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The darkness is a homosexual being from hell
|name = The Darkness
|image = <tabber>
Human vessel=[[File:Amara.gif|250px]]
Real form=[[File:Darkness rolling.gif|250px]]
|season = [[Season 10|10]]-[[Season 11|11]]
|category = [[Primordial Entities|Primordial Entity]]
|family = [[God]] {{c|younger brother}}<br>[[Mike Schneider]] {{c|biological father of Amara}} †<br>Janie Schneider {{c|biological mother of Amara}} †<br>Amara Schneider {{c|vessel}}<br>[[Archangels]] {{c|nephews}}<br>[[Angels]] {{c|nieces and nephews}}<br>[[Jane]] {{c|great-niece}} †<br>[[Jack (Nephilim)|Jack]] {{c|great-nephew}}<br>[[Queen of Sheba]] {{c|great-niece}} †
|status = Alive
|affiliation = [[God]]<br>[[Lucifer]] {{c|formerly}}<br>[[Dean]]<br>[[Crowley]] {{c|formerly}}<br>[[Rowena]] {{c|formerly}}
|actor = [[Emily Swallow]] {{c|adult}}<br>[[Gracyn Shinyei]] {{c|child}}<br>[[Yasmeene Ball]] {{c|preteen}}<br>[[Samantha Isler]] {{c|teenager}}
|Title/Alias = Amara<br>Aunty Amara {{c|by [[Lucifer]]}}<br>Nothingness<br> Goddess {{c|by [[Sydney]]}}
{{Quote|[[God|He]] was so threatened by me, fearful that I would make a more perfect [[creation]] than he, so [[First War against the Darkness|he exiled me]]. [[Mark of Cain|Virtually erased me]]. Passed on [[The Darkness is coming|stories that I was a threat]].|Amara|''[[O Brother, Where Art Thou?]]''}}
{{Quote|I was the beginning, and I will be the end. I will be [[Omnipresence|all that there is]].|Amara|''[[O Brother, Where Art Thou?]]''}}
'''The Darkness''', often called by her other name '''Amara''', is a supremely powerful [[Primordial Entities|primordial entity]] who has existed since before the beginning of time, predating both [[God]] and [[Death]], who were of similar age.<ref>[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dg3W2bqpZSE/ ''Supernatural Season 11 - Jeremy Carver Interview'' - Youtube]</ref> Sometime later, after her brother God came into being, he created the [[Archangels]] to fight a terrible war against her. Through the combined power of God and the Archangels, God sealed her away, not wanting to kill her, by using the [[Mark of Cain]] as both a lock and key.<ref name="Brothers Keeper">''[[Brother's Keeper]]''</ref><ref name="Our Little World">''[[Our Little World]]''</ref> God revealed that he chose not to kill her in her weakened state as she needed to exist with himself so reality wouldn't be destroyed.<ref name="We Happy Few">''[[We Happy Few]]''</ref> Whilst the Archangels battled her and thus knew of her existence, she is so ancient and mysterious that the [[Demons]] and even the [[Angels]], except for [[Metatron]], didn't believe she existed or was locked away. However, Metatron knew about her and who she was, as he was God's scribe. Both [[Heaven]] and [[Hell]] thought it to be a "myth" or "scary bedtime story", told to keep others in line.<ref name="ReferenceA">''[[Out of the Darkness, Into the Fire]]''</ref>
When [[Rowena]] used [[Mark of Cain Removal Spell|a spell]] from the ''[[Book of the Damned (object)|Book of the Damned]]'' in order to free [[Dean]] of the Mark (which he gained from [[Cain]] to kill [[Abaddon]] and had been bearing it since), the Darkness was unleashed once again.<ref name="Brothers Keeper" /> While on Earth, The Darkness has taken the body of a female baby, Amara. Since regaining her power by consuming human souls, she matured and grew into a young woman in just a few months. As a young woman, she has also developed a romantic affection for Dean, and is possibly in love with him.
With Dean's help, the Darkness reconciled with her brother and departed the Earth with him, but not before leaving Dean [[Mary Winchester|a thank you present]].
{{Quote|Before there was light, before there was [[God]] and the [[Archangels]], there wasn't nothing. There was the Darkness, a horribly destructive, amoral force that was beaten back by God and his Archangels in [[First War against the Darkness|a terrible war]]. God locked the Darkness away where it could do no harm, and he created [[Mark of Cain|a Mark]] that would serve as both lock and key, which he entrusted to his most valued lieutenant, [[Lucifer]]. But the Mark began to exert its own will, revealed itself as a curse, and began to corrupt. Lucifer became jealous of [[Humans|man]]. God banished Lucifer to [[Hell]]. Lucifer passed the Mark to [[Cain]], who passed the Mark to [[Dean|you]], the proverbial finger in the dike.|[[Death]]|''[[Brother's Keeper]]''}}According to [[Death]], the Darkness existed before [[the Universe]], light, and even [[God]], her younger brother. She is credited as a powerful, amoral, and horribly destructive force. Some time after God and Death came into being,<ref name="Brothers Keeper" /><ref name="Our Little World" /> God created many worlds to show The Darkness that there could be more than just the two of them, but she would always destroy them. Eventually, God created the four [[Archangels]] and battled The Darkness in "a [[First War against the Darkness|terrible war]]". Whilst even together they couldn't destroy her, they managed to defeat her; God and his Archangels tricked her and eventually sealed her away with a mark that would later be called the [[Mark of Cain]], though they only barely managed to lock her away. According to herself, Lucifer and God conspired to seal her away, and she implied it was her trust in Lucifer that led to her downfall. God then gave the Mark to [[Lucifer]], his favorite angel and most valued lieutenant, to guard and protect, and the Darkness had been locked away ever since. The Mark, however, began to exert its own will and revealed itself to be a curse. It corrupted Lucifer, leading to a chain of events that would see Lucifer refuse to bow down before [[humans]] and be cast out of [[Heaven]]. Lucifer then transferred the Mark on to [[Cain]] who then, thousands of years later, passed it on to [[Dean]].<ref name="Brothers Keeper" /><ref name="The Bad Seed" />
===[[Season 10]]===
[[Image:Darkness rolling.gif|thumb|275px|The Darkness unleashed]]
The [[Mark of Cain]] on the arm of Dean Winchester was eventually removed with the [[Mark of Cain Removal Spell]] by the witch Rowena. As Dean was the only living host of the mark remaining, the Darkness was unleashed once more. Immediately after she broke out of her prison, she rained down destruction and made a move to consume everything in her path.<ref name="Brothers Keeper" /> Her release caused such strong disturbances in Hell, that [[Lucifer's Cage]] was damaged as a side effect, which eventually allowed Lucifer to influence the outside world.<ref name="O Brother" />
===[[Season 11]]===
{{Quote|We're bound, [[Dean]]. We'll always be bound. You helped me, I helped you. No matter where I am, who I am, we will always help each other.|'''Amara'''|[[Out of the Darkness, Into the Fire]]}}[[File:Amara.jpg|thumb|275px|left|The [[Mark of Cain]] on Amara's chest]]
Shortly after breaking out of her prison, she spared [[Sam]] and [[Dean]]'s life and thanked Dean for freeing her. She mentioned that she already helped him and Dean helped her. Bound for eternity, they will always help each other. [[Michael]] or [[Lucifer]] recognized her release and both of them tried to warn the outside world. She temporarily assumed the form of an adult female human, but has since become one with a human baby, going by the name of Amara.<ref name="ReferenceA" />
[[File:Darknessinfection.jpg|thumb|275px|Humans infected by the Darkness]]
Following the Darkness' release, Sam begins searching for a cure for the people [[Rabid|infected]] by her. His search led him to find that [[Holy Oil|Holy Fire]] cures her victims, but as Amara the Darkness began displaying telekinesis, causing Jenna to call Dean back. Her grandmother called an exorcist who was actually [[Crowley]] and Dean finds the Mark of Cain on Amara's chest, immediately realizing she is the Darkness. Amara had consumed Jenna's soul and shortly afterward grew into a little girl. Amara left and later encountered Crowley who offered her people to feed off of.<ref name="Form and Void">''[[Form and Void]]''</ref>
[[File:Amara.png|thumb|275px|left|Amara after she fed on [[Jenna Nickerson]]'s soul]]
[[Crowley]] took Amara to his base on Earth where he assigned her a demonic "nanny" and began educating her about what has happened since she was locked away. He was essentially spoiling her with literally whatever she asked for so as to assure her allegiance. Amara, for the most part, proved complacent and calm, asking Crowley many questions about the [[The Universe|world God created]] while she was learning but expressed a slight fear of him. She even came to call Crowley "Uncle Crowley" despite the fact that she was eons older than him. All the while, however, she began to plot with a reflection of herself in a mirror behind Crowley's back.
