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The British Invasion is the 17th episode of Season 12. It aired on April 6, 2017.


Dean Purgatory Blade.png.png There was something about being there... It felt pure.

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Sam and Dean get a lead on Kelly Kline's (guest star Courtney Ford) whereabouts. Mick (guest star Adam Fergus) drops by the bunker unexpectedly and decides to join the hunt.


Outside London, England 1987: Two boys walk up a set of stone stairs outside Kendricks Academy. As they walk inside, they are talking when they stop as a tall woman in a purple dress and suit jacket walks intimidatingly towards them. She takes them to an office where a clear plastic tarp is on the ground and furniture has been moved to the side. She talks to the boys, Timothy and Michael, acknowledging their work to get to the level they are at. However, in order to proceed to the next level, they must prove they can execute orders without question. The woman opens a folded piece of cloth on the table, tells them that only one of them may leave the room, and then leaves them alone. Inside the cloth is a shiny steel dagger.

Outside in the hall, Michael approaches the woman stating that the other boy didn't want to die, but fought well. She congratulates him by using his last name: Davies. In the British Men of Letters compound, Mick wakes up from a dream and looks around at the empty table he fell asleep on.

As the Impala drives down a road, Sam is doing a video chat with Eileen Leahy when they discuss where Kelly Kline could be. Eileen sends them proof of Kelly's recent location, but she is still working on where Kelly could be now. Dean and Sam thank Eileen, and she gives Sam an extra goodbye.

Back at the bunker, the brothers walk in to find Mick Davies waiting at their table. He tells them about Lucifer's son, the nephilim, but they cut him off and tell him they already know. Mick is annoyed that Sam and Dean didn't tell him about the nephilim earlier, but the Winchesters say they are handling it.

In Lucifer's room, Lucifer is talking remotely with Dagon, who is watching over a sleeping Kelly Kline. He threatens Dagon to not fail him again.

Mick is sleeping, and is again dreaming of when he killed Timothy. The boy tries to argue with Mick that they can run away and save each other. Mick hears the woman in purple's voice in his mind, remembering what she had said, and grabs the knife. Mick then wakes up to a phone call from the woman whose voice he heard in his dream. She reminds him that he failed to report in the night before. He says he was still in investigation mode. She claims that Lady Bevell believes the Winchesters are hopeless to their cause, but Mick responds that he is cleaning up her mess. He reminds Doctor Hess that it was her and the other British Men of Letters leadership who believed getting the Winchesters was key to bringing the rest of the American hunters on board. She says that the nephilim has changed things, that the situation needs to be dealt with. Dr. Hess tells Mick that he needs to either bring the Winchesters into the fold, or kill them all: "assimilate or eliminate."

Kelly wakes up to sharp pains near her stomach. Dagon tells her not to worry, but Kelly wants to see a doctor. Dagon refuses, but Kelly insists, saying she won't go anywhere until she knows her baby is safe.

Sam walks in on Dean asleep at the table in the bunker's kitchen. Sam gets coffee and sits across from Dean. When asking Dean about their mother, Mick walks in saying not to worry: she is with Arthur Ketch and they make a good team. Dean retorts asking whether Mick would want his own mother working with Ketch, but he replies that he never knew his mother or father. He was an orphan on the streets until he accidentally picked the pocket of a British Man of Letters and got a cursed Ancient Babylonian coin. Believing he showed promise, the British Men of Letters sent Mick to Kendrick's to become a Man of Letters. He trails off, but deflects when Sam asks if he is alright.

At the doctor's office, Dagon is posing as a "birthing coach" while the doctor prepares a sonogram for Kelly. He starts the procedure, but starts to notice something is wrong. Before he can say anything, Dagon telepathically tells the doctor to say everything is okay. The doctor then asks about the baby's father.

In Lucifer's room, Crowley is trying to play with Lucifer, calling him a puppy and throwing a ball for him to play with. Instead, Lucifer sighs, gets up, and goes to start licking the ground. When Crowley asks what he is doing, Lucifer tells him he is giving him what he wants: submission. He claims to have figured it out, and that it is better than the Cage either way. He's willing to play Crowley's game, play by his rules, telling him he won. Crowley looks at him, seemingly pleased.

