dean himself. Dean thinks over this. His phone rings -- it's Claire, calling to set up a meeting.

When Dean arrives in the decided place and is waiting for Claire, Brit and Tony are about to attack him. But their plan is foiled by Claire shouting, tipping off Dean who begins to fight them. Dean wrestles Tony's axe from him and lifts it to strike, but Claire shouts, "NO!" causing him to put it down on the park bench. He then leaves.

Cass catches up to Claire in his Lincoln. She asks how he found her and he says that he can always find anyone who prays. When she denied praying, he says that it doesn't have to be formal prayer -- he picked up on a "longing." Claire says that she thought about what he said at the hotel, and that she's ready to let go of the little bit of monster inside her. She says that she would like to keep in touch with him. She says that she likes him better wearing a tie.

Cass then drives off.


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  • In Inside Man its revealed that Metatron was lying about knowing of a cure for the Mark of Cain. He was really just making stuff up until he could screw them over, including his "the river will end at the source" comment.
  • Castiel mentions that the Demon Tablet is missing. The reason why is shown in Book of the Damned: Metatron had an angel loyal to him hide it in a library on Earth along with Castiel's grace. While Metatron finally makes his escape with it in that episode, Castiel retrieves the demon tablet in Our Little World after locating Metatron's apartment on Earth.
  • Claire mentions Dean killing Randy, which occurred in The Things We Leave Behind.


  • In the CW's official summary for this episode, the main characters' actors are not cited.
  • The title of this episode is a pun on the popular novel and movie series The Hunger Games.
    • Brit, one of the drifters Claire meets in the bar, has her dark hair in a single plait draped over her shoulder and wears a brown leather jacket. This is the same style worn by Katniss Everdeen, the main character in The Hunger Games.
  • This is the second time the Mark of Cain glowed without Dean having the First Blade in hand. The first being in First Born.
  • This is the second time Dean has (under the Mark's influence) gone into a murderous rage without The First Blade. The first being in The Things We Left Behind.
  • The song that Rowena hums while cutting of a piece of Crowley's tie is the Scottish folk song, Loch Lomond.
  • The song that Rowena hums while preparing her scrying spell is Scotland the Brave, considered one of Scotland's unofficial national anthems.
  • Dean said "Hear evil, see evil, do evil... the trifecta," which is the opposite of the famous principle "see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil".
  • Guam is an island in the Pacific which has the Marianas Trench, which is the original hiding place of the blade.
  • The episode is dedicated to Matt Riley. He had played a firefighter in 1.22 Devil's Trap. He used to be stand-in for Jared until Season 8.
  • Titania (who is mentioned by Rowena in her spell) is the fairy queen from William Shakespeare's play A Midsummer Night's Dream in which she is having relationship issues with her husband Oberon.
    • It is not known if Titania and Oberon have a marital relationship within the series.

International Titles[]

  • Hungarian: Vadászok viadala (The Hunter Games)
  • German: Machtkämpfe (Power Struggles)


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