The Art of Dyeing was a hair salon run by the witch Sonja.


The Art of Dyeing was a hair salon opened by the witch Sonja in Hudson, Ohio. It is unknown when exactly she opened it, but it was active by at least the end of 2015 as Melissa Harper had only gone to it for a few months before Valentine's Day.

After learning of her husband's affair with babysitter Staci Altman, a desperate Melissa sought Sonja's advice and was offered what she believed was a Return to Love spell. Instead, it was an Aramaic curse called the Kiss of Death created by Sonja.

After the curse took the lives of Staci and Dan, the Winchesters took Melissa to the salon after learning that it was where Sonja had given Melissa the curse. In the basement, Sam located Sonja's spellbook and identified the monster they were fighting as a Qareen. The Winchesters then split up to search the shop for the Qareen's heart in order to kill it.

As Sonja's Qareen confronted Dean in the basement in the form of Amara, Sonja confronted Sam in the main shop moments after he found the Qareen's heart in a locked box hidden in a drawer. As Sonja magically strangled Sam, Melissa intervened, distracting Sonja long enough for Sam to kill her with witch-killing bullets. Sam was then able to stab the Qareen's heart and kill it, breaking the curse.



  • After seeing the name, Dean Winchester quipped that "well you can't say she didn't warn you."
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