[[File:Untitled-0.png|thumb|275px|Amara as a Preteen after she fed on [[Demons|Demon's]] [[soul]]s]]
{{Quote|Good, evil, [[Heaven]], [[Hell]], [[Humans|people]], it all seems so unimportant.|'''Amara'''|The Bad Seed}}
Amara is constantly hungry for [[soul]]s to consume, which Crowley (at first) happily (and later reluctantly) facilitated by feeding her random [[demons]] in deceased vessels. Amara's appetite only grew to greater levels and eventually resulted in her consuming both of her demonic nannies and her taking on an older form, much to the concern of Crowley. When Crowley tried to dissuade her from consuming more demonic souls, she became angry and demanded to be fed.<ref name="The Bad Seed" />
[[File:AmaraHumanSoul.jpg|thumb|275px|left|Amara feeding on a human soul]]
Some time later and unbeknownst to Crowley, Amara left Hell to explore the Earth and observe the humans. Her travels eventually brought her to Fall River, Massachusetts where she came across the Lizzie Borden Hotel and Museum as well as the Lizzie Borden super-fan Len. After chatting with him briefly, Amara then devoured Len's soul, which subsequently extinguished his passion for Borden altogether and robbed him of his conscience. Amara then continued a spree of soul-devouring both in the hotel and in the surrounding area, resulting in a short series of gruesome axe murders by one of her victims which were initially believed the work of the ghost of Lizzie herself by the Winchesters, who had come to Fall River to investigate. The streak ended when Len saved the brothers by axing the real killer in the back while she had Sam at gunpoint and the Winchesters left Fall River to pursue Amara, but as they drove away, Amara emerged from out of a treeline, smiled and simply said "Thank you, Dean", evoking her earlier promise that Dean would always help her in the end.<ref name="Thin Lizzie">''[[Thin Lizzie]]''</ref>
[[File:TeenageAmara.jpg|thumb|275px|Teenage Amara]]
Crowley became increasingly worried by Amara's voracious appetite as she continued to consume demons faster than they could be produced. Tired of her sneaking out to snack on human souls, Crowley subdued her in a display of power to curb her rebelliousness and worked out a shaky agreement with her to diet and be patient. Amara reluctantly agreed. While on her new regime, the Winchester brothers tracked her and Crowley to an abandoned insane asylum and busted in intent upon killing Amara. While Sam held Crowley's demons at bay, Dean marched into Amara's room with the [[Demon-Killing Knife|demon knife]] and went to attack her but was stopped and pinned to a pillar by Crowley. Set on finally killing Dean and Sam once and for all, Crowley was ironically thwarted by Amara, who betrayed him by pinning him against a wall and torturing him into guaranteeing safe passage out for Dean. Amara then declared her alliance with Crowley over. Crowley had no choice but to comply and then fled. Amara released Dean and stood before him a knife in hand but try as he might, Dean could not raise a hand against her, in keeping with her vow that neither would ever hurt the other. Dean demanded to know her intentions, to which Amara simply replied that she was out to settle a score - the oldest score. The Winchesters in vain tried to attack her simultaneously but Amara telekinetically flung them away and marched out of the asylum before vanishing. Later on, she was seen walking down a busy street admiring the human beings.<ref name="Our Little World" />
{{Quote|What is it exactly that you want? What, you make the world at bliss and at peace; what's in it for you?<br>What I deserve.<br>Which is?<br>Everything.<br>Everything?<br>I was the beginning, and I will be the end. I will be [[Omnipresence|all that there is]].|Amara and Dean|O Brother, Where Art Thou?}}
[[File:AmaraKillsPriest.gif|thumb|left|275px|Amara is enraged]]
In time, Amara, at last, gained the form she had originally taken upon her release and set about tracking down God so as to settle her score. Scouting across the globe, she attacked and slaughtered hundreds of [[humans]] in various religious sects both to learn about his universe's rules and in an effort to draw her brother out of hiding, but was visibly and violently frustrated each and every time as [[God]] continually failed to appear or intervene in any way. Eventually, her activities drew the attention of the Winchesters yet again, who were in the midst of preparing to visit [[Lucifer's Cage]] with [[Crowley]] and [[Rowena]]. Dean traveled to her last known location, a church, and sensed her presence through their bond.
[[File:AmaraDean.jpg|thumb|275px|right|Amara meets Dean]]
After meeting up with Dean, Amara teleported Dean and herself to the countryside and engaged him in conversation. She attempted to explain her actions by criticizing God and his universe due to his detachment from his beloved creations, the pain they endured, and his apparent need to be worshiped and loved by all. She claimed that, if she were allowed her way, there would be no pain, no sorrow, no rules, just bliss. Her words had no effect on Dean who stubbornly accused her of seeking to become the new 'God', to which Amara replied that God was the light, and she was the dark. She also revealed she was once all that there was, and she sought to reestablish that state. Dean attempted to stab her with a silver knife but the blade shattered upon the impact. Completely unfazed by the attack, Amara derided Dean's efforts to resist and closed in on him as if to consume his soul, but instead kissed him passionately, declaring that their bond was unbreakable and that in the end, she and Dean would be together and become one.
