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Teodor "Teddy" Kucharski was a teenager who died in a horrible car accident a year before the events of Supernatural: Night Terror.


Teodor, generally known by the nickname of Teddy, lost his mother in childbirth and was raised by his father Piotr in New Jersey until he was about twelve years old. At that time, Piotr died of a massive heart attack brought on by his heavy smoking addiction. Piotr only had his rebuilt 1968 Dodge Charger to leave to Teddy when he died.

With no other living family, Teddy moved to Clayton Falls, Colorado to live with his grandmother Olga. According to Olga, she and Teddy took care of each other, being all that each other had. When he grew old enough, Teddy began driving the Charger left to him by his father and would drive his grandmother around, including to her doctor's appointments.

By the time he was in high school, Teddy only had three friends: Steve Bullinger, Tony Lacosta and Lucy Quinn. Teddy fell in love with Lucy and they began dating, but his grandmother never approved of Teddy's friends and dismissed his relationship with Lucy as a mere crush. In 2010, the three drank too much but still decided to go for a drive in Teddy's car which he refused to let anyone else drive. Due to his inebriated state, Teddy crashed his car into a retaining wall, destroying the Charger and leaving it as an "accordion." While the other three survived with somewhat serious injuries, the driver's side of the car took the brunt of the impact, resulting in the steering column crushing Teddy's chest, killing him.

Following Teddy's death, his grandmother fell into a deep depression with the loss of her only reason for living. Though all were drinking on the night of Teddy's death, Steve, Tony and Lucy all got off without charges, something that Olga would attribute to Lucy's father being the Chief of Police. After his fatal accident, there were some stories in the newspaper about Teddy, but he was mostly forgotten as being anything beyond a cautionary tale for the teenagers of Clayton Falls. When discussing Teddy, Olga would often call him "a good Polish boy" due to her pride in both her grandson and her Polish heritage. Along with being depressed, Olga grew bitter and angry over the unfairness of what she saw as his friends getting away with Teddy's death and desired revenge deep inside.

Six months after Teddy died, a fire at the Clayton Falls Apparel Company resulted in the deaths of thirty-two people. While Teddy was essentially forgotten by the town, the fire tragedy was covered extensively for over six months in the news, furthering Olga's bitterness about people seemingly forgetting Teddy's own tragic death after a short time.

Olga's dreams of revenge for Teddy's death resulted in her inadvertently summoning a night hag in her sleep to exact her revenge. Conjuring a manifestation of Teddy's Charger, the night hag attacked his three friends on three conseequtive nights, killing Steve and Tony. Though the Charger manifestation tried to kill Lucy who still grieved Teddy's death, she was saved by Dean Winchester. The night hag's attacks with the manifestation of Teddy's Charger began on the one year anniversary of Teddy's death.

The night hag's attack on Steve with the Charger along with the other nightmare manifestations drew the attention of hunter Bobby Singer who sent Dean and his brother Sam to investigate the case. Lucy, after being given a description of the Charger following the attack on Steve, identified the car as Teddy's, drawing the Winchesters' attention to the Kucharski family. Teddy was briefly suspected to be a vengeful spirit, but the theory was quickly dismissed. Due to the recurring presence of the Charger manifestation, the Winchesters realized that Teddy's accident ultimately triggered the nightmare manifestations and eventually figured out that they were dealing with a night hag inadvertently summoned by Olga for revenge on Teddy's friends.


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