Ted was the brother of Susan Carter, and traveled with his sister's family to their new home in Stratton, Nebraska.


Season 4Edit

Ted appeared to be the 'cool uncle' type, joining in with his niece Kate as she complained about lack of cell phone service and her ruined life to her father. He was helping the Carters move into their new place when they encountered Sam and Dean. Claiming to be with county code enforcement, they claimed they'd found asbestos and a gas leak in the house and barred the family from moving in, on pain of fine or jail. Ted got angry, but left with the family bound for a motel. However, they soon returned. Experienced in building houses, Ted surveyed the house and declared that there was no asbestos, and no gas leak. "Code enforcement, my ass." was his brief assessment of the Winchesters.

Later on, he finds writing on the walls and assumed that Danny did it. When strange things started to happen and Sam and Dean told the family it was ghosts, Ted refused to believe there was any ghost and declared that he was not about to sit and wait for some backwoods hillbilly to "go all Deliverance on him". He only decided to stay when Dean threatened him with bodily harm if he tried to leave. After he teased Dean about the idea that salt would protect them, the girl in the walls appeared and breached the salt ring Dean had poured. Ted later reminded Dean that he was right. When Danny went missing, Ted and Dean teamed up to look for him. They entered a space in between the walls, and Ted waited while Dean descended further down a hole into the basement. The girl sneaked up behind Ted and stabbed him in the neck, killing him. Dean carried Ted's body out and apologized to his family for leaving him alone. [1]



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