The Girl Next Door is the 3rd episode of Season 7. It aired on October 7th, 2011.


Dean Purgatory Blade.png There was something about being there... It felt pure.

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Dean is furious after Sam disappears to follow a lead on a case with clues that are identical to a case Sam solved as a kid. The demon turns out to be Amy (guest star Jewel Staite), who has been killing low-life thugs and taking their brains for dinner the same demon Sam found as a kid.


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Dean wakes up at Sioux Falls General Hospital in the ER as the doctors work on his broken leg and tell him what happened. He passes out and sometime later, pulls out the IV and tries to get out of bed only to discover that he has a cast on his leg. Bobby comes in, wearing a suit, and Dean is surprised to see that he's alive. Once he gets Dean up off the floor, Bobby says that they have to go and leaves to find Sam.

The Leviathan possessing Dr. Gaines and the head nurse get a call that the Winchesters are at the hospital. Meanwhile, Bobby finds Sam on a stretcher and wheels him out of the hospital and into an ambulance. When Gaines comes out after them, Dean manages to get in just in time and they drive off. Gaines and the head nurse make a call.

Dean notices Sam out of it

Dean notices Sam is out of it

Three weeks later in Whitefish, Montana, the brothers hole up in a cabin belonging to Rufus and Dean watches Spanish soap operas. Bobby comes in and Dean brings him up to speed, and they compare notes on what the Leviathans have been doing. Hunters have encountered them and determined that they bleed black goo and are indestructible, and that the ones at the hospital have disappeared. Sam spaces out briefly as he hears Lucifer's voice but then manages to regain his self-control. Bobby goes to get copies of all the ancient tomes that were burned along with his house and Dean suggests that Sam make a run to get some food. Once he leaves, Dean asks Bobby for his opinion. Bobby figures that he'll get over it and that for now they need to focus on the Leviathans.

At the store, Sam pays for the food with his credit card and notices a newspaper article on a local ice pick killer. When he pays for the food, a Leviathan duplicating a credit card accountant tracks the charge, identifies it, and calls Edgar. Edgar tells him to deal with the Winchesters.

Sam returns to the cabin and Dean asks him how he's doing. Sam admits that he's still seeing things but he's managing it. Later, Dean dozes off and Sam looks at the newspaper article on the ice pick killer.

Lincoln, Nebraska, 1998Edit

Young Sam talking to John

Sam calls Dean

Young Sam calls Dean to say that he's located a kitsune. John gets on the line and Sam assures him that he's heading to the library to research the killer.

The PresentEdit

Sam leaves a note for the sleeping Dean and leaves. Meanwhile, A drug dealer is making a deal but is interrupted when a police siren goes off nearby. His customer runs and the drug dealer takes off. Something grabs him and kills him, taking some of his brain.

When Dean wakes up and discovers that Sam has gone, he calls splitting Bobby. Bobby figures that they should give it a couple of days until Dean gets the cast off. Dean then gets out a saw and starts cutting off the cast. Sam poses as a FBI agent and talks to a cop who says that losing a drug dealer is no big loss. He claims that he dealt with a similar case and asks if the brains were missing. As Sam goes to check it out, he gets a call from Dean and ignores it.

Dean stops in at the grocery store and confirms that Sam bought a newspaper. He checks out the day-old copy and spots the icepick killer ad. At the morgue, the coroner tells Sam that a big chunk of the victim's brain was removed, including their pituitaries. Sam remembers reading about same deaths when he was a child.

The PastEdit

Young Sam tracks the murders and confirms there was one death per town, each one in a park off the highway, and that the killer was moving along the highway in Montana.

The PresentEdit

Sam tracking killings

Sam tries to connect the murders

Sam tracks the pattern of killings and realizes where the next one will occur. He drives to the park outside of the next town.

The PastEdit

In Montana, young Sam buys a coffee and spots a girl going into the library. He goes back inside and notices her going through the books, and she notices him as well.

The PresentEdit

Sam sees someone pull up and go into the park.

The PastEdit

Young Sam goes to get a book and sees the girl in the next aisle, looking at him. He then calls Dean and tells him the way to kill the kitsune is to stab it in the heart. Once he's finished his report, he asks his brother how he can talk to girls. Sam then approaches the girl and notices a moon necklace. He tries to make conversation and she tells him to go away. When he hesitates, she says that she's not supposed to talk to boys and he goes outside. However, he sees the girl walk away and notices two boys following her. Sam watches and sees them harassing her. He intervenes and quickly takes them down, and the girl introduces herself as Amy.

