This unnamed Soul Eater was encountered by hunters Harvey and Bobby Singer in Tennessee.


Many years ago, a hunter named Harvey took a case of what he thought was poltergeists in Tennessee, but was in fact a Soul Eater. The Soul Eater eventually took Harvey's soul into its nest. However, before the Soul Eater took his soul, Harvey had called fellow hunter Bobby Singer for help. Unable to defeat the Soul Eater, Bobby used a Celtic sigil on it in a last-ditch effort to defeat the creature that he was facing. The sigil trapped the Soul Eater in its nest while all of its victims, including Harvey, died.

In 2008 or 2009, while working a case with fellow hunter Rufus Turner, Bobby realized that what they were facing was a Soul Eater and that what he had faced in Tennessee had been one as well. Using the same sigil, Bobby and Rufus trapped the second Soul Eater.

In 2016, Sam and Dean Winchester investigated the Michigan Soul Eater after it was accidentally set free. They discovered the story of Bobby's encounter with this Soul Eater in his journals, but learned that the Men of Letters had found a way to kill a Soul Eater. After killing the Soul Eater that had been freed, the Winchesters decided to head to Tennessee and finish Bobby's old case by killing this Soul Eater, thus setting its victims free at last.

Power and AbilitiesEdit

  • Reality Warping - As a Soul Eater, it possessed a unique and somewhat very large power to create its own dimension called "The Nest". Its nest resembled the house it resided in.
  • Soul Extracting - As a Soul Eater, it had the ability to extract a human's soul from its body.
  • Possession - As a Soul Eater, it could leave its spiritual realm and possess the body of a soul who is trapped within its "nest".
  • Electromagnetic Interference - Its presence caused lights to flicker.
  • Thermokinesis - It could lower or drop the surrounding temperature with its presence.
  • EVP - It could create many voice phenomenons like footsteps or creaking wood to lure their targets.
  • Super Stamina - It appeared to have a large amount reserve of stamina, considering the amount of power it used to create their nest. It also had the ability to indefinitely go without sustenance of human souls even for many years when it was sealed.
  • Telekinesis - It was able to move objects without touching it.
  • Invisibility - It could not naturally be perceived, unless in its own pocket dimension. When in, physical world, only its hands were visible.
  • Teleportation - As a Soul Eater, it displayed ability to move from place to place. It used their ability to move from their own nest to the physical world.



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