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Fog unleashed by Amara.

Who knows what was in that giant, crazy fart.

The Darkness' Fog was a gas-like supernatural substance which turned humans into Rabids. It was exclusively spread by The Darkness in order to make people see things from her point of view.


Sometime after Amara kidnapped Lucifer and began torturing him, she unleashed this fog at Hope Springs, Idaho. Many of the citizens were affected by the fog, and many of them died. Sam and Dean were alerted by the events happening in this town and rushed to discover the cause.

When the fog appeared to them, they gathered unaffected citizens and sealed them - as well as themselves - inside the police station. The fog however, managed to break through the duct tape and infect Sam, nearly turning him into a Rabid.

The fog was dispersed by God, after he was convinced by Metatron to help save humanity from his sister. The people affected were cured and those who died were resurrected.[1]

Amara later set this fog against other towns, which Sam noted "weren't as lucky". One man managed to survive the fog, and he turned out to be a prophet, Donatello Redfield.[2]


She says it's a mirror. She's showing us all the truth. (...) The light was just a lie!

The fog spreads similarly to natural fog, but differed significantly in its effects. Humans who came in contact with the fog turned into Rabids and can hear Amara's voice inside their heads. They also develop violent and aggressive behavior, often starting to murder other humans, and, as a result of her voice whispering incessantly in their heads, begin to share Amara's view of the world. Prophets, rather than being turned into Rabids, had their abilities activated due to how Amara's God Power is similar to God's. Dean Winchester was completely immune to the fog, by Amara's will.[1][2]



  • Amara exterminated the population of several towns with the fog.
  • Besides humans, it also kills animals.