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The Apotheosis has begun Geoffrey. (...) It's the process of being elevated to a divine state. New gods for a new age are being born Geoffrey, but only one of us will survive to become permanent. We fight one-on-one to the death with the victor absorbing the power of the vanquished. The more battles we win, the more strength we acquire, until finally only the two most powerful remain. And whoever wins that battle claims the power of all the gods born during the Apotheosis and gains the ultimate prize: immortality.
— Adamantine explains the Apotheosis to her priest Geoffrey Ramsey.

The Apotheosis is an event where new gods are born and fight to determine who will be the victor and achieve true godhood.


Happening since potentially the beginning of time, believed Apotheosizes include the battle between the Greek gods and the Titans for supremacy which ended with the Greek gods winning and Ragnarok when the Norse gods and the giants of Jotunheimr fought each other, died and were then followed by a rebirth in which new gods took their place.

In 2015, an Apotheosis starts in Corinth, Illinois with Mythmaker Renee Mendez being compelled to paint dozens of gods into life. The battles that occur during the Apotheosis draw the attention of hunters Sam and Dean Winchester who work to learn what's going on and attempt to stop the Apotheosis. After reading up on the lore containing similar Apotheosizes, Sam theorizes that the new Apotheosis began because the species fell into danger of extinction due to the number of gods killed over the centuries, many by the Winchesters themselves.

As the Apotheosis reaches its conclusion, the Winchesters respectively pose as worshippers of Paeon and Adamantine, the last two gods to survive. With a massive battle occurring between Paeon and Adamantine's worshippers while the gods fight each other, Sam attempts to get Renee to unmake the gods in an effort to stop the Apotheosis. With people dying from the battle and the drain on their life forces by the gods, Renee makes the attempt, but only succeeds in negating much of their power as the gods have drained enough life force from their worshippers to not be erased in such a manner. Adamantine kills Paeon and attempts to kill Renee and absorb her power to win, but the Winchesters, having figured out that the gods can only be killed by their own weapons, manage to kill Adamantine with her own gauntlet, ending the Apotheosis without a single winner amongst the gods.

After the Apotheosis is over, Sam theorizes that Renee won't be able to start another one since they are such rare events and believes that another Apotheosis won't happen for another few thousand years.


The Apotheosis begins with the Mythmaker, a human born with the ability to create gods out of their imagination, creating new gods one by one. The gods are created to fill various archetypes and take forms appropriate to the era in which they are created. Dozens of gods are created during this process which can take days.

Once created, the gods seek out worshippers who the gods Bind to them, in effect creating a link between the god and their worshippers from which the god can draw their life force to make themselves stronger and heal serious injuries during battle. Furthermore, the worshippers can willingly lend their gods some of their strength by praying to them. The more worshippers a god has, the stronger the power they can draw on. Worshippers can switch from one god to another at will, particularly if their god has been defeated and killed in battle. As the Apotheosis goes on, a god might grant their followers enhanced abilities to aid in combating rival gods and their worshippers. When one god is defeated by another in battle, the winner Binds the loser's worshippers to them, assuming the worshippers choose to change allegiances when their previous god is killed.

When two gods meet, they usually perform a ritual where they introduce themselves and then end it by stating that "in the end, there shall be One." This is not always done and appears to be a matter of personal choice. Sometimes, the words simply being spoken even if they are not heard is enough to qualify. The gods challenge each other in fights to the death in which the gods can only be killed with their own weapons, though the weapons of other gods are capable of hurting them. When killed, a god's body and weapon transform into a sphere of white light that contracts into about the size of a soccer ball. This heals the victorious god's injuries and grants them all of the defeated god's power. No trace of the defeated god is left behind, not even their blood that has been spilled. A victorious god is capable of stopping the defeated god's weapon from being consumed and can claim it for themselves to use in battle.

At the end of the Apotheosis, the two gods that have won all of their challenges will meet in battle with the victor gaining the power of all the gods born and killed during the Apotheosis and achieving true immortality. The final step of the Apotheosis is for the final god to kill the Mythmaker and to absorb their power. The final battle is not a fight of physical combat, but the two strongest gods pitting all of the raw power they have against each other while drawing on their worshippers life forces for more energy.

Hunter Sam Winchester theorizes that the Apotheosis is a method of reproduction for the species occurring when the species is endangered and facing extinction.



  • Given Sam's theory about the war between the Titans and the Greek gods as well as Ragnarok being Apotheosizes, it is likely that not all Apotheosizes ended with only a single victor. This was likely limited to the Apotheosis in 2015.
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