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This article is about a subject that is from official sources but is not considered canon.

The Heart of the Dragon is an ancient Japanese Demon which was born from the spirit of Yoshio Nakadai, a fearless Ronin which once lived in Japan. Unlike other demons which were born after intense soul-ripping torture in Hell, he was born due to Demon magical interference via a spell.

Physical Appearance

Unlike other demons which appear like black smoke forms, he appears as a fierce vortex of fire. However, he has black eyes which he showed soon after he possessed a vessel.


Due to being born from the spirit of a fearless Ronin, He was very fearless, in addition of some twists: sadistic, ruthless, brutal, and violent. 


In 1859, Yoshio Nakadai, a Ronin, was caught by angry mob due to being suspected committing various atrocities, including "violating" a woman (thanks to Demons efforts to framed him). He was later executed by being burned alive till he died. However, it was revealed, all of this was just a Demon plot to convert his soul to a "weapon of unimaginable power" in the hands of demonkind.

In 1969, a descendant of Yoshio Nakadai, Albert Chao (a Chinese-Japanese descent) invoking him, but later banished by hunter Samuel Campbell and Jack Bartow, with cost of the latters life. In 1989, it came back again, and faced John Winchester, but it was able to escape again.

In 2009, Albert Chao later re-summoned him with the assistance of the witch Moondoggy Verlander with a powerful Demon Summoning spell. Unleashing him again to wreak havoc once more. But this time, Sam and Dean are able to dispatch him. Sam later administered a spell, releasing his spririt so he could move on, with addition sending back its demonic essence to Hell.

Powers and Abilities

The Heart of the Dragon is quite a powerful Demon, with some of his abilities somehow shared with the canon counterpart Knight of Hell.

  • Possession - To walk on earth, he must possess a vessel. However, unlike other demons, there are pre-requirements for a person who wanted to served as his vessel, the vessel must carry Yoshio Nakadai bloodline.
  • Pyrokinesis - He's able to control fire to a masterful degree. By invoking him, the invoker is able to summon him and his powers to control fire.
  • Apporting - He's able to summon his weapon, a flaming demonic katana with ability to summon and control fire, to him.
  • Telekinesis - He's able to easily telekinetically break the necks of hunters, that intended to trap and banish him once more.
  • Healing - He's able to heal any damages to his vessel, although severe damages cannot be easily healed in-time and need some time.
  • Power Granting - When possessing people, he is able to grant various attributes to his vessel. Making him and his vessel nearly invincible.


Despite his status, The Heart of the Dragon still has some weaknesses. Although all of them are unique.

  • Devil's Trap - A Devil's Trap is still able to effect him, although it's not long enough.
  • Doragon Kokoro - An enchanted katana once possessed by Yoshio Nakadai. The only thing that able to harm and kill him.
  • Soul Binding Releasing Spell - This spell is able to release his spirit from its demonic binding. After its administration, the spirit will reverted into its real untainted form, and send its demonic essence back to Hell, and make it unable again to re-summoned ever again.


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