Michael's arrival causes an earthquake.

Terrakinesis is the ability to make places tremble, or create tremors or full-fledged earthquakes either by presence or thought.

Characters with this ability

  • Archangels
    • Lucifer - The mere presence of Lucifer's true form made St. Mary's Convent quake and disintegrate.
    • Michael - The mere presence of Michael's true form made the building he manifested in (a pub) tremble violently.
    • Raphael - After manifesting in his vessel, Raphael made the area surrounding him quake.
  • Cambions
    • Jesse Turner - When greatly angered, Jesse created intense tremors by clenching his fists.
  • Deities
    • God - God is believed to be terrakinetic, as he is said to be omnipotent.
  • Demons
    • Abaddon - When arriving at a church, Abaddon generated strong tremors to crack the ground and break the devil's trap containing Crowley.
    • Cain - His arrival at Abaddon's hideout in Jasper Springs, Missouri caused local tremors.
    • Crowley - Similarly, either Crowley or a demon under his command caused tremors at the church Kevin was hiding at.
    • Seven Deadly Sins - Pride created an quake to break the devil's trap on the ceiling that Sam had prepared to trap him, Greed, and Gluttony. Pride did this by gesturing at the devil's trap.
  • Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse
    • Death - Death's presence shook an entire house, rattling the ground and causing pictures to drop and windows to shatter, when he was summoned.
  • Reapers
    • Bobby Singer's Reaper - The presence of Bobby Singer's reaper within Bobby's mind shook his mental construct of a house.
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