Ketch calls Mick, to update him on his most recent hunt with Mary. Mick says he will file the report, and Ketch hangs up. Mary asks Ketch about Mick and how he knows him. Ketch says he knows him from school, that they survived there together. Mary tells Ketch that they learn on the job, but she gave it up for a quiet normal life. He counters that despite that, she is drawn to danger. Handing her a glass, they make a toast.

In the British Men of Letters headquarters, Mick hears a noise and draws his gun to investigate. A man walks onto the platform above and across from Mick. The man introduces himself as Renny Rawlings, and that he has been working for Dr. Hess since he graduated from Kendricks at the top of his class. He says he is here to help, but Mick argues he's here to watch him. When Mick tells Renny to stay out of his way, he replies that that is not an option.

At the doctor's office, a man walks in after hours demanding to see the patient files. When the doctor says the files are none of the man's business, the man pulls a knife and killed him.

At the bunker, Dean is attempting to call Castiel, but repeatedly gets his voicemail. Sam and Eileen talk about how she traced a demon via a license plate and killed it. The demon, named Dermott killed the doctor and placed his body in a large dumpster. Dermott was working for Dagon, covering her tracks. Before killing Dermott, she was able to get Dagon's phone number from him.

Crowley addresses roughly a dozen demons in his throne room. He taunts them by referencing how Lucifer is in the Cage and that their loyalties should not lie with him. He then opens the doors to the throne room, letting in a shackled Lucifer. Crowley states that Lucifer himself will proclaim the name of the one true leader of Hell, of his own free will. Crowley calls Lucifer a dog, and commands him to start his proclamation. However, unbeknownst to Crowley, when Lucifer begins speaking, he mouths words to the demons in his audience, even flashing his eyes red, indicating that he means nothing he is saying. He finishes by saying he doesn't hear applause. The demons start applauding and Crowley looks on, pleased, not realizing Lucifer is also smiling.

Kelly is on the phone with Dagon, and sits to read a magazine when the call is over. She gets another call from Oliver, who says the doctor would like to see her. Oliver is actually Sam Winchester, but Kelly does not recognize his voice with the accent he is using. She agrees to the meeting, and Sam ends he call, turning to Eileen. They are both excited, but stop smiling when they see a car driving into the junkyard they are currently in. The car is driven by Mick with Renny along for the ride. Sam is surprised to see Renny, but Mick says he brought extra backup. All four converse shortly before Mick hands The Colt over to Sam, making Sam promise to give it back.

Later, Kelly is walking to her doctor's office when Dean comes up behind her, grabs her arm, and tells her to walk with him. They walk to the Impala, parked in front, and drive away.

A while later, Dean and Kelly pull into the junkyard that Sam, Eileen, Mick, and Renny are waiting at. It is now night, and they all stand in front of the Impala. The group talk to Kelly about the nephilim, stating that the child should be killed. She responds defensively, stating she loves her child regardless of who the father is. Mick states that the child won't care about her love and will kill everyone. Sam tries to calm everyone down and says they will figure something out. While he is talking, Renny goes to draw his gun and Dean steps forward to stop him, but at that moment, they notice the wind has picked up. Dagon has arrived and she knocks everyone but Kelly off their feet. Dean and Mick get up and shoot at her but their bullets have no effect. Dagon grabs Kelly and goes to walk away. At the same moment, Eileen picks up The Colt which Sam had dropped. She shoots, but Dagon disappears with Kelly and the bullet hits Renny instead, striking him in the chest. He drops his gun, falls to his knees, and with blooding spilling out of his mouth, he keels forward, dead.

Mick kneels down next to Renny's body, stunned. Eileen starts to apologize and states she was aiming at Dagon. Mick pulls his gun saying that Eileen has to die for killing a Man of Letters, that the Code demands it. This was the same thing Dr. Hess said to him before he had to kill his friend at Kendricks. Mick sees a flashback to some of those moments, specifically when he killed his friend. Sam talks to him, telling him he doesn't have to follow the Code and he only has to answer to himself. He only has to do what he thinks is right. Mick lowers his gun, but tells the others to just leave. Sam, Dean, and Eileen get into the Impala and leave, while Mick stays with Renny's corpse.

