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Tera is a young woman who became a worshipper of the god Paeon during the Apotheosis in Corinth, Illinois.


Before the Apotheosis, Tera gets a tattoo of a highly-detailed, realistic rendering of an Indian elephant-head with swirling, interlocking designs made up of blue lines on top of pinkish-purple hide upon her upper arm. The night before the Apotheosis, Tera apparently develops an infection where her tattoo is and it becomes red and swollen.

Learning about the miracles performed by the god Paeon, Tera visits the clinic where Paeon has set up to ask him to fix her tattoo. Bored with his work by this point, Paeon agrees to fix her arm if she will swear allegiance to him and come when he calls, which she does. Paeon uses his caduceus on the tattoo, healing the infection, but causing Tera unexpected pain as the caduceus suddenly changes Tera's tattoo into an image of Paeon's creation by the Mythmaker Renee Mendez. Intrigued by the development, Paeon passes it off as an unexpected side effect and offers to put the tattoo back to normal for Tera. However, she refuses since the image is so important to Paeon and she wants to keep it.

Like the rest of Paeon's worshippers, Tera participates in the battle at TechEdge. It is unknown if she survives the battle or not.


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