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Tasha Banes was a good natural witch and the mother of Max and Alicia Banes.



Tasha had a one-night stand with renowned hunter Asa Fox. She gave birth to