The Foundry is the 3rd episode of Season 12. It aired on October 27th, 2016.


Dean Purgatory Blade.png There was something about being there... It felt pure.

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When a crying baby leads to death in a mysterious abandoned house, Mary (guest star Samantha Smith), Sam and Dean decide to investigate. Meanwhile, Castiel's hunt for Lucifer (guest star Rick Springfield) leads him, begrudgingly, to partner up with Crowley (Mark A. Sheppard).


In St. Paul, Minnesota, a couple walks out of a restaurant talking about the reviews of a restaurant. As they walk around, they hear a baby crying from a seemingly abandoned house. Nat, the girl, goes into the house to help the baby as her significant other calls 911. Nat walks into the home and follows the baby's cries only to discover a bloody doll wrapped in blankets. Nat says something touched her, her significant other tells her they have to leave, but the door closes behind them. The single light starts to sway, Nat screams, fades to black.

Back at the bunker, Mary is looking through John's journal when Castiel comes in and explains angels don't need sleep. Mary says she's going to try to sleep again, but stops to ask Cass about how long it took before he felt like he belonged here. His answer doesn't seem to please Mary, but Cass explains that she does belong here, even if he isn't sure he does.

Sam and Dean in the kitchen, they discuss the British Men of Letters. Cass shows up to say he has to go and he's found a lead on Lucifer, but he wants to go alone despite the brothers offering to go. He explains that he thinks they are needed here, Dean seems upset that Cass ditched them. Sam explains that their mom isn't adapting well. Mary comes in with her new haircut, eats cold bacon, and Dean comments that "We are so related".

Mary found a case, upsetting both boys, but she wants to stretch her legs and get back in the game. Dean seems supportive, but Sam is less than thrilled. Dean suggests a family hunting trip and tells Sam to clean up before they head out. Dean went to get hunting snacks while Mary and Sam filled up the car. Mary tries a "Chili Lime flavor" and comments that it's artificial and kind of tingly. Mary turns up the music in Baby, surprising both boys and they head off.

Cass, as Agent Beyonce of the FBI, is talking to Vince's friend, the one he threw through the door, and listening to Vince's strength and believes this could be Lucifer. Crowley shows up and comments "I guess that makes me Agent Jay Z".

Mary and the boys show up as FBI to get information about the possible case. Dean asks if it's a burn, but it turns out to be frostbite in a 65-degree room. Their hearts were literally frozen and the coroner doesn't know how to explain it.

Crowley tries to convince Cass to work together considering it's been months since they tried to kill each other. Cass tries to avoid the conversation, but Crowley makes him listen by showing him postcards he stole from Vince's room.

Mary and the boys investigate the house, and her EMF started going off in the room where Nat and her SO died. She approaches the same doll when Dean calls to her, but the door has slammed shut and sealed her in like it did with the couple. Sam and Dean break in as a little ghost boy grabs Mary's hand. They leave and begin to do research at the bunker, but Mary asks if they are ready to knock on doors. This confuses the boys and they explain all that legwork is obsolete now. Sam is already in the police database. Elizabeth Moriarty was the first child to die, but records go back. Sam says they'll teach her how to do this, but she seems overwhelmed.

Cass and Crowley go to knock on Vince's sister's door. Agent Beyonce and Agent Jay Z get the door slammed in their faces. She believes them to be federal agents and calls Vince. Crowley pops into her house and unlocks the door for Cass. Cass points out that she's been recently healed. She's gotten out of her wheelchair. Crowley threatens to take that gift from her, but Cass stops her. Cass explains that it wasn't her brother and how they want to help Vince, not hurt him. She explains that his groupie friend and Vince left after healing her. Cass and Crowley leave, and Cass figures out that Rowena was the groupie Vince's sister referred to. Cass says it's sweet, he thought Crowley wanted revenge, but he really just wants to save his mother. Crowley becomes defensive and point out the possible outcomes that convince Cass they need to save her.

Lucifer, as Vince, has Rowena tied up. Lucifer asks Rowena has any spells that can help make his current vessel permanent. Rowena says she lost the Book of the Damned, but Lucifer knows she doesn't need it. By now she has it all in her mind. Lucifer threatens to kill her if she refuses.

At a motel, Sam and Dean have discovered they are tracking vengeful children spirits, Mylings (Scandinavian). There's nothing about frozen hearts, but their cries lead adults to their deaths. Mary says that little boy who grabbed her didn't want to hurt her, he was scared. Sam says it must have felt that way, but he explains that Mary was marked like Natalia. If they hadn't gotten there in time, then she might not be there now. Dean says to salt and burn all the bones, Sam agrees, but Mary has a vision and collapses. She sees the little boy from the house asking for help. Dean gives Mary his phone and to call if she needs them, they leave. Mary has no idea what the phone is or how to use it and uses a landline instead. She calls the Register of Deeds, the guy doesn't want to help her, but says please.