Before Dean could reply, a small group of [[angels]] appeared out of nowhere and attacked Amara but she butchered them with ease. The entire angelic population in Heaven then took aim at her from the heavens, combined all their power as one and prepared to open fire on Amara in a last ditch effort to destroy her with a single ferocious celestial blast. Amara exchanged one last pained look with Dean before teleporting him away to safety as she prepared to meet the angelic attack head-on.<ref name="O Brother" />
[[File:Darkness.gif|thumb|left|275px|The Darkness reintegrates herself]]
{{Quote|I mean, [[Heaven]] [[Smiting|brought the thunder]], and it barely even scratched my paint job, but [[Castiel|you]] and [[Angel Blades|a shiny knife]]? Sure.|Amara|[[The Devil in the Details]]}}
Dean meets with [[Castiel]] in order to check if the combined angel smite took the Darkness down. The power of the blast caused some kind of supernatural fallout and Dean is unable to proceed closer to the impact area. Castiel eventually meets with the angel [[Ambriel]] who was sent by heaven to verify if Amara was killed. The whole area is clouded in Darkness and they decide to team up and search the area. Ambriel eventually found her lying unconsciously on the ground. As she comes closer and touches Amara, the Darkness woke up. Alarmed by his partner's scream Castiel watched in shock as the Darkness consumed Ambriel's [[grace]]. Amara merges with the Darkness around her and is amused as Castiel threatens to stab her with his [[Angel Blades|angel blade]]. Easily overpowering Castiel, she decided to spare his life since he wasn't even worth the effort to consume his essence. She sent him back to [[Billie]] to deliver the message: "I am coming"<ref name="Devil Details">''[[The Devil is in the Details]]''</ref>
Months later, the Darkness still felt the impact of the combined angel smiting but with the help of Rowena and a powerful [[Dark Medic Spell|spell]], she was able to heal her vessel. [[Rowena]] tried to convince the Darkness of her usefulness, adding that she could provide knowledge and help her design her world. Amara then tested her healed vessel by sending a powerful blast towards [[Heaven]], which caused a heavy disturbance there as well as lightning on Earth.
[[File:AmaraPower2.gif|thumb|275px|Amara sent a powerful blast into [[Heaven]]]]
Meanwhile, [[Crowley]] teams up with the Winchesters in hopes of using the [[Horn of Joshua]] against Lucifer. Sam and Dean however, believe that the weapon used by [[Lucifer]] can destroy the Darkness. They also prepared a trap in order to give Castiel some time to either reject Lucifer or leave his vessel. With the help of Rowena, they were able to finally summon Lucifer. Lucifer asked for the [[Hand of God]] but Dean tried to reach out to Castiel with a spell. However, Lucifer quickly regained control of the vessel, running out of time, Crowley possessed Lucifer but also failed to free Castiel. As the wardings could no longer hold Lucifer, he was about to kill [[Sam]] and [[Dean]]. In this moment the Darkness blasted through the walls of the building. After a short conversation, Lucifer obtained power from the [[Hand of God]] and released an immense blast on Amara to no avail as she was completely unharmed.
{{Quote|As [[God]]'s favorite, his first son, [[Lucifer|you]] may be the one thing in all of [[creation]] that he still cares about. The one thing that could finally make him show himself, so that I could confront him and he can acknowledge [[First War against the Darkness|the wrongs he has done me]]. And then he can witness the utter destruction of all his creation, before he himself is swept away.|Amara|[[Hell's Angel]]}}
[[File:AmaraAppears.gif|thumb|left|275px|Amara confronts Lucifer.]]
Amara telekinetically pulled Lucifer, who was visibly shocked, to her. She released Sam and Dean from Lucifer's telekinetic grip and said to Lucifer that they need to have a chat, apporting them both away. Pinned against the wall, Lucifer tried to convince the Darkness that they both share anger towards God and that he is willing to team up with her. Amara eventually agrees, but not quite as Lucifer hoped: she came to think that Lucifer might be the proper tool to lure out God, since Lucifer might be the one thing in all of creation, that God still cares about. She announced that her brother will watch the destruction of all of existence before his own death. Amara raised her hands and began to torture her nephew, who subsequently began to scream in agony.<ref name="Hells Angel">''[[Hell's Angel]]''</ref>
Some time after she captured Lucifer, Amara unleashed a deadly [[fog]] on a small town, which captured the attention of Sam and Dean. They quickly came to realize that Amara is responsible for this. Influenced by Amara, [[Jan Harris|an infected police officer]] told Dean that God won't save them and that everything that exists will vanish forever - except Dean and Amara herself. Once the fog threatened to cloud the whole city, most people hid in the police station, including Sam and Dean. They tried to prevent the fog from penetrating the police station, but eventually failed and Sam got infected as well. In desperation, Dean demanded God's help. Due to his conversation with [[Metatron]], God came to think that he should not abandon his creations. [[Dean's Amulet|Dean's amulet]] began to glow, implicating God's presence. God erased the fog and also healed and resurrected all the people affected by the plague.<ref name="Don't Call Me Shurley">''[[Don't Call Me Shurley]]''</ref>
{{Quote|You really aren't worth sparing... None of [[Creation|you]].|Amara|[[All in the Family]]}}
Amara continues to torture Lucifer in an attempt to force him to call out to God and sends more [[fog]] to try to draw God out. When it fails, Amara [[Mental Projection|projects an image]] of herself and Lucifer into Dean's mind to try to get him to let God know of Lucifer's predicament. Amara later contacts Dean again, asking to meet with him privately.
Dean eventually agrees to meet with Amara in a forest and she asks him to become a part of her and to give up his state of being. Amara and Dean both acknowledge the feelings they have for each other, even though Dean is frightened by their affections. Dean resists her desire for them to become one, and Amara realizes that he has met with God and is now protected from her mentally. Amara realizes that she has been betrayed and returns to [[The Darkness' Lair|her lair]] where Sam, Metatron and [[Donatello Redfield|Donatello]] have rescued Lucifer. Metatron uses an [[Angel banishing sigil]] on Amara, but she is simply amused by his efforts. Metatron tells Amara that God meant well and asks her to spare the universe. Enraged, Amara replies with a "spare this" and implodes him into nothingness.
As Sam, Lucifer and Donatello race away in the Impala, Amara appears in the middle of the road and stops the car. As she prepares to kill them, God teleports the car to the Bunker.<ref name="All in the Family">''[[All in the Family]]''</ref>
{{Quote|If [[God|you]] won't change, why should I?!|Amara to [[God]]|[[We Happy Few]]}}
In search of God, Amara enters the home of Donatello and attacks him, demanding he tell her the whereabouts of God. When Donatello refuses, Amara absorbs his soul and gains the knowledge. She travels to Kansas and enters the [[Men of Letters bunker|Men of Letters' Bunker]], after having taken down the wardings.