Mary Winchester is fixing her shirt in a mirror with a naked Ketch, covered only by a blanket, lying in the bed behind her. He recounts how he initially thought he would have to kill her when they met, but he was surprised he didn't have to and that it even led to what occurred between them in private. Mary tells Ketch not to read into their night together, that it doesn't mean anything. He says she doesn't need to worry, he isn't built for relationships, suspecting Mary isn't either. She says he was wrong, but only that it was a long time ago. They change the subject, Ketch stating he noticed Mary has chosen work over family ties. Mary responds by saying that it doesn't have to be an "either/or" situation.

Lucifer is shirtless in his room while a demon checks his vessel for structural damage. The vessel is in good condition, but the security system Crowley built is also in good condition, and that no demon knows how it works. The demon says he will start working right away, and Lucifer happily puts his shirt on, saying he is looking forward to being a dad.

At the bunker, Sam, Dean and Eileen walk down the metal staircase. Eileen is struggling with what happened to Renny. Sam tells her it was just an accident.

Dagon handcuffs Kelly to a bed in their room. Dagon tells her not to worry about the baby, but to worry about herself. By giving birth to her child, Kelly would die in the process.

Mick walks into the main meeting room at the British Men of Letters compound. He sees Ketch and asks why he called him there. Ketch says he didn't and Dr. Hess walks into the room. She has been tasked by the other elders to resolve the situation. Mick tries to defend himself, but she dismisses him, recounting his own report, detailing his recent failures with Dagon, Kelly, Eileen, and Renny. Despite Mick's attempts to explain everything, Dr. Hess refuses to hear him out, saying that hunters are dogs, they must obey. She states that Eileen will be killed and that the Winchesters will be investigated and executed if found guilty, all in accordance with the Code. Mick tries to defend Sam and Dean, but Dr. Hess again states that they must all follow the Code. Mick, defiantly, states he is going to choose the right thing. He is then shot in the back of the head with a silenced pistol by Ketch. Dr. Hess and Ketch both nod at each other, as Ketch looks at Mick's body.

Dean walks into the main hall of the bunker and Sam asks him if he has heard from Cass. He hasn't, and they aren't sure if he is alright. Dean asks about Eileen, who Sam tells him has traveled back to Ireland, her home, to take some time off. Sam then hands Dean a cloth wrapped object which turns out to be The Colt.

Ketch walks around Mick's body and steps around the blood on the floor. Dr. Hess says that the American hunter experiment has failed and is over. She tells Ketch to exterminate all of the American hunters. She then throws a file down on the table that is labelled, "Authorised Personnel Only: Case No. 213 Security ID. Dean.W-219198 SEC# 191823."


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  • The episode had 1.57 million viewers and got a 0.5 rating.
  • The title is a reference to the phenomenon that occurred in the mid-1960s when rock and pop music acts from the United Kingdom, as well as other aspects of British culture, became popular in the United States, and significant to the rising "counterculture" on both sides of the Atlantic.
  • Much like John during Mary's death, Mary has developed a romantic relationship with someone else, specifically with Arthur Ketch. This makes it the first time she had a sexual encounter with anyone in almost three decades.
  • Sam is shown to have a better understanding of sign language.
  • Arthur Ketch revealed that he and Mick Davies went to Kendricks Academy together.
  • Mick revealed that the key to the bunker can unlock every chapter house in the world.
  • Gillian Barber, who plays Doctor Hess, previously played Mrs. Rourke in Faith.
  • This is one of the few episodes where a creature capable of teleportation is actually shown doing it on screen, rather than during a shot change.
  • The YouTube channel Shaving People Punting Things uploaded a video featuring Jared and Jensen laughing at Arthur Ketch's pronunciation of the word "Chupacabra".


  • Lucifer calls Michael his "little bro". It has previously been established throughout Season 5 that Michael is the older of the two. This same error was made in Hell's Angel, an episode also written by the same writers.
  • Mick previously stated that he had not killed anyone before prior to Hayden Foster, but that is contradicted in this episode, as his first kill is shown to be Timothy, his best friend, from Kendricks Academy.


The code is what makes a young boy kill his best friend.
You only have to do what you know is right. You only have to answer to your own code.
You think I wanted this to happen? He used me... but I love this child.
Well, that was unexpected. But invigorating. I must say, when I first met you I didn't see this coming. My thought at the time was, 'I'll end up shooting this one.' Life is full of surprises.


International Titles[]

  • Hungarian: A brit invázió (The British Invasion)


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