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Alright, no flirting, and no fighting! Nobody likes each other. It doesn't matter.
Dean Winchester on the team's dynamics
in We Happy Few

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Team Save the World is a nickname made up by Dean (much like Team Free Will) for the team founded by God in his battle against his sister, The Darkness. The team consists of Sam, Dean, Lucifer, Crowley, Rowena and God himself, with the additional help from witches, demons and angels.

As he did with his previous team, Dean named each primary member based on a unique title or trait, such as:

  • Sam Winchester (deceased) - A guy who hit a dog (referring to Sam's running into Riot pre-Season 8).
  • Dean Winchester (deceased) - One ex-demon (referring to Dean's short-lived status as a demon in early Season 10).
  • Lucifer (deceased) - Heaven's most hated abomination (referring Lucifer's status in Heaven).
  • Crowley (deceased) - The deposed King of Hell (referring to the demons rejection of Crowley earlier in the episode).
  • Rowena MacLeod (deceased) - The world's most evil skank (referring to Rowena's general personality as a backstabber and self-serving individual).
  • God - A deadbeat God (referring to God's long absence from the world).

All but Rowena showed open dislike for their nicknames, though Dean appeared to say them with a sarcastic tone. Although all members survived the Second War against the Darkness, they lost.



  • Castiel is absent from this group in name, though he is technically present, acting as Lucifer's vessel so that Lucifer remains earthbound. The two separate shortly after the battle.
  • Jofiel stated that Lucifer was "Heaven's most hated" while Castiel was "Heaven's most wanted" in Hell's Angel.
  • By the series finale, all the members of this team were dead, except for God.