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James and Spencer, along with other members of the community.

The Community was the name of the coven of witches usually congregating in Danger Bar in St. Louis, Missouri. They also affiliate with other practitioners of magic and familiars.


The Community appeared to know each other to a certain degree, and they could easily sense outsiders. They were secretive, and did not take it comfortably when James Frampton, who was one of their members, placed everyone at risk of exposure. Because of this, they threatened him to either leave or commit suicide.

Additionally, the Community also prohibited sexual relationships between witches and their familiars to exist. It was considered to be taboo or, at the very least, disdainful for such relationship to occur. This was acknowledged even by Portia herself, who had sexual intimacy with her master.

Despite attempting to intimidate and threaten other members like James, however, they did not appear to participate directly in confrontations, as no one attempted to intervene when James, and Spencer Wallis, another member of the Community, dueled in between their midst.



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