Michael's arrival causes an earthquake.

Terrakinesis is the ability to make places tremble, or create tremors or full-fledged earthquakes either by presence or thought.

Characters with this ability

  • Death - From being summoned, Death's presence shook an entire house, rattling the ground, causing pictures to drop and windows to shatter.
  • Lucifer - Ascending from his cage, he made the Chapel quake and disintegrate.
  • Raphael - After manifesting in his vessel, Raphael made the ground tremble outside of an apartment. Sometimes in the form of gigantic thunderstorms.
  • Michael - Arriving in a pub to speak with Zachariah, he made the entire building tremble violently.
  • Jesse Turner - When greatly angered, Jesse creates intense tremors, and can by done by simply clenching his fists.
  • Reapers - Through sheer physical presence, they can cause the area around them to shake.
  • Demons - Rare power, some upper teir, black eyed demons, such as the Seven Deadly Sins, can caused limited quakes.
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