That? That'll kill anything.
God to Dean about The Equalizer
in Moriah

The Equalizer, also called The Hammurabi, is a gun crafted by God. It is supposed to be able to kill anything, and even wound God. The gun uses no bullets, and instead "sends a wave of multidimensional energy across a perfectly balanced quantum link between whoever's shooting it and whoever they're shooting at".


God presents the Equalizer to the Winchesters and Castiel as the only weapon capable of killing Jack. However, whatever happens to the target also happens to the shooter, meaning that whoever kills Jack will die as well.

In a cemetery, Dean confronts Jack with the Equalizer, but can't bring himself to kill Jack to God's rage, instead dropping the gun. After he slipped his tongue and revealed that all of the events in the Winchester life were just a mere "epic story", God begins smiting Jack, Sam grabs the weapon and shoots God, hitting God in the shoulder and injuring himself at the same time. However, the Equalizer at first seemingly fails to cause God any real harm and God decides to end the world, unleashing the souls of Hell upon the Earth, including many evils that were neutralized by the Winchesters in the past.

In Back and to the Future, it is revealed that the weapon is in the possession of Winchester Family after Dean Winchester puts the weapon in the glove box of The Impala. Castiel tried to heal Sam of his wound from the gun, though revealed it contained an energy that he never felt before. Touching the wound gives Castiel disturbing visions of Sam as well.

In Raising Hell, it is revealed that the Equalizer not only wounded God, but also severely weakened his power and left him in a diminished state. The wound in his shoulder will not heal and connects to Sam's same wound to an extent. According to Amara, God can still do "a few parlor tricks," but is now too weak to even leave the Earth without her help which she refuses to give or to heal his wound.

Physical AppearanceEdit

The gun appeared to be an ordinary modern gun made from silver and decorated by black engravings.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

  • Killing/Harming/Weakening - Claimed by God to be able to kill anything. It is unknown if it can kill God, but being shot in just the shoulder with it severely weakened God and left him in a diminished state.


  • User Damaging - As God explained it, whatever happens to the target also happens to the user. For example, when Sam shot God in the shoulder, he was also injured in the exact same spot. If one were to kill using this gun, they would die as well.



  • The Equalizer's very similar to The Colt.
    • Both are magical fire arms.
    • Both were believed to be capable of killing anything, and were disproven when used against a big bad: the Equalizer against God, and The Colt against Lucifer.
  • God believes that his sister can easily heal the wound, but this is unconfirmed as she refuses to even try.
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