[[File:Amara inside the bunker.PNG|thumb|275px|Amara inside the bunker]]
She appears on the war room table and notices God's mug, which she kicks out of annoyance. She then begins her search inside the bunker. She eventually enters Dean's room and finds a photograph of Dean with his mother, [[Mary Winchester]], and appears to admire Dean's photo.
Suddenly, Rowena calls to her and offers to take her to God. Despite knowing it to be a trap, Amara leaves the bunker and heads to Rowena's location. Rowena urges her to go inside the warehouse, but Amara informs her of what she is aware. In response, Rowena attacks her with a lightning blast. Amara muses how it "tickles". She proceeds to mock Rowena for thinking one witch could harm her.
Rowena argues that she is not just one witch, and resumes her attack, this time empowered by other witches. This knocks Amara to her knees, but she soon rises up and deflects the spell, knocking Rowena away and killing the other witches. Just then, [[Heaven]] begins preparing for a combined smiting. Amara extends her arms out and screams as the blast comes for her.
[[File:AmaraVsHell.gif|thumb|275px|left|Weakened from Heaven's smite, Amara is left vulnerable to demonic attack.]]
The blast leaves Amara noticeably wounded but shortly after Amara finds herself attacked by [[demons]] in their smoke form. She struggles to swat them away, and the demons begin to levitate her into the air. [[Crowley]] exits the building and joins the fray, and hits Amara in his smoke form, knocking her into a car down below.
Now beaten and battered, Amara slowly marches in to the warehouse and discovers God waiting for her. They meet again for the first time since her imprisonment. She attempts to attack but Lucifer impales her from behind, injuring her further.
[[File:Amara meets God.PNG|thumb|275px|A wounded Amara meets God again for the first time in eons.]]
Amara admits defeat, saying God won and he should kill her, even if his reason for doing so may not be justifiable. Amara explains that she loved God, and they were equals together, but God went off and created lesser begins, such as the [[archangels]], to boost his ego. God argues that life needed to be created, and that she wouldn't let him. He's sorry for what he did and begins sealing her away, this time using [[Sam]] as the bearer of the [[Mark of Cain|Mark]].
Horrified, Amara strikes back and [[umbrakinesis|attacks God with tentacles of darkness]], yelling how she'd rather die a million times and kill him a million more before going back to her prison. Lucifer tries to protect his father and charges at her again, but Amara simply sends him flying into a pillar and rips him out of Castiel's vessel. Dean tries to defend God too but Amara deflects him as well.
[[File:AmaraVsGod.gif|thumb|275px|left|Amara fatally injures God.]]
God erupts in a ball of bright light and collapses onto the floor. Amara states that he's not dead, but dying, for she wants him to witness to destruction of everything he created. Upon declaring her intentions, Amara departs, apparently fully healed now.<ref name="We Happy Few">''[[We Happy Few]]''</ref>
After getting her revenge, Amara travels to a park where she notices that she is starting to be affected by God's state as well. While there, Amara meets an old lady who she talks about family with and despite how much the woman hates her son for trying to put her in a retirement home, she loves him anyway. Amara is emotionally affected by the discussion of family and upset as she reflects on what she did to her brother.
{{Quote|I thought revenge would make me happy. But I was wrong. [[Creation|What you've made]]... it's beautiful. It took me a long time to see that.|Amara to God|[[Alpha and Omega]]}}
As the sun continues to die, Dean arrives armed with a [[Soul Bomb|soul bomb]] to kill Amara with. Amara explains that the universe is dying with God and her along with it. Amara admits to being conflicted on what she did to her brother to Dean who tells Amara that God doesn't want her dead either. Dean tells Amara about his fights with Sam but how at the end of the day he loves him anyway. After Amara mentions she thought her revenge would feel better than it does, Dean tells her it only feels good for about five minutes and urges her to find another way.
[[File:AmaraAndGod.gif|thumb|275px|right|The Darkness and God leave the Earth]]
After speaking with Dean, Amara teleports God to their location and admits that he has created something beautiful. Amara explains that before God created the universe, it used to be just the two of them and she got jealous when he created other things. Amara tells God she knows they can't go back to before, but asks to have her brother back. God and Amara forgive each other and Amara [[healing|heals]] the damage she did to God. After God removes the souls from Dean, he and Amara depart the Earth to have a "family meeting" to truly reconcile fully. Before leaving in a stream of darkness, Amara tells Dean that he gave her what she wanted most so she will do the same for him.
{{Quote|[[Dean]], you gave me [[God|what I needed most]]. I wanna do [[Mary Winchester|the same]] for you.|Amara to Dean|Alpha and Omega}}
A while later, Dean finds that Amara [[resurrection|resurrected]] [[Mary Winchester|his mother]] as a thanks.<ref name="Alpha and Omega">''[[Alpha and Omega]]''</ref>
===[[Season 12]]===
After finding [[Mary Winchester|his mother]] [[resurrection|resurrected]], Dean explains everything that has happened since she died including the fact that Amara resurrected her. Mary is stunned by the fact that God's sister resurrected her and Dean admits that it's a lot to take in.<ref name="Keep Calm and Carry On">''[[Keep Calm and Carry On]]''</ref>
When confronted by the Winchesters, [[Castiel]] and [[Crowley]], [[Lucifer]], who survived the Darkness' attack on him, tells them that he believes that [[God]] only needed his help to defeat the Darkness. As a result, Lucifer now believes that God only apologized to get his help and abandoned Lucifer once he didn't need him to fight the Darkness anymore.<ref>''[[Rock Never Dies]]''</ref>
===[[Season 13]]===
In ''[[The Big Empty]]'', while in [[The Empty]], [[Castiel]] met the [[Cosmic Entity]] who states the realm has existed long before the Darkness or [[God]].
In ''[[Various & Sundry Villains]]'', when [[Lucifer]] tries to get Castiel to trust him and give Lucifer some of his [[grace]], Castiel refuses, noting that he'd trusted Lucifer when they fought the Darkness together and got betrayed.
{{Quote|I spent millions of years crammed into [[Mark of Cain|that cage]], alone and afraid, wishing - begging - for death, because of [[God|you]]! (...) I'd die a million times! Murder you a million more before going back there! Tell me, if you won't change, why should I?!|Amara|[[We Happy Few]]}}
{{Quote|Now, you might be a -- an all-powerful being... but I think you're human where it counts.|[[Dean]] to Amara|[[Alpha and Omega]]}}
Due to her imprisonment, Amara had no knowledge or understanding of how [[God]]'s [[The Universe|universe]] worked. However, after feeding on various souls and studying important points in human history, she finally came to the conclusion that her brother had "screwed up" when he made the world, saying that [[Heaven]], [[Hell]], good, evil, and even [[Humans|people]] seemed unimportant. When she was first released, she intended to remake the world as she saw fit: a world where nobody had to suffer, and instead lived blissfully for eternity. However, she also wanted to destroy everything that her brother had created to make him suffer.
