Your boyfriend? Now, that, mmm..that was just fun. Is that what you're here for... the big payback? Fine. If you want to get a little bloody, uh, I have no problem kicking your ass. Again. You know, w-we'll... say for old time's sake.
— Thaddeus to Gadreel
in Road Trip

Thaddeus was an angel who fell from Heaven to Earth due to Metatron's spell. Before his fall, he was a guard of Heaven's dungeons and its torturer. After he fell to Earth, he possessed the body of a popular pop singer known as Corey. He was killed by Gadreel under Metatron's orders.



Thaddeus was once the guard of Heaven's dungeons and the responsible of torture the captive angels in there. He tortured Gadreel, for his betrayal, and also Abner, for abandoning his post.

Season 9Edit

When Metatron completed his spell, all angels fell from Heaven, including Thaddeus. After that, he possessed Corey, a popular pop singer.

Before a concert, he entered in his room and found Gadreel, recognizing him. Thaddeus greeted him, calling him "friend" and Gadreel answered that they weren't friends. Gadreel accused Thaddeus for torturing him when he was imprisoned and he defended himself by saying he was just doing his job.

He then asked if Gadreel came for payback, saying he didn't have any problem with that. He tried to get his sword, but he discovered Gadreel already had it. The angel started to apologize, but Gadreel killed him.

Later, it was revealed that Gadreel killed him under Metatron's orders, with the former saying that killing Thaddeus was easy.



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