The forbidden fruit was a fruit made by God but forbidden to man.

The fruit and its tree resided in the Garden of Eden, the home of God's most beloved creations, mankind. Mankind was allowed to do anything except eat the fruit.

Enraged for having been cast out of Heaven for disobedience, the archangel Lucifer snuck into the Garden and tricked Adam and Eve into eating the fruit. God subsequently banished mankind from the Garden and sentenced Lucifer to be imprisoned in a Cage.

It is unknown where the Garden is now, or if it even still exists, however, one of the forbidden fruits somehow ended up in the hands of a Palestinian Warlock, who later gave it to the demon Crowley.

This fruit was one of the ingredients of a spell to remove the Mark of Cain from Dean Winchester.

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  • Although traditionally referred to as "The Apple", the forbidden fruit is actually a quince.
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