In her younger forms, she was very impatient and easily became upset if she wasn't given what she wanted immediately, due to [[Crowley]] giving her whatever she wanted whenever she wanted it. As an adult, she said she deserved to have - and be - everything. As she was the beginning, so too would she be the end.
From the moment of her release, Amara became infatuated by [[Dean]], as he'd been the one to release her (from her point of view). She said it was destiny that she had been released, and that they would one day become one. When they met for the first time since Amara "grew up" and became an adult, she kissed him passionately, saying it was "the future" and the inevitable result of their first meeting.
[[File:AmaraHealsGod.gif|thumb|275px|Amara heals her brother.]]
Eventually, it's revealed that Amara was only interested in Dean because she didn't want to be alone after getting revenge on God. Even then, she never meant to kill her brother, but rather to make him suffer for [[Mark of Cain|what he'd done to her]]. After getting her revenge, Amara realized that it didn't make her happy as she'd expected as no matter what, she still loved her brother. With the help of Dean, Amara realized that what she truly wanted was her brother back more than anything and was finally happy when she reconciled with God.
Despite her beliefs, Amara has shown the capacity to admit that she's wrong and to make amends as she did with God. It appeared that she built up getting her revenge so much that Amara never considered what would happen when she did get it. After being confronted with the reality of what she had done did she understand her mistake. She is also very grateful as she resurrected [[Mary Winchester]] as a gift to Dean for helping her out.
{{Quote|[[God]] was the Light. I am the Dark.|The Darkness|[[O Brother, Where Art Thou?]]}}
{{Quote|I am Being. She's Nothingness.|[[God]]|[[Don't Call Me Shurley]]}}
{{Quote|You have to understand this about the Darkness: she is relentless. A force beyond human comprehension.|[[God]]|[[All in the Family]]}}
The Darkness was the beginning of everything; prior to her nothing else existed.<ref name="O Brother" /> While walking among God's [[creation]], she took the form of an adult human woman, but her true form looks like a dark cloud that corrupts living beings when they come in contact with it.<ref name="ReferenceA" /> [[Death]] described her as an ancient and horribly destructive amoral force while God, her younger brother, described her as "nothingness".<ref name="Brothers Keeper" /><ref name="Don't Call Me Shurley" />
She is one of the two fundamental components of reality itself, the other being her brother God. If one of them is destroyed, reality ceases to exist.<ref name="We Happy Few" /><ref name="Alpha and Omega" />
It is also implied that she would never change her nature; God himself tried to convince her that their creations could end up to be greater than themselves, but Amara always dismissed him and destroyed any world he created. Amara said that she only wanted solitude, whereas God wanted a "fan club", and Lucifer said she wanted nothingness. Even after being imprisoned since the dawn of time, she continued to wreak havoc upon the world as soon as she was unleashed and intended to annihilate all of existence in order to recreate the world the way she wants.<ref name="O Brother" /><ref name="Don't Call Me Shurley" />
However, despite wreaking havoc, Amara did show that she could see the beauty in the world, and willingly healed her brother to prevent the universe from being destroyed.
In her human form/vessel, Amara had dark brown hair and fair skin. Her outfit gradually changed from pink to dark pink to red and then finally to black as she grew older.
As an adult, she kept her hair long and loose, and wore a black dress with a v-neck. She wore black shoes and had noticeably black nails. In terms of height, she was shorter than Dean and the same height as God's human form.
==Powers and Abilities==
{{Quote|We are mightier than [[God]].|Amara, to her younger form|[[Form and Void]]}}
{{Quote|Lucifer: Yeah, first time it took the combined strength of [[Lucifer|me]] and [[Archangels|my brothers]] to weaken Amara before [[God|Daddy-O]] finished her off.<br>God:
Even then it was close. Now with just the two of us, we'll lose.|[[Lucifer]] and [[God]] regarding Amara's power|[[We Happy Few]]}}
The Darkness is the most powerful entity in existence. In several instances, [[God]] stated that even with all four [[archangels]] fighting against her the first time, along with himself, victory was barely achieved. Even [[Death]], a primordial being nearly as old as her brother and his equal in strength, showed to be very fearful of her, as he refused to remove the [[Mark of Cain]] from [[Dean]] unless he shared it with someone else, lest Amara be freed. Her release prompted God to hide out in what he dubbed the "[[God's Bar|safest place ever created]]", so he could be safe from her. The Darkness was powerful enough for her mere release to damage [[Lucifer's Cage]], a prison designed to imprison [[Archangels]]. Even after withstanding a combined but sequential attack by powerful supernatural beings ([[witch]]es, every [[Angels|angel]] in [[Heaven]], [[demons]], and [[Lucifer]]), she still proved to be stronger than God when she stopped him from trapping her again, overpowered Lucifer at the same time, and fatally wounded her brother, all before regenerating fully and walking away.  Not long after, upon reconciling with God, Amara was able to heal the fatal damage her nigh-omnipotent powers did to him, without any difficulty.[[File:AmaraKillsAngels3.gif|thumb|275px|The Darkness can easily annihilate angels]]
*'''[[Immortality]]''' - The Darkness is immortal. Even the combined power of all the angels caused her no permanent harm.<ref name="Devil Details" /> She was also unfazed by a Hand of God-empowered Lucifer. However it's been stated that she can die as she asked her brother God to kill her.<ref name="We Happy Few" />
*'''[[Invulnerability|Nigh-Invulnerability]]''' - Considering her ability to stand against God and his archangels, the Darkness has immense resilience to physical and supernatural attacks. God himself was only able to speculate about what might be able to kill her.<ref name="Brothers Keeper" /><ref name="O Brother" /><ref name="Alpha and Omega" />
*'''[[Omnipotence#Nigh-Omnipotence|Nigh-Omnipotence]]''' - [[Castiel]] describes The Darkness' power level as near infinite, and she describes herself as more powerful than [[God]].<ref name="The Bad Seed">''[[The Bad Seed]]''</ref> In fact, she is so powerful that her brother couldn't defeat her without the [[archangels]], and their combined power was barely enough to seal her away, by tricking her first. Even weakened after a combined attack from [[witch]]es, [[demons]], [[angels]], and [[Lucifer]], she managed to overpower and fatally wound God, as well as overpower and rip Lucifer from Castiel's body. Among the powers she showed were:
**'''Absorption''' - The Darkness is able to absorb energy attacks as seen in ''[[O Brother, Where Art Thou?]]'' and ''[[Hell's Angel]]''. She was able to absorb the combined smiting of all angels, although it weakened her to a certain degree. The attack was supposed to destroy a large area instead it only formed a crater. Later, she absorbed an attack from [[Lucifer]] with the [[Horn of Joshua]], this time without taking any injuries.
