Taylor was a young student at Truman High School.


Spn413 0145

Taylor being drowned

Spn413 0152

Taylor's death at the hands of Dirk's vengeful spirit.

Taylor was a student at Truman High. She went to sit at her lunch table and she was instead called a slut. When she went to sit at another table, a student tried to comfort her. But she called her a fat ugly pig. The next day Taylor was in the ladies bathroom and was looking in the mirror but she sensed someone behind her. When she turned around, it was the girl from the day before. She was right behind her. Taylor tried to apologize for the day before then turned back around. The girl then grabbed her head and smashed her into the mirror. She was then dragged into the nearest stall and her head was shoved in the toilet. The girl then claimed not to be ugly. Taylor tried to escape but could not. Her head then got shoved back in this time flushing it. Taylor was struggling to get free. But she drowns. The girl then pulled Taylor's head out of the toilet and her body was thrown on the floor lying motionless. As the girl called her ugly and black ooze comes out of her eye.



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