The Alter Ego is the first episode of Supernatural: The Anime Series. It is a remake of the TV series' Season 1 episode, Skin.


A monster disguised as Zach Evans, savagely murders his Zach's, Amanda.

Sam and Dean are on the road heading to Missouri. Sam is having a nightmare about Azazel visiting his crib as a baby, and as Jessica bursts into flames, he wakes up. Dean points to a newspaper report about a series of gruesome killings in a small town. All the suspects claim to be innocent as they were never at the crime scene.

Sam and Dean visit the local P.D, to meet a man named Boyle. Despite the room being filled with men, Dean stops a woman and asks for Boyle. She says that she is Boyle. Katherine Boyle. She takes them to interrogation room that holds Zach. Zach pleads innocence and breaks down. The brothers are convinced that he is telling the truth. They review the footage of the cameras above the Evans' residence. Sam notices Zach's eyes shine when he looks at the camera.

They investigate the house, and Katherine reveals that she knew Amanda for many years. Sam notices a trail of blood leading into a nearby sewer entrance. They get into it and begin searching for the culprit. Using a moment of distraction due to a rat, the shapeshifter injures Dean's shoulder with a pipe and knocks Sam unconscious before he can react.

Sam wakes up to find the shapeshifter in Dean's disguise who goes to visit Katherine. Sam struggles with his bonds which causes a few rocks to be displaced, one of which strikes Dean's head who is below, causing him to awake. Dean uses a lighter and burns through his bonds and the brothers rush to rescue Katherine.

Sam after shooting his doppleganger.

Back at her house, Katherine refuses to believe Dean's story about a shapeshifter. The real Katherine is being held captive and the one in the house is a shapeshifter. She points a gun at Dean just as a SWAT team surrounds the house. The shapeshifter utters a scream to fool the SWAT, jumps through a glass on the ceiling and escapes. Sam arrives on time, only to be stopped in his tracks by a SWAT member. It is revealed to be Dean.

True form of the Shapeshifter.

The brothers get into the car and are searching for the nearest sewer entrance to hunt down the monster. Dean suspects that the person beside him is not his little brother. Sam is shocked to hear this from Dean. Both suspect each other of being a shapeshifter. They both wrestle for the lone pistol in the car. Sam eventually gains the upper hand. The trigger is pulled.

Another Sam is shown running towards the car and is revealed to be real Sam who in fact shot his doppleganger who was sitting beside Dean, through the car's windshield. They then rescue Katherine and head back onto the road.


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Carry on Wayward Son by Kansas


Dean: Something worth looking into, don't you think?
Sam: Sure, but I'd rather spend our time trying to find Dad.
Dean: Dad would be doing the same thing if he were here, and you know it.
Sam: Yeah, alright. Whatever. Suit yourself.

Katherine: It's nice of you to be concerned.
Dean: That's me. "Mr. Nice Guy." It's a weakness of mine.

Shapeshifter (as Dean): I resent the fact that you had the easy life. You know what I've gone through while you were partying in college? I've been with dad, fighting these creatures every friggin' day - ghosts, vampires. Then one day, the old man decides to disappear, just like that. What is that? I feel betrayed by the one guy I truly believed in. And now everyone calls me a freak. I can't even make friends anymore. You're getting all the fun. But what the hell, right? I'm finally getting what I've been waiting for a long time...
Sam: Look, I... What are you talking about?
Shapeshifter (as Dean): Katherine, little bro.

Katherine: So, have you two always been monster hunters, then?
Dean: Yeah, pretty much.
Katherine: How did you get into that?
Dean and Sam: Family business.

Dean (while swinging on chains): Now I know what Tarzan goes through.

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