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Temptation of the Demon is the seventh episode of Supernatural: The Animation.


A woman named Maria is praying inside a church, begging for help for her sick daughter. Suddenly, she is approached by an ominous being who offers her assistance. She asks him who he is, and a close up shows he has yellow eyes.

Elsewhere, Sam and Dean are hanging around when they get ambushed, but manage to get the upper hand and force the assailant to drop his weapon. The assailant reveals himself to be Bobby Singer, who admits to having not seen the boys in a long time.

Azazel restores the flower.

Bobby introduces them to a case involving demons, and they suspect a woman named Maria is involved. Flashbacks continue inside the church where Yellow-Eyes, aka Azazel tries to pursue Maria into giving over her trust to him and not God. He demonstrates the ability to restore a flower as proof that he can help her with her situation.

Sam, Dean and Bobby eventually manage to confront Maria. Dean demands to know what she did, and Maria breaks down and admits that she had no other choice. A flashback reveals Meg's condition worsening, and the doctors drag her out of the room.

As she sits outside the door, Azazel approaches her again, offering her a last chance. He tells her that Meg is dying, and wonders if she will ever know that this was all her mother's fault. Maria becomes even more upset, and in the end, she gives herself up to Azazel for the sake of her daughter's life.

Azazel smiles, and soon after he disappears, Meg wakes up and rises from her bed, looking completely fine. Maria is happy, and enters the room to greet her.

Meg and Maria in the hospital.

Back in the present, Dean is disturbed by Maria's decision to sell her soul to the devil, and kill their friend. Maria confirms she did kill him, and when Dean asks why, Maria says it was Azazel's wish. Maria then reveals black demonic eyes.

Maria uses her powers to destroy Sam's handgun before he can shoot at her. Dean rushes to Sam's side but Sam brushes past him and grabs hold of the demon. Sam angrily asks if she was responsible for the deaths of Mary and Jessica, but Maria admits it wasn't her. She then smokes out of her body.


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  • This is an anime-only episode.