The Collectors is a race of Hell-dwelling spirit like creatures. Many of its worked under Judas Iscariot, while some other work under other demons, or even humans, by though deal for latter.




The Collectors appear like a slender, cloaked figure. One of it, as encountered by Sam and Dean, has bearded face and shared some similarity like Judas. It has soulless black eyes. It was tall and skeletal, and except for his thick black facial hair. Its skin appeared almost unnaturally white and smooth, but moist as well—less like porcelain and more like the flesh of a mushroom. From the emaciated hunch of his shoulders, a colorless, shabby-looking cloak hung down to the floor, its hood thrown back. The hem of the figure's robe dragged on the floor. It also hold a pocket that hold the items that they collected, including shekels of blood money.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

  • Super Strength - One of the collector able to lift Dean by simply grabbing him in neck. It also strong enough to strangle Dean near death.
  • Lightweightness - The collectors can make their body so light weight, and able to move freely despite holding many item in their pockets.
  • Partial Immunity - The collectors possessed partial immunity. No conventional weapons can harm them. Demon-killing Knife only can harm them only by harming their weak point, their heart.


  • Magic - The Collectors can be bound by magic. Nate McClane was able to bind one using a Hoodoo spell.
  • Two Stabs with the Demon-killing Knife - Direct fatal stabs to the heart can kill them, however, it requires two stabs to ensure they're truly dead.


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