The PresentEdit

Sam asking AMy about killings

Sam confronts Amy

Sam sees a woman approaching a man whose car has broken down on the road. He grabs her, sees the moon necklace, and greets her as Amy. Amy recognizes him and admits that she never thought she'd see him again. He holds a knife to her and walks her away, and asks why she's doing the same thing again. Amy insists that she has a life and a family.

The PastEdit

Amy takes young Sam to her home and treats his injuries. She talks about how her mother is often on the road and Sam admits that he goes through the same thing with his father. They commiserate over their lives and when Sam admits that he's a freak. Amy agrees, but says that she's a freak and all the coolest people are freaks. Sam leans forward and kisses her.

The PresentEdit

Sam points out that she's spiked three guys in the last week, but Amy insists that she just had to do it. She can't explain further and attacks Sam when he doesn't believe her. Amy knocks him out and runs. As he falls, Sam grabs something from her coat pocket. The coroner tells Dean that Sam was there and confirmed that the pituitary glands were missing. He calls Bobby to tell him that Sam is tracking a kitsune. Bobby wonders what Dean is going to do when he catches up, and Dean says that he has a few ideas. Amy goes to her suburban home and packs, but discovers Sam in her bedroom. He's traced her from the note he grabbed from her pocket. When he spots fresh blood on her hands and demands to know what she's been doing. Amy still refuses to explain and says that Sam know the kind of person that she is.

The PastEdit

Young Sam and Amy

Sam and Amy talk

Once they get done kissing, young Sam knocks over his soda. Amy says that her mother has a temper and starts to clean it up, and explains that her mother isn't a good person. She wonders if she's a good person and Sam says that he knows good when he sees it. He takes her hand and Amy explains that her mother has a plan. They both admit that neither one of them want to be like their parents.

The PresentEdit

Sam asks for an explanation and refuses to drop his knife until she does. Amy finally relents and opens the bedroom door, revealing her son Jacob in the next room. She explains that she works as a mortician and she's been feeding on the dead, taking what she and Jacob need. Jacob was dying and needed fresh meat, but now that he's been fed, he's recovering. Amy says that Sam could just walk away, and reminds her of what she did for him.

The PastEdit

Amy's mother arrives and Amy hides Young Sam in the closet. She says that two men in an Impala have caught up to them, and they need to move. Amy hesitates until her mother starts toward the closet, and then agrees to start packing. Her mother goes to get gas and Amy realizes that something's wrong. Young Sam says that he has to go but then notices a jar with a brain inside of it. He explains that his dad and brother are in the Impala and accuses Amy of being a monster. She realizes that he's a hunter and she wonders if they're supposed to kill each other. Young Sam advances on her with the knife and Amy admits that she hasn't killed anyone and doesn't want to hurt him. She asks if he wants to hurt her and Young Sam admits that he doesn't. She tells him to run and he puts away the knife and leaves.

The PresentEdit


Dean is not happy

"Howdy, Sam"

Sam returns to his hotel room but Dean ambushes him and punches him. Once they get inside, Dean complains that Sam left him. Sam insists that he had a job and he wanted to take care of it, and Dean asks to see the body. His brother finally admits that he let the kitsune go.

The PastEdit

As Sam tries to leave, Amy's mother comes back, realizing that something was up when Amy agreed to leave town so easily. She condemns Amy for letting Young Sam into his life and slaps her daughter aside when she tries to interfere. The kitsune grows claws and prepares to eat Sam's brain, but Amy stabs her in the chest and kills her.

The PresentEdit

Sam finishes telling Dean what happened. He doesn't believe that Amy will commit anymore murders, but Dean insists that they have to drop her now no matter what she did as a kid. When Dean says that it's simple. Sam points out that nothing in their lives is simple.

The PastEdit

SPN 1287

Sam refuses to leave with Amy

Young Sam tells Amy to get out of town on the bus while he takes care of the body. She asks him to come with her so that they can be freaks together, but he says that he can't.

The PresentEdit

Dean dismisses Amy as a freak and Sam prepares to leave. He explains that he figures that Dean considers him a freak as well and he agrees, but he insists that he's not dangerous. Sam explains that Amy works in a funeral home and has figured out how to deal, and says that they'd do the same thing if someone close to them were dying. He asks Dean to trust him, not Amy, and Dean agrees. Sam is surprised and Dean says that he has to start sometime.

The next day, Dean calls Bobby and confirms that they'll meet him the next day. He lets Sam drive and they go to Spokane to hole up. Sam checks in and Dean claims that he's going to get medication. Instead he goes to the hotel where Amy has holed up and explains who he is.
Dean stabs Amy

Dean kills Amy

Dean warns that she's a killer and eventually she'll kill again no matter what she claims. He stabs her and apologizes, and then sets her down on the bed. As he turns to go, he sees Jacob in the door, watching him. Dean asks if he's ever killed anyone. When Jacob says that he hasn't, Dean promises to come back for him if he does. The boy says that the only person he plans to kill is Dean and Dean tells him to look him up in a few years.

At the grocery store in Whitefish, Chet the Leviathan calls his superiors to report that he's on Sam's trail. He then ties up the owner and pours hot cheese sauce on him as he eats him.


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  • Antagonists: Edgar, Chet and The Leviathans
  • This is the first episode of the seventh season to be filmed so as to give Jensen time to direct before starting shooting. This is Jensen's second stint as director on Supernatural; the last one was the highly successful Weekend at Bobby's.
  • Colin Ford reprises his role as a young Sam Winchester for the 5th time.
  • Lucifer is heard but not seen in this episode, Mark Pellegrino is uncredited for the voice-over.
  • A sneak peek from this episode was aired at Comic Con 2011. It shows Sam confronting Amy before flashing back to a young Sam having beer with a young Amy and talking about their families.
  • In the scene where Dean punches Sam for taking the Impala, Jared mentioned in that scene that Jensen pranked him by having Todd Scott (Jensen's stunt double) tackle Jared. source
  • When Dean is in the gas station asking the clerk if he has seen Sam, the clerk is wearing a T-shirt promoting the movie Batman: Under The Red Hood, an animated movie in which Jensen Ackles voiced Jason Todd, aka The Red Hood.
  • This is the second time Girl, Interrupted is referenced on the show, the first being the season 5 episode Sam, Interrupted.
  • In the part of the episode that Dean is asleep and Sam sneaks out, the TV says "My Bloodiest Valentine". Jensen was in a movie called "My Bloody Valentine, which also lent its name to the Season 5 episode.
  • Amy Pond is the name of the Eleventh Doctor's companion in the hit British series Doctor Who
  • In the scene where Sam buys food from the shop for an incapacitated Dean, the credit card is traced. Just before the alert appears on the workers computer, he mentions to a customer about Mistress Magda - this could be a reference to Chuck.
  • The CW's official summary for this episode is missing a hyphen between the words 'dinner' and 'the'.


  • When the medical team is treating Dean in the Emergency Room, he has bloody wounds on his left eyebrow and left ear. When we last saw him in the ambulance with Sam at the end of the previous episode, he had no such injuries to his face.

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  • Dean: Bobby, you're alive!
  • Bobby: Of course I am. Why are you on the floor?
  • Dean: They gave me morphine. A lot. Hey, look. A monster broke my leg.

  • Dean: And, uh Sam...?
  • Sam: [leaving for food] Yeah?
  • Dean: Pie.
  • Sam: Obviously.

  • Chet: The Winchesters have triggered one of my search programs.
  • Edgar: Great.
  • Chet: A shop in Montana. A day and a half, maybe two days from here.
  • Edgar: So?
  • Chet: So...?
  • Edgar: So why are you still talking to me?

  • Dean: Other shoe.
  • Bobby: Other who?
  • Dean: Sam. He took off.
  • Bobby: Where?
  • Dean: I don't know. Nowhere good.
  • Bobby: Maybe he needed a little me time.
  • Dean: Yeah, but his me time ain't just him. For all we know, he's road-tripping with Lucifer somewhere.

  • Young Amy: So you going to tell me?
  • Young Sam: What?
  • Young Amy: How you kicked the crap out of those guys? I mean... no offense, but you're kind of...
  • Young Sam: Wiry.
  • Young Amy: Exactly.

  • Young Sam: We're always on the road. I mean, I've seen the world's biggest ball of twine twice.
  • Young Amy: Three times. Not that big.
  • Young Sam: Right.

  • Young Sam: You're always the new kid, and everyone thinks you're a freak.
  • Young Amy: Sam, you are a freak. But so is, I don't know, Jimi Hendrix, and Picasso. So am I. All the coolest people are freaks.

  • Amy: I'm a mortician. I know, not sexy. But... you know, health benefits.

  • Sam: Dean, look, how many times do I have to tell you? I'm fine.
  • Dean: Oh, yeah, now, you're a poster boy for mental health.

  • Dean: I'm sorry but it's that simple.
  • Sam: Nothing in our lives is simple.

  • Chet: You know what I find? Plain old people taste fine, but everything is better with cheese.

International Titles Edit

  • French: Amour De Jeunesse (Old Flame)


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