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The Bad Place is the name given by Kaia Nieves to an alternate universe populated mainly by unknown creatures.

It was destroyed by God when he chose to end all of the worlds besides the Main Universe. Later, it was restored by Jack Kline.[1][2]


Like Purgatory, the Bad Place appears as a vast and untamed forest, filled with "blood, death, and monsters." However, unlike Purgatory which is shrouded in darkness, this world has light. Many creatures lurk inside the forest.



The Bad Place, as Kaia Nieves came to call it, is shown to be an alternate universe that appears to be populated almost entirely by unknown creatures. All of her life, Kaia's Dream Walking visions have been focused on the Bad Place which left physical scars on her that appear to others to be self-inflicted.

Season 13[]

The Bad Place (Alternate Universe)

In The Bad Place, Kaia talks about the Bad Place in a group therapy session, stating that her drug overdose came out of her desire to avoid dreaming so as not to see this place. She later tells Dean Winchester, Sam Winchester, and Jack about the Bad Place and her terror of seeing it.

While trying to open a portal to the Apocalypse World, Kaia has visions of the Bad Place. Guided telepathically by Jack, she moves away from it and manages to locate the correct alternate reality as well as Mary Winchester. However, Kaia keeps flashing between Mary and the Bad Place. Eventually, she and Jack manage to open a rift in the fabric of reality, disintegrating six nearby angels at the same time.

Alternate Universe (The Bad Place)

Sam, Dean, Kaia and Claire in the Bad Place

Due to Kaia flashing between Apocalypse World and the Bad Place, Jack ends up in Apocalypse World at Mary's feet while Sam and Dean end up in the Bad Place inside a giant monster footprint. Confused as to where they are, the Winchesters wander off. Moments later, loud footsteps are heard, followed by a thunderous roar.

In Wayward Sisters, Dean and Sam travel through the Bad Place, attempting to find a way out without success. The brothers are eventually captured by a hooded figure and set up to be dinner for a giant ape-like creature. At the same time, Jody Mills, Claire Novak and Alex attempt to find the Winchesters.

After being found at the side of the road, Kaia is taken to the hospital in Sioux Falls where she is attacked by a monster from the Bad Place. The monster is killed by Claire and Jody, and its presence makes the group realize that the rift to the Bad Place is still open. Under attack from the dead monster's packmates, the group tracks down the rift. Claire and Kaia enter the Bad Place to rescue the Winchesters while Jody, Donna, Alex, and Patience Turner kill the remaining monsters. Claire and Kaia rescue the Winchesters before they can be fed to the monster, but the hooded figure kills Kaia. After the Winchesters and Claire escape the Bad Place, the rift to it closes.

Kaia Nieves (The Bad Place) 1310

Kaia Nieves of the Bad Place

Later, Sam warns that the rift to the Bad Place was open for days, meaning more monsters could have made it through before it closed. Jody promises that her group can deal with anything that ended up in Sioux Falls. That night, a rift from the Bad Place opens and Kaia's killer emerges in the Winchesters' world, revealing herself to be the alternate reality Kaia.

Season 14[]

In The Scar, Sam and Dean recognize the hooded figure that attacked Michael as Kaia's killer from the Bad Place. After catching up to the figure, they are shocked to learn that she is Kaia's Bad Place counterpart who is also a dreamwalker. The alternate Kaia refuses to explain how she opened a rift from the Bad Place and it is discovered that her spear can harm Michael.

In The Spear, the alternate Kaia asks for help in returning to the Bad Place in exchange for her spear to kill Michael with. Kaia explains that the Bad Place, which she calls home, is a world where she knows what to expect and how to survive on a day-to-day basis where she doesn't have in the Main Universe. She also states that she too has loved ones that she wants to protect, having fled the Bad Place initially to get away from the horrors of her homeworld. Kaia has discovered that the magic from the Bad Place, which she used to open the rift in the first place, doesn't work in the Main Universe and thus she needs help in getting home. Dean agrees that, in exchange for the spear, they will have Jack help Kaia return home when Michael is dead.

Season 15[]

The Bad Place is Destroyed

The Bad Place is destroyed

In Galaxy Brain, Dark Kaia kidnaps Jody Mills in an attempt to get the Winchesters to send her back to the Bad Place as they promised. Dark Kaia reveals that Kaia survived being impaled with the Spear and Dark Kaia treated her wound and left her the tools to survive before leaving for the Main Universe. However, Dark Kaia has learned that the Bad Place is dying from her connection to Kaia.

After temporarily shielding Jack's use of powers from God with the help of Merle, Jack opens a rift to the Bad Place in order to rescue Kaia as the universe is being consumed by a cataclysmic storm as God destroys all of the alternate universes. Though the three encounter a pack of Cloaked Figures, they flee in fear of the storm. Dark Kaia leads the Winchesters to her old home where Kaia has been living since she was trapped in the Bad Place. Dark Kaia chooses to remain behind in her home as the Winchesters and Kaia flee through the rift back to their world. The Bad Place is destroyed by the storm with Dark Kaia being killed as a massive wave of destruction passes over her position.

Upon their return to the Main Universe, Billie kills Merle and reveals that the Bad Place is not the only alternate universe dying: God is destroying the entire Multiverse. As a result, Billie considers the rescue of Kaia an insignificant victory and an unacceptable risk that they took.

After becoming the new God, Jack Kline restored this universe along with all others.[1][2]

Known Inhabitants[]

The Bad Place

A Cloaked Figure lurks in the alternate universe.

Most of the inhabitants of this world are, yet, unidentified species of creatures.

  • A giant ape-like creature (alive; resurrected by Jack Kline)
  • A second giant ape-like creature (deceased)
  • A shaded, ragged, humanoid creature species (extant; restored by Jack Kline)
  • A spear-wielding, tribal-like Kaia Nieves. (Resided in the Main Universe for a time; alive, resurrected by Jack Kline)
  • A gargantuan-sized, dinosaur-like creature. (footprint and sound only; alive, resurrected by Jack Kline)
  • Kaia Nieves (brief resident)

Aside from these creatures, smaller animals also exist (e.g.: lizards; extant, restored by Jack Kline). It was also implied by the alternate Kaia that other humans besides herself live in the Bad Place.




  • The scene where Sam and Dean unknowingly stand in a very large footprint of an unidentified creature resembles a scene from the 1998 film Godzilla. In this film, the main character Dr. Nick Tatopoulos unknowingly stands inside a crater that is later revealed as one of Godzilla's footprints.
  • The magic in the Bad Place is apparently very different from that of the Main Universe. The spear used by the alternate Kaia was powerful enough to harm and possibly kill an archangel. Additionally, the magic from the Bad Place that allowed the alternate Kaia to open a rift between the worlds did not work in the Main Universe.