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The Darkness is a primordial evil which has existed along with God since before creation itself. With the help of his archangels, God was able to enter into war with the Darkness and eventually seal it away using the Mark of Cain.

When Rowena used a spell from the Book of the Damned in order to free Dean Winchester of the Mark, the Darkness was unleashed once again.


According to Death before there was any life or even an Earth, God and his Archangels battled with an ancient evil known as The Darkness. He eventually sealed it with the Mark of Cain. He then gave it to Lucifer to Guard however it corrupted him. Lucifer then passed the mark to Cain who then millennia later passed it on to Dean Winchester.

Present Day

The Darkness was eventually freed with the destruction of The Mark of Cain where it rained down destruction and made a move to consume everything in its path.

It is unknown whether the darkness is an intelligent being or some kind of semi conscious force.

Powers & Abilities

  • Immortality - According to Death, the Darkness predates God and possibly even Death himself as well.
  • Nigh-Omnipotence
  • Super Strength - Considering its ability to temporarily stand against the combined might of God and His archangels, the Darkness can be presumed to be immeasurably strong.


  • God & Archangels - Only God, with the combined strength of the archangels, were strong enough to bind the Darkness.
  • The Mark of Cain - The Mark of Cain was the "lock" to the prison that held the Darkness back. As long as one person bore the Mark, the Darkness would remain sealed. With its removal, the Darkness was set free once more.
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