Mary finds the last owner, Cheryl, and the mother says Lucas was so cold when she found him. She describes the boy who Mary saw in the house. Mary apologizes, but Cheryl says it's actually been kind of nice. Mary and she hang up as we cut to Sam and Dean burning Lucas' bones. Sam is worried about Mary, but Dean says that she's back and that's what matters. He wants one good thing, he doesn't want to turn it into a problem. When they return to the motel, Mary is gone and her bag is missing. Mary, crowbar and bag in hand, enters the old house and finds Lucas. Lucas doesn't respond to her at first, Mary explains that she talked to his mom and Lucas turns away from her. He then points to the basement door and vanishes as Mary opens it. She goes down the stairs, Lucas comes back, but when he tries to talk no words come out. Sam and Dean call her. Dean says that they burned the remains, but Lucas is still here. They tell her to leave, but the phone starts having connection problems.

Rowena is drawing a symbol on Vince's chest, one she created. She can't promise it will last forever, but it will last. Rowena begs for her life, says she's of value for more than this spell. The response is "we will see". Rowena casts her spell, but it's not to keep his vessel secure, it's to make it die faster. Rowena casts him away.

Back with Mary, Lucas finally gives her an answer to what's keeping him here. The house starts to shake and Mary runs for her weapon. The father of the first girl is revealed to have killed all the other kids and begins freezing Mary's heart when Dean and Sam come in. Mary punches Dean revealing that she's possessed. Mary starts to freeze Dean's heart, but she is able to break free with Sam and Dean's pleads. Mary tells them to head to the basement where Sam meets Lucas as Dean and possessed Mary fight. Mary heads toward the basement. When Sam starts to tear down a wall in the basement Dean uses chains to hold her until the bones are burned. The kids vanish, seemingly into heaven, after their killer is vanquished. A close up of Mary shows her disappointment with herself.

Cass and Crowley have entered the cabin where Rowena is waiting for them. She offers them tea and explains to Cass that she tried to escape the life. Rowena turns down helping them, but says if they get cornered and are in need then she'll be there.

Back at the bunker, Dean apologizes for sidelining her and says she kicked ass, but Mary doesn't agree. Mary says that Hugo Moriarty went mad and buried himself alive in the basement. He starved to death and when new families came in, he covented their children and took them. He got his power from the kids he stole. Mary explains he's greedy and twisted, but Dean says that she's home now, it's okay. Mary replies that she's not home. She misses John, she misses her boys, which Sam points out that they are right there. She remembers her baby Sam and little boy Dean. In her Heaven she had them all, but now John is gone and now her boys are grown up. She remembers every moment that she lost with them. She explains how she thought a hunt would clear her head, but it didn't and now she has to go. She needs time alone to adjust. She takes John's journal, says that she loves them both, and leaves the bunker.


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  • The episode was watched by 1.68 million viewers and got a 0.6 rating.
  • Mary cuts her hair short in this episode, in order to prevent bad guys from having an advantage of "long, pullable hair".
  • Castiel uses the alias Agent Beyonce while he refers to Crowley as Agent Z.
  • Writer Robert Berens said the meaning of the title of the episode was "personal".
  • Lucifer says his vessel is aging like Keith Richards, while Rowena counters Iggy Pop is worse. They are referring to two famous rock 'n' roll singers, the former being the founder of The Rolling Stones and the latter is the vocalist for The Stooges.
  • In the teaser for this episode, Lucifer's additional promise to Vince about healing his sister is present, but not present in the previous episode.
  • Mary introduces herself as Agent Shirley Patridge to the coroner. She also introduces Dean as Agent Cassidy and Sam as Agent Bonaduce. This is a reference to the actors on The Partridge Family.
  • Dean takes note of a motorcycle in this episode. Its owner is revealed in the following episode.


  • In the newspaper article, Hugo Moriarty's daughter is named Josephine, but Sam says, "let's get started with this girl here, Elizabeth Moriarty".


Castiel: Mary, you do belong here.
Mary: Goodnight, Castiel.
Castiel and Mary
Rowena: A druidic glyph. I'm using a hybrid spell of my own device -- Book of the Damned and Celtic magic. It should give your vessel the resiliency and strength of the mightiest tree.
Lucifer: Oh. There's a woody joke in there somewhere.
Rowena and Lucifer



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Supernatural The Foundry Trailer The CW

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