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A Taurus Model 99 is a type of pistol used on Earth. It acts as the primary handgun of Sam Winchester.


This pistol acts as the favored weapon of hunter Sam Winchester. Sam is known to load it with silver rounds as well as devil's trap bullets for fighting monsters and demons.

Along with killing monsters, Sam has used the gun to kill several humans. These include Jake Talley, Don Harding, Samuel Campbell, Jimmy Tomorrow, one of Eckhart's henchmen, Kit Verson, Pete Garfinkle and a member of Ketch's Assault Team.

In Monster Movie, after being attacked by the Movie-Monsters Shapeshifter, Sam lost the gun which was loaded with silver bullets at the time. During the struggle between Dean and the shapeshifter, Jamie retrieved the Taurus and shot the shapeshifter twice from behind. After commenting that "twas Beauty that killed The Beast," the shapeshifter died of his wounds.

During Sam's time soulless, he switched to a different model of gun. After regaining his soul, Sam began using his Taurus again. In his unconscious state in The Man Who Knew Too Much, the amnesic Sam appeared to remember the arsenal in the Impala's trunk while under attack by Soulless Sam and retrieved his Taurus and a shotgun from it. In the confrontation that followed, Sam killed Soulless Sam with a shot from the Taurus. While confronting Tortured Sam, Sam threatened him with the gun, but put it away when Tortured Sam gave him a knife to use instead.

In About a Boy, the gun is stolen from Sam by Hansel after Hansel is revealed to be evil. Hansel uses the gun to hold the Winchesters at bay as they talk with Katja. When Sam attacks Hansel, he manages to quickly knock the gun away from him.

In Red Meat, Sam and Dean investigate a werewolf case. They get a lead that leads them to a cabin where two werewolves are holding Corbin and Michelle Tilghman hostage. At the cabin, the Winchesters each fought one of the werewolves who had the upper hand for most of the fight, causing Sam to lose his gun. Finally, Sam managed to kill one with a silver knife to the heart but the other, having been knocked to the ground by Dean, retrieved Sam's nearby gun. The werewolf shot Sam in the abdomen with Sam's own gun before Dean killed the werewolf with his silver knife. Despite this Sam managed to kill the two other members of the pack and Corbin when it was discovered he was bitten.

In The One You've Been Waiting For, Ellie Grant manages to grab the Taurus off of a table and use it to kill Hans, allowing the Winchesters the chance to kill the Thule High Command and the resurrected Adolf Hitler.

In There's Something About Mary the Taurus is stolen by the brainwashed Mary Winchester alongside Dean's gun which is stolen by Arthur Ketch. As a result, Sam uses his soulless self's gun during Who We Are. Sam evidently retrieves both stolen guns during the Assault on the British Men of Letters compound as the Winchesters have their guns back in All Along the Watchtower.

In Devil's Bargain, Dean is cleaning both his gun and Sam's while the Winchesters and Castiel discuss Arthur Ketch. After being asked by Castiel what they will do when Arthur is no longer useful to them, Dean pointedly cocks the Taurus and asks him to guess.

In Gods and Monsters, during the Ambush at the Abandoned Church, Sam shoots one of the Church Attackers with silver bullets, only to discover that the werewolf is now immune to silver. As a result, Sam uses the Taurus to pistol-whip the werewolf before tossing the gun aside in favor of a machete and decapitation.

In Proverbs 17:3, werewolf Andy May manages to get the gun and turns it on Sam. However, as Andy doesn't want to hurt humans, he instead uses the gun to kill his brother Josh after seeing Dean in trouble. He then uses the gun to commit suicide.

Known Users[]


  • Sam does not use this gun for witch-killing bullets for an unknown reason. Instead of loading this gun with the bullets like Dean does with his Colt M1911A1, Sam uses a small revolver instead.
  • Unlike Dean who has had his gun stolen multiple times, Sam has only lost his Taurus a few times.
  • Sam's soulless self wielding a different gun than the Taurus may have been an early sign of the differences between Sam and Soulless Sam. Notably, when Sam has his soul back, he immediately returns to using the Taurus, even in his unconscious state after Castiel breaks The Wall while his soulless self uses the gun Sam wielded while soulless.
  • Though not wielded, the gun is visible for just a moment on the wall of the British Men of Letters compound armory as the British operatives arm up in Who We Are.