**'''Angelic [[Exorcism]]''' - Amara was able to pull [[Lucifer]] from Castiel's body.<ref name="We Happy Few" /> While Lucifer survived, the exorcism left him severely weakened.<ref name="Keep Calm and Carry On" />
**'''[[Apporting]]''' - She was able to teleport Dean out of his car without a word.<ref name="ReferenceA" /> Later, she apported him from a city to the countryside and back.<ref name="O Brother" /><ref name="Hells Angel" /> She was also able to apport her dying brother to her.<ref name="Alpha and Omega" />
**'''[[Conjuration]]''' - She is said to be able to create a whole new reality in which everyone lives blissfully forever, but Lucifer disagrees.<ref name="Hells Angel" /><ref name="All in the Family" />
**'''[[Mental Manipulation|Corrupting Effect]]''' - The Darkness' presence is a corrupting force to whatever it comes in contact with. The Mark of Cain corrupted anyone who wore it, turning them into a killer.<ref name="Brothers Keeper" /> When released, those who came in contact with the pure form of the Darkness turned into a [[Rabid|meaningless killer]].<ref name="ReferenceA" /> Reaper Billie told Sam that he was "unclean in the biblical sense" from being infected by a Rabid.<ref name="Form and Void" /> She can also speak to the Rabids, driving them insane.<ref name="All in the Family" /> She often released a deadly [[fog]] which turned humans into [[Rabid]]s and connected humans to her. However, [[Prophet]]s are immune, as being touched by "God power" (which both Amara and God possess) merely turns regular humans into Prophets.<ref name="Don't Call Me Shurley" />
**'''Highly Advanced [[Electrokinesis]]''' - She tortured Lucifer with powerful electrokinesis that burned his face.<ref name="All in the Family" />
**'''[[Empathy]]''' - The Darkness can feel and influence the emotions of humans.<ref name="The Bad Seed" /><ref name="Thin Lizzie" />
**'''[[Flight]]''' - The Darkness, while disembodied, can fly in a similar manner to [[demons]] and [[angels]] without a vessel.<ref name="ReferenceA" />
**'''Highly Advanced [[Healing]]''' - After reconciling with God, Amara was able to heal the damage her nigh-omnipotent powers did to him, without any difficulty.<ref name="Alpha and Omega" />
**'''[[Implosion]]''' - After [[Metatron]] fails to harm her with an [[angel banishing sigil]], Amara imploded him into nothingness by surrounding him with darkness.<ref name="All in the Family" />
**'''[[Mental Projection]]''' - Amara was able to project an image of herself and Lucifer into Dean's mind to pass a message to [[God]] and later to ask Dean to meet with her.<ref name="All in the Family" /> She was also able to project a vision of herself in her grown form surrounded by her smoke form into Dean's mind to communicate with him after her release.<ref name="ReferenceA" />
**'''[[Molecular Combustion]]''' - With a wave of her hand, the Darkness caused an angel to explode into dust.<ref name="O Brother" />
**'''[[Pathokinesis]]''' - Amara was able to cause humans to feel blissful.
**'''[[Possession]]''' - After her release, The Darkness possessed a newborn baby, Amara.
**'''Highly Advanced [[Power Negation]]''' - With a wave of her hand, Amara was able to negate Lucifer's hold over the Winchesters. She also was able to render Lucifer completely powerless against her with ease.<ref name="Hells Angel" />
**'''[[Rapid Aging]]''' - By consuming the [[soul]]s of both [[humans]] and [[demons]], she was able to incrementally age herself until the Darkness aged from a baby into a full adult.
**'''Highly Advanced [[Reality Warping]]''' - While she conversed with Dean, her smoke form was still expanding, causing immense winds. However, they were completely unaffected by them, indicating that she has tremendous control over the physical Universe. Her power was evident when she turned a water fountain into blood.<ref name="O Brother">''[[O Brother, Where Art Thou?]]''</ref> She is able to destroy all of God's creation and even [[Magic]] itself.<ref name="We Happy Few" /><ref name="Hells Angel" /> Prior to the creation of the current universe, she destroyed multiple worlds God created.<ref name="Don't Call Me Shurley" /> She was also able to create matter out of nothing as she could restore Mary's body to its original state thirty years ago, in spite of it being destroyed by [[Azazel]].<ref name="Alpha and Omega" />
**'''Highly Advanced [[Regeneration]]''' - Amara has shown a healing factor. When she was wounded by a massive angelic smite, she absorbed an Angel's grace and took help from Rowena in order to restore her powers. However, after being significantly weakened by a massive angelic smite, full scale demonic attack, Crowley attacking, and Lucifer's Spear, she regenerated only minutes afterward.<ref name="We Happy Few" />
**'''[[Resurrection]]''' - As a "thank you" for Dean helping her, Amara resurrected [[Mary Winchester]]. She was able to do this with no apparent effort despite Mary being dead for over thirty years and having left no body behind.<ref name="Alpha and Omega" />
**'''Advanced [[Sedation]]''' - With a wave of her hand, Amara was able to knock [[Lucifer]] out.<ref name="All in the Family" />
**'''[[Smiting]]''' - Just by raising her hand, the Darkness was able to kill an angel with a similar effect to an [[Angel Blades|angel blade]].<ref name="O Brother" />
**'''Spell Deflection''' - While she was briefly affected by the [[Diminishing Spell]], Amara was able to quickly overcome and deflect the spell back at Rowena and the other four witches, killing all but Rowena instantly.
**'''[[Soul absorption|Soul and Grace Consumption]]''' - After she was released, the Darkness started devouring human souls in order to heal and restore her former power. In her human form, she ate Deputy [[Jenna Nickerson]]'s soul which made her grow into a little girl and later a preteen girl.<ref name="The Bad Seed" /><ref name="Form and Void" /><ref name="Thin Lizzie" /> She has since consumed many souls (including demon souls). It's revealed that she can also consume the grace of angels, as she consumed Ambriel's grace.<ref name="Devil Details" />
**'''Superhuman Endurance''' - She has displayed significant tolerance for extreme physical and psychological trauma. This was seen when, despite the combined massive attacks from Rowena and other Witches, Demons, Angels and Lucifer, she was still able to move and walk up to God.<ref name="We Happy Few" />
**'''Advanced [[Supernatural Concealment]]''' - While God could hide himself from Amara, she also was able to hide [[File:LuciferDies.gif|thumb|275px|Amara extracting Lucifer from Castiel's body]]herself from God. However, [[Donatello Redfield|Donatello]] was able to sense her presence.<ref name="All in the Family" />
**'''Highly Advanced [[Super Strength]]''' - The Darkness was easily able to throw a grown man with enough force to kill him.<ref name="O Brother" /> The Darkness also blocked an attack from Castiel with ease and threw him several feet away with barely touching him.<ref name="Devil Details" /> When attacking God, the Darkness was able to strangle him one handed even after being severely weakened by a sequential attack from [[witch]]es, [[angels]] and [[demons]].<ref name="We Happy Few" />
**'''Advanced [[Telekinesis]]''' - In the form of Amara, the Darkness displayed telekinesis.<ref name="Form and Void" /> She forced an angel to kill himself with his angel blade<ref name="O Brother" /> and even overpowered God and Lucifer at the same time. [[File:AmaraFeeding.jpg|thumb|250px|Amara feeding on a demon.]]
