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You call this classic rock? Next thing you know, they'll be playing Styx. And Dennis DeYoung? A punk.
The Colonel to Dean
in Dog Dean Afternoon

The Colonel is a dog that was a witness to two murders.


He witnessed the murder of his best friend (a taxidermist) and an animal shelter receptionist. Dean uses silver to check and make sure the dog is not a skinwalker or shapeshifter. Sam Winchester calls Kevin Tran to find a spell to speak to the dog to see what he witnessed at both crime scenes. Sam concocts a potion to make it so they can read the dog's thoughts. Dean Winchester drinks the concoction and says the spell but nothing happens. Though later while they were eating he suddenly hears him say "change the station" and they argue about classic rock. He tells Dean that a guy in a cowboy hat killed his owner and the cats. They drive back to the animal shelter and Sam tells Dean they should just leave him in the car since all the windows are open but Dean refuses and takes him in the building with him. The Colonel and the other dogs from the shelter pounce on the chef and kill him. Dean takes The Colonel to the vegan bakers to let them adopt the dog. Because Dean is an "honorary dog" the Colonel wants to tell Dean that dogs are not actually a man's best friend, and are actually with the humans for some mysterious reason but before The Colonel can say it the spell wears off.