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Dean, according to this, he's got a ton of occult objects here.
Sam reviewing Terry's collection
in Lebanon

Terry was a pawn shop owner and extensive collector of occult objects.


Terry owned the Precious Pawn pawn shop, but his real passion was gathering a vast collection of occult objects including Dragon's Breath, a Hand of Glory, John Wayne Gacy's cigar box, gris-gris bags, hangman's rope, fairy dust, anointed dove's blood, the Baozhu and the sword Chrysayor. However, he was ruthless in his methods of getting his collection and wasn't above using murder to get what he wanted.

In late January or early February 2019, Terry brutally murdered hunter Bart Kemp by cutting him in half with Chrysayor. Terry cleaned out Bart's apartment before the police could arrive and stole all of his belongings, including the skull of Sarah Good, a woman executed during the Salem Witch Trials.

Terry nearly kills Sam.

A week after Bart's murder, hunters Sam and Dean Winchester, friends of Bart, managed to track down Terry. The Winchesters asked for "the really good stuff" and bribed Terry with a lot of money to get it. Terry led the hunters to the back room containing his collection and they asked him for the skull of Sarah Good. Terry removed the skull from his safe and began pitching a deal before the Winchesters revealed their affiliation to Bart Kemp and their knowledge of Terry's murder of Bart. Terry quickly attacked with the Dragon's Breath before getting Chrysayor to cut Sam in half. Before he could harm Sam, Dean shot Terry through the back, killing him.

After Terry's death, Sam looked through Terry's log of his collection and was impressed by everything that he owned. The Winchesters decided to take the collection with them back to the Men of Letters bunker and catalogue it.