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David and Violet, a members of the two monster families from Chicago.

The Five Monster Families are a group of five mafia-esque families from Chicago made up of five different monster species though some different independent monsters seem to be loyal to each family as well. So far only two families are known. There is a djinn family and a ghoul family, but their names are unknown.

List of Families[]

The Lassiter Family[]

The Lassiter family, at least mainly, seem to consist of shapeshifters


The Duval Family[]

The Duval family seem to, at least mainly, consist of werewolves.


Unnamed Djinn Family[]

This family, at least mainly, seem to consist of djinns.

Unnamed Ghoul Family[]

This family is not seen, but are mentioned a few times. The clan, at least mainly, seem to consist of ghouls.


Season 9[]