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[[File:Terrak.jpg|thumb|300px|Michael's arrival causes an earthquake, among other things.]]
'''Terrakinesis''' is the ability to control the earth, often by causing earthquakes or tremors, enough to destroy buildings.
==Characters with this ability==
**[[Lucifer]] - The mere presence of Lucifer's true form made [[St. Mary's Convent]] quake and disintegrate.
**[[Michael]] - The mere presence of Michael's true form made the building he manifested in (a pub) tremble violently.
**[[Raphael]] - After manifesting in his [[vessel]], Raphael made the area surrounding him quake and disabled all electricity in the Eastern seaboard.
**[[Michael (Apocalypse World)|Alternate Michael]] - After pursuing Sam, Dean and Castiel to a gas station, Michael, through mental will, caused the entire gas station to shake violently and subsequently boosted the quakes intensity causing the stations windows to shake and [[Team Free Will]] to be knocked over.
**[[Hael]] - Carved the Grand Canyon thousands of years ago.
**[[Jesse Turner]] - When greatly angered, Jesse created intense tremors by clenching his fists.
**[[Abaddon]] - When arriving at a [[church]], Abaddon generated strong tremors to crack the ground and break the [[Devil's trap (object)|devil's trap]] containing [[Crowley]].
**[[Meg (Demon)|Meg]] - By using [[Terrakinesis Spell|a certain spell]], she can create tremor to damage the devil's trap which trapped her.[[Terrakinesis Spell| ]]
**[[Cain]] - His arrival at Abaddon's hideout in Jasper Springs, Missouri caused local tremors.
**[[Crowley]] - Similarly, either Crowley or a demon under his command caused tremors at the church [[Kevin Tran|Kevin]] was hiding at.
**[[Seven Deadly Sins]] - Pride created an quake to break the devil's trap on the ceiling that [[Sam Winchester|Sam]] had prepared to trap him, Greed, and Gluttony. Pride did this by gesturing at the devil's trap.
*[[Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse]]
**[[Death]] - Death's presence shook an entire house, rattling the ground and causing pictures to drop and windows to shatter, when he was summoned.
**[[Bobby Singer's Reaper]] - The presence of Bobby Singer's reaper within Bobby's mind shook his mental construct of a house.
**[[Hugo Moriarty]] - Shook the house he haunted briefly.
**[[Jack (Nephilim)|Jack]] - When enraged at [[Asmodeus]], Jack caused the ground to shake briefly.

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