**'''Advanced [[Teleportation]]''' - Amara used this power in various occasions and could even teleport into the Bunker, a heavily warded location with ease. She could teleport herself alone or with others like she did with Lucifer who was possessing Castiel's vessel.
**'''Torturing''' - She was able to torture Lucifer by pointing her hand at him, which caused him extreme pain and exuded light from his chest and eyes.<ref name="Hells Angel" /><ref name="All in the Family" />
**'''[[Umbrakinesis]]''' - As the Darkness, she has the ability to summon and control clouds of darkness for various purposes. Amara was able to use this to create tentacles of darkness to attack and fatally wound God to the point that only she could heal him and not even The Book of the Damned could do anything to help God.<ref name="We Happy Few" /> On another occasion, Amara gathered all of the darkness surrounding her into her being and fired it into [[Heaven]] in the form of a shockwave as a demonstration of her power.<ref name="Hells Angel" />
**'''Highly Advanced [[Weather Manipulation]]''' - As The Darkness expanded on Earth, she caused powerful winds.<ref name="Brothers Keeper" /><ref name="ReferenceA" /> She also created a deadly storm with her mind that burned people to charred skeletons.<ref name="O Brother" /> When Amara fired [[umbrakinesis|a shockwave of darkness]] into Heaven, storm clouds formed on Earth with lightning flashing throughout them violently.<ref name="Hells Angel" />
*'''[[Omnipresence]] (formerly)''' - The Darkness was once all there was. She announced that she will one day reestablish that state. When Sam was talking with Lucifer in Hell, he said that she was possibly "everywhere on Earth". Shortly after the Host of Heaven unleashed an immense blast on her, part of her essence was split from her main body and the whole area was clouded in darkness.<ref name="O Brother" /><ref name="Devil Details" />
*'''[[Omniscience#Cosmic Awareness|Nigh-Omniscience]]''' - Although she is still learning about the Universe that God made while she was locked away, she was immediately able to speak the English language.<ref name="ReferenceA" /><ref name="The Bad Seed" />
*'''[[The Natural Order|Mandatory Existence]]''' - Amara's existence is necessary and provides balance to reality. As God put it, "Light needs Dark", and "Dark needs Light". If she were to be killed, reality itself would end. However, it was said that if both God and the Darkness were to die, a new balance would be established.<ref name="We Happy Few" /><ref name="Alpha and Omega" />
Despite her immense power, even The Darkness has weaknesses and can be sealed away or even killed. However, it takes extreme levels of combined power, as even a [[Hand of God]] used by [[Lucifer]], which is capable of hurting [[Archangels]], caused her no harm when used alone.<ref name="Hells Angel" /> [[Castiel]] once described her as impossible to destroy. Her brother [[God]] is the only being powerful enough to kill Amara, though not on his own, but he chooses not to as he says that the Darkness (Amara) and the Light (God) must both exist for the Universe to maintain balance, if either God or The Darkness cease to exist, the other also ceases together with reality itself. Thus, God opted to seal her away. It is unknown if Death would be able to kill Amara after being weakened, as he is comparable to God in power, he was killed by his own scythe before this could be determined.<ref name="We Happy Few" /><ref name="Alpha and Omega">''[[Alpha and Omega]]''</ref>
===Harming and Banishing===
[[File:AmaraVsHeaven.gif|thumb|275px|The Host of Heaven attacks Amara with full strength.]]
*'''Combined forces of powerful beings''' - The combined strength of God and the Archangels was strong enough to bind the Darkness and seal her with a lock, albeit barely.<ref name="Brothers Keeper" /> An attack by an army of demons, in smoke form, after an attack by witches and a mass-smite by angels somewhat weakened Amara.<ref name="We Happy Few">''[[We Happy Few]]''</ref>
*'''The [[Mark of Cain]]''' - The Mark of Cain was the "lock" to the prison that held the Darkness back. As long as someone bore the Mark, the Darkness would remain sealed.<ref name="Brothers Keeper" /> Amara has displayed a great fear of the mark of Cain, claiming that she would rather finally die than be imprisoned by that Mark.<ref name="We Happy Few">''[[We Happy Few]]''</ref>
*'''[[Diminishing Spell]]''' - This spell was able weaken the Darkness to some degree and left burns on her face and right shoulder.<ref name="We Happy Few">''[[We Happy Few]]''</ref>
*'''[[Lucifer's Spear]]''' - After a combined attack of angels, witches and demons it was capable of harming her vessel to the point of her admitting defeat.<ref name="We Happy Few">''[[We Happy Few]]''</ref>
*'''[[Archangels]]''' - While a single archangel cannot harm Amara, the four archangels together can weaken her enough for God to be able to trap her.<ref name="We Happy Few">''[[We Happy Few]]''</ref>
{{Quote|Castiel: She does seem impossible to destroy.<br>[...]<br>Sam: Is she, Chuck?<br>[...]<br>God: The Darkness might - '''might''' - have a weakness: Light.<br>[...]<br>Sam: How much light are we talking about?<br>God: I don't know. 10,000 suns set to supernova?|[[Sam]], [[God]], and [[Castiel]] about destroying Amara|[[Alpha and Omega]]}}
*'''[[God]]''' - God is able to kill the Darkness, though he needs help to weaken her first.
*'''Light''' '''(possibly)''' - According to [[God]], a massive amount of light equivalent to 10,000 suns going supernova at once could potentially destroy the Darkness.<ref name="Alpha and Omega">''[[Alpha and Omega]]''</ref>
**'''[[Soul Bomb]]''' '''(possibly)''' - A bomb made up of a couple hundred thousand souls could potentially emit enough light to destroy the Darkness.<ref name="Alpha and Omega">''[[Alpha and Omega]]''</ref>
*'''Mandatory Existence Compromised''' - If God were to be killed, the imbalance would result in the annihilation of everything that exists, including the Darkness.<ref name="Alpha and Omega">''[[Alpha and Omega]]''</ref>
*[[Season 10]]
**''[[Brother's Keeper]]''
*[[Season 11]]
**''[[Out of the Darkness, Into the Fire]]''
**''[[Form and Void]]''
**''[[The Bad Seed]]''
**''[[Baby]]'' {{c|mentioned only}}
**''[[Thin Lizzie]]''
**''[[Plush]]'' {{c|mentioned only}}
**''[[Just My Imagination]]'' {{c|mentioned only}}
**''[[Our Little World]]''
**''[[O Brother, Where Art Thou?]]''
**''[[The Devil in the Details]]''
**''[[Into the Mystic]]'' {{c|mentioned only}}
**''[[Don't You Forget About Me]]'' {{c|mentioned only}}
**''[[Love Hurts]]'' {{c|form taken by [[Sonja's Qareen|a]] [[Qareen]] and mentioned}}
**''[[The Vessel]]'' {{c|mentioned only}}
**''[[Beyond the Mat]]'' {{C|mentioned only}}
**''[[Safe House]] ''{{C|mentioned only}}
**''[[Red Meat]]'' {{c|mentioned only}}
**''[[Hell's Angel]]''
**''[[The Chitters]]'' {{c|mentioned only}}
**''[[Don't Call Me Shurley]]'' {{c|mentioned only}}
**''[[All in the Family]]''
**''[[We Happy Few]]''
**''[[Alpha and Omega]]''
*[[Season 12]]
**''[[Keep Calm and Carry On]]'' {{c|mentioned only}}
**''[[Rock Never Dies]]'' {{c|mentioned only}}
*[[Season 13]]
**''[[The Rising Son]]'' {{c|mentioned only}}
**''[[The Big Empty]]'' {{c|mentioned only}}
**''[[Various & Sundry Villains]]'' {{c|mentioned only}}
**''[[Good Intentions]]'' {{c|mentioned only}}
*Amara is the [[Big Bad|main antagonist]] of [[Season 11]].
*Some religions have similar structure to what the Darkness is.
**The terrible battle between God and the Darkness bares some similarities with the first day of creation in Genesis (God separated the darkness from the light).
**Chaos/Nun in Greek/Egyptian mythology, which predated everything and created or from which the deities came from.<ref name="Chaos">[https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chaos_(mythology) ''Chaos'' - Wikipedia]</ref>
**Erebus and Nyx/Nox in Greco-Roman Mythology, Erebus being the male primordial embodiment of darkness, and Nyx/Nox being the female primordial embodiment of night/darkness.
**Amatsu-Mikaboshi in Japanese Shinto Mythology, was originally a Shinto god of the Pole Star and the primordial chaos.
**Ginnungagap from the Norse Creation Myth, was a primordial void.<ref name="Ginnungagap">[https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ginnungagap ''Ginnungagap'' - Wikipedia]</ref>
**The Darkness by far is most similar to Angra Mainyu, the brother of Ahura Mazda from Zoroastrianism. He is considered the opposite of Ahura Mazda and represents elemental darkness and evil.
*The name Amara occurs in many cultures and is ascribed a variety of meanings: "eternal" (German), "unfading" (Greek), "immortal" (Sanskrit) and "bitter" (Latin). In Bahasa Indonesia and Bahasa Malaysia, the word amara(h) means "anger" or "run amok". In Ethiopian legends, Amara is the name for paradise.
*The Darkness's release was felt by both [[Michael]] and [[Lucifer]] from within [[the Cage]], marking the first time since their imprisonment that both archangels have attempted to communicate with the outside world.
*Since she was sealed by and bound to the Mark of Cain, she is the true source of [[The First Blade]]'s power.
*The Darkness is the fifth entity that was sealed away and later unleashed, the first being a huge number of demons, the second being Lucifer himself, third being Death and the fourth being the Leviathans.
*Like previous major antagonists ([[Lucifer]] and [[Leviathans]]), The Darkness was sealed by God and released as either an unknown or unintended consequence by the series protagonists (Dean, Sam and Castiel) in their efforts to beat other antagonists or solve a major problem at the time, such as [[Lilith]], [[Raphael]], and The Mark of Cain.
*After [[Famine]] and [[Crocotta]], The Darkness is the third being in the series to consume or absorb human souls and [[demons]] for nourishment. However, unlike them, her consumption of souls is also her effort to make individuals that she likes a part of her and assimilate their traits into herself, rather than simple nourishment.
**In addition to [[soul]]s, she also consumes angelic grace and memories, which makes her the first entity to feed on humans, [[demons]] and [[angels]].
*Her release set off alarms in [[Heaven]] and [[Hell]] and [[Purgatory]] that, according to [[angels]] and [[demons]], hadn't gone off in "ever".
*[[Monsters]] also became aware of the Darkness' existence, and that it was coming. Some were building armies to make a stand and buy more time to survive.
*The Darkness shares a lot of similarities with the Great Darkness from ''Hellblazer''/''Constantine'', which was a major inspiration for [[Eric Kripke|Kripke]] and [[Supernatural]]. They are named similarly and both existed before God created light and was released as a form of an engulfing blanket of thick smoke. The way in which Amara was finally "defeated" is also very similar to the way the Great Darkness was "defeated".
**The Darkness shares similarities with the First Evil from the series ''Buffy the Vampire Slayer'', as both existed before the Universe, both can't be killed, both will exist even after the Universe ends, and are both considered the first destructive force to exist.
*Being God's sister and only kin makes her his only direct relative, unlike all other beings in the series that are only indirectly related to him, due to being his creations.
*God and the Darkness are often described in polar terms. The Darkness has described God as the "light" and herself as the "dark". However, the difference between them is later described in more abstract terms. Whereas God is "being", the Darkness is "nothingness." Lucifer remarks that he does not believe that the Darkness can create, only destroy. This dichotomy alludes to Jean-Paul Sartre's work ''L'Être et le néant'' (lit.: "Being and Nothingness"). God later confirms this, adding that dire consequences would result if the balance was upset by one of their deaths.
*The Darkness is one of the few Supernatural main antagonists not to be killed or destroyed at the end of her story arc. She is also the only main antagonist to not be defeated.
*The Darkness is the third Big Bad to realign themselves with good during Season 11, the other two being [[Metatron]] and [[Rowena]].
*God's relationship to [[Amara]] is similar to the Chinese philosophy of Yin and Yang, or the belief of contradictory forces being complimentary and interdependent, balancing each other out (such as light and dark, or life and death). Their similarities are furthered in ''[[Alpha and Omega]]'', as God and the Darkness are shown circling each other in their respective white and black smoke forms, seemingly referencing the symbol for Yin and Yang. This also supported by the fact Yang is supported as male or masculine and Yin being female or feminine.
*It is unknown what would happen if somebody used the [[Mark of Cain Removal Spell]] on her if she is already released from her prison.
*The Cosmic Entity claimed The Empty existed before The Darkness or God and that the latter has no power there. It is unknown at this time if The Cosmic Entity is also that old or what his relationship to Amara is.
*The only thing confirmed to predate the Darkness is [[The Empty]].
==See also==
*[[Mark of Cain]]
*[[God and The Darkness]]
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