The Gamblers is the 11th episode of Season 15. It aired on January 30, 2020.


Dean Purgatory Blade.png There was something about being there... It felt pure.

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Sam and Dean press their luck in a winner-takes-all game of pool. Meanwhile, Castiel hunts down a would-be murderer, but not for reasons one might think.


Playing with Sam, who eventually misses a shot, Fortuna questions why they need the luck so bad and Sam explains that they have been cursed by God. Fortuna thinks they're talking about the pitfalls of life, before Dean explains that the God literally cursed them. She remarks that they've met and Dean describes God to her. Surprised by this description, Fortuna realizes that they really are telling the truth. Fortuna plays, while explaining the the true origins of pagan gods to the Winchesters of how God created them to serve as fall guys to the disasters of Earth. Fortuna tells the surprised brothers while most deities have forgotten the truth, she's old and holds a grudge. However, talking with Sam and Dean causes the goddess to become distracted and lose the game, impressing Fortuna with his ability to distract her.

The Winchesters explain to Fortuna that they intend to fight God and that if they lose, they will at least go down swinging. When Dean asks Fortuna to even up, she instead suggests they make it interesting: the Winchesters intend to fight God which is the stuff of heroes and so they will need the luck of heroes. Fortuna lists the legendary heroes she has helped in the past and suggests another game where they play for double or nothing which will cost their lives if they lose. Sam agrees to play, but not for more luck but for Fortuna to return the luck she has stolen from the people trapped in the pool hall and to close up shop. Though Fortuna insists that the people don't matter, Sam states that they matter to him with Dean agreeing with the sentiment. Fortuna agrees and quickly defeats Sam in the second game. Fortuna points out they challenged the Goddess of Luck in her own joint and asks what they thought would happen, but Dean states that they had to try which Fortuna calls stupid and leaves.

Castiel inspects Dr. Sariel's office and finds an Angel Sword, which he recalls were wielded by the Grigori. He realizes the doctor was really one of them. Meanwhile, Jack is trailing a new target but he is ambushed by another Grigori. Jack is captured and brought to an abandoned church, where his captor is surprised that Jack refused to heal his wound or use his powers to fight back. Jack states Kabaiel can't kill him, as the latter acknowledges it but is determined to exact revenge upon him by torturing Jack for his actions. Jack taunts him on how he knew that Sariel had been feeding on the souls of people he was supposed to help as a doctor and that he knew his captor fed on children, shocking the fallen angel with his knowledge. Aiming his sword at Jack's throat, Kabaiel demanded to know who had told Jack that and Jack simply replied that Death did. At that moment, Castiel appears behind the Grigori who sensed his brother's presence. A fight breaks out between the two angels until Castiel quickly stabs him in the chest. Castiel then tends to Jack, realizing its really him and embraces his nephew.

Back at the pub, after losing the game Dean expects Fortuna to kill them. However, she allows them to leave which Sam figures is because the goddess knows their bad luck will kill them on its own in the end. Outside, Dean is unwilling to leave the people trapped by Fortuna, the Winchesters decide to try to figure out what will kill Fortuna and then return to rescue the innocent people. To the brothers surprise, the patrons emerge moments later and Evie reveals that Fortuna shut down her pool hall because of them. She states Fortuna had recognized Sam and Dean as true heroes like in the old days, something that she thought had gone extinct. Fortuna sends the Winchesters a message through Evie: "don't play his game, make him play yours." Evie then provides Sam and Dean with a coin from Fortuna, which restores the luck God had taken from them. With their luck restored, the brothers decide to take the fight to God.

Returning to the bunker, Dean is disappointed to learn that though Fortuna restored their luck, she didn't give them extra luck to win the lottery after he loses. An amused Sam suggests is because Fortuna thinks they are real heroes who might not get all the shortcuts after all. Cass appears and the brothers note he is acting strange before he signals to someone who turns out to be Jack. Castiel confirms that its really Jack, as Sam pulls him into a hug before Dean holds him close and stares Jack in the eyes. Drinking beers, Jack explains that he wanted to return every day since his resurrection, but he couldn't as Jack can't use his powers without God knowing he's back and trying to kill Jack again. He reveals Billie kept him hidden in The Empty until God left the Earth at which point it was safe for Billie to resurrect him. Jack explains that eating the angel hearts of the Grigori is making him stronger, but he's not strong enough yet and so they must wait. He explains if he follows Billie's plan, he will eventually become strong enough to kill God. This declaration shocked the Winchesters.


Main Cast

Recurring Cast

Guest Stars

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  • Lynda Boyd as Fortuna
  • Hanneke Talbot as Evie
  • Brent Stait as Pool Hall Player
  • Stephen Huszar as Pax
  • Jason Burkart as Vikings Fan
  • Ashley Roxburgh as Waitress
  • Rob Bruner as Leonard
  • Ryan Hesp as Kabaiel
  • Lalo Espejo as Joey Six
  • Kahlil Ashanti as Sheriff Jeb Evans

Featured Supernatural Beings



  • This is the first time Davy Perez and Meredith Glynn collaborated to write an episode.
  • Lynda Boyd previously appeared on the show as Jennifer O'Brien in Pac-Man Fever.
  • Dean once again doesn't get to eat his pie after the Impala gets a flat tire.
  • Fortuna reveals that deities were actually created by God to take the blame when something went wrong and because they made for epic stories. However, God's ego could only handle that for so long and "now he's happy to hide behind whatever religion has the best syndication deal."
    • It is also revealed that most Deities have forgotten the truth of their creation.
  • Its revealed that at some point the previous spring, Dean used one of his FBI aliases to open a file on Jack, making him wanted by the FBI. The file states that there are multiple charges pending and Jack is to be considered armed and dangerous. Jack is listed as being 5'10, 140 pounds, with brown hair and blue eyes, no known aliases and an unknown date of birth.
  • The Winchesters regain their luck thanks to Fortuna.
    • While much of the Winchesters skills such as lock-picking came from the increased luck God gave them, its shown in this episode that their skill at pool really is something that they're good at on their own.
  • Although Naomi stated in Season 13 that only a dozen angels were left, several Grigori were present on Earth.
    • It is possible that Heaven is still unaware of their continued existence.
  • Castiel once again makes the mistake of showing his FBI badge upside down, but quickly corrects the mistake.
  • This is the fourth time a deity is not killed by the brothers.
  • Jack has been resurrected by Billie to get stronger to kill God.
    • Jack was hidden in The Empty until God left Earth at which point it was safe for him to return.
    • Jack consumed angel hearts as part of Billie's plan for him to get strong enough to kill God.
  • The Grigori have been wiped out by Jack with the last one being killed by Castiel. The last Grigori specifically stated that Jack killed the last of his kind and consumed their hearts.
  • Sam and Dean mention the cursed Rabbit's Foot from Bad Day at Black Rock.
  • Jensen and Jared did all the pool shots in the episode. Jensen made the scoop jump shot to sink the 8-ball in a single take.
  • Though the Grigori that tortures Jack is unnamed in the episode itself, closed captions identify him as Kabaiel when he speaks with Jack.
  • It is implied that there may be a way to kill God without disrupting the rule of nature that declares that both God and the Darkness must exist (or not exist) in order for reality to exist, as there is a very little chance that Billie, in her position as the "balance force", wants to end reality.
  • Jack is the first known being to be killed by God to come back to life.




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Supernatural 15x11 Promo "The Gamblers" (HD) Season 15 Episode 11 Promo

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Supernatural 15x11 Sneak Peek "The Gamblers" (HD) Season 15 Episode 11 Sneak Peek



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