This unnamed teenage girl is a resident of Richardson, Texas.


This girl, along with three other boys, venture along a muddy path late at night in search of a deserted cabin. The path is misty and there is no certainly that they'll find what they're looking for.

Craig Thursten is leading the group while carrying a torch. Shortly after he tells them that the cabin is close, the cabin itself appears. When asked how he knew about the place, Craig reveals his cousin told him about it.

This teenage girl is too terrified to go inside, leading Craig to insult her and insist they check the place out now that they're here. One of the boys agrees, eager to get back to the car due to the freezing temperature. Once inside, the three find the walls of the cabin decorated in odd symbols. One of the boys lead the group down into the basement. Although initially unafraid and even skeptical about the tales of a man who used to hang girls in this place, they group notice a body hanging and each of them scream.

Two months later, Sam Winchester mentions the incident and tells Dean that when the police went to check on the haunted cabin, they found no body and accused the teenagers of "yanking chains". Since Sam believes the teenagers might be telling the truth, Sam and Dean question the trio, including this girl.

However, their accounts don't exactly match. This girl even admitted to keeping her eyes shut most of the time. The girl believed the dead woman was a red-head. They all agree however, that the body was real and that Craig is the one who led them there.



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