Anna Milton hearing the angel radio

Telepathy is the ability to read another being's thoughts and to communicate mentally.

Characters with this abilityEdit

Horsemen Edit

  • War - He could read people's thoughts by just looking at them
  • Famine - He could read people's minds by coming into contact with them.
  • Death - He could enter people's minds who are on the edge of death, shown when he appeared to Sam in his mind.

Celestial Beings Edit

  • Archangels
    • Lucifer - Able to hold telepathic conversations with Dagon. Also able to cause her pain mentally by being enraged despite being restrained by Crowley's chains.
    • Michael - Was able to read many of Lucifer's memories on about his world.
  • Angels - Able to read the minds of other angels when given permission and send messages to others; they commonly communicate using mass telepathy, dubbed by Dean as "Angel Radio".
    • Seraphim - Also able to read human minds.
  • Nephilim
    • Jack - By touching his hands to Derek Swan's head, Jack was able to see everything that Derek Swan saw with his powers. However, using this power on Derek caused the veins in his face to glow.

Deities Edit

  • Leshi- Able to read his victims' minds so he can take the form of his victims' idols to attack them.
  • Osiris - Read his victims minds to learn their guilt.

Demonic Beings Edit

  • Whore of Babylon
  • Knights of Hell
    • Abaddon - As a Knight of Hell, by inserting a bit of her demonic essence, she can read thoughts and memories. Note that her victims' eyes go misty gray when she is reading their minds.
  • Seven Deadly Sins - Envy had extensive knowledge of Tamara's history despite having no interaction with her before and without possessing her or Isaac.
  • Disaster Demon - Can read minds of humans.

Monsters Edit

  • Eve - Able to read the minds of all her children at once, and could even sense their whereabouts. This was over an unlimited distance.
  • Alphas - Able to read all their children's minds. They can do this over great distance.
  • Djinn - Able to read their victims minds to learn their greatest fantasy or fear.
  • Siren - Read their victims minds as to learn what form to pose as to attract them.
  • Shapeshifters - Can reads the minds of the people they take the form of.

Creatures Edit

  • Zannas - All Zannas are telepathically linked to each other.
  • Familiars - Able to read their master's mind (and vice versa), however can be blocked if the master desires it.
  • Qareen - Can read a person's mind to take the form of their deepest, darkest desire.

Psychics Edit

They are able to read human minds. It has been confirmed that psychics cannot read angel's minds.

Other Edit

  • Ghosts
    • Mary Worthington - Able to read her victims' minds so she could sense if they had committed a murder.
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