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This unnamed man worked as the accomplice of Terrance Clegg and the harvester for Clegg's operation.


At an unknown point, this man became part of Terrance Clegg's harvesting operation. He began acting as Clegg's accomplice and harvester for potentially twelve years, wearing a mask and goggles at all times.

In 2017, after being pointed in the direction of Wendy Hanscum by the vampire Marlon, the harvester punctured Wendy's tire with a spike and kidnapped her on the side of the road. While holding Wendy prisoner and recording her for Clegg, the harvester took great pleasure in taunting her.

As part of their auction, the harvester sold the parts of Luis Fernando and cut off his left arm live on camera and ultimately butchered the man for his parts. Having determined Marlon's role in the operation, hunter Dean Winchester and Officer Doug Stover watched the event from Marlon's computer. Unaware of Clegg's identity as the Butterfly, the Winchesters, Doug and Sheriff Donna Hanscum requested his help in tracing the video of the man harvesting Luis.

After Clegg captured Sam Winchester, he called in his harvester to set up the camera for the auction of Sam's parts, giving the harvester directions on where to position the camera. As Clegg explained his operation to Sam, his harvester silently continued setting up his camera equipment in the background. On Clegg's signal, the harvester began the Internet auction for Sam. The harvester continued to work the camera all the way through Sam's liver and until Clegg began to sell Sam's heart.

As the auction continued, Donna located Wendy, only to have the harvester enter the room and shove Donna to the ground, causing Donna to lose her shotgun. The harvester drew his meat cleaver and began swinging at Donna, but Donna dodged his attacks and grabbed a crowbar from a nearby shelf. Donna struck the harvester in the legs and face, stunning him and causing the harvester to drop his meat cleaver. As the harvester came at Donna again, she grabbed the meat cleaver and drove it through the harvester's heart, killing him instantly.


The harvester, though he never spoke, was highly sadistic and greatly enjoyed tormenting and butchering his victims. In particular, the harvester was shown to greatly enjoy using mocking facial expressions to psychologically torture Wendy Hanscum. According to Terrance Clegg, he and the harvester enjoyed killing their victims slowly so that they could feel what was being done to them.

Not speaking at all, the harvester could only be heard making growls and grunts at times, particularly when Donna Hanscum fought him, suggesting that the harvester was mute.


Killed By[]

After the harvester attacked her, Donna stunned him with blows to the legs and face with a crowbar. Donna then impaled the harvester through the heart with his own meat cleaver, killing him.



  • The harvester was always seen wearing a mask and goggles so what he really looked like was never seen.
  • With his mask always hiding his face, never speaking, and butchering victims for food, the harvester is similar to Leatherface from The Texas Chainsaw Massacre. A difference is that the harvester and Clegg do not eat their victims, but sell them to monsters who wish to eat them.