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Tempter Demons were a type of demon that existed in the Apocalypse World. How and if they vary from other demons aside from physical manifestations of horns and sharp teeth is currently unknown.


Season 12[]

The Nephilim Jack created a tear in the fabric of space and time when Kelly Kline went into labor. His protector Castiel ventured into it and arrived in an alternate universe that was ravaged by the war between Heaven and Hell.

A tempter demon spotted Castiel and made a move to attack the angel. Castiel is saved from the Tempter Demon by an alternate reality version of Bobby Singer who killed the demon with a shotgun loaded with angel-killing bullets.

Season 13[]

While traveling through the Apocalypse World Mary Winchester and Lucifer meet the Apocalypse World's version of Michael. In the background of this scene several dead bodies are seen. One of these dead bodies was the corpse of a tempter demon.

Season 15[]

As God was destroyng the multiverse, he eventually destroyed the Apocalypse World and all of it's inhabitants, thus extinguishing the whole species.

Powers & Abilities[]

  • Super Strength - They were shown to maybe be stronger than an ordinary demon. The tempter demon that the Seraph, Castiel, encountered knocked him down to the floor with a single blow to the head without any visible effort.




  • They are the only known type of demons to have horns in the series. This is suggested to be because of the state of Apocalypse World.
    • The demon crowned Prince of Hell from a non-canon novel, Belial was described as having a goat like appearance, so it's possible he had horns as well.
  • They are the first known variant of a supernatural creature from the Apocalypse World, the second being the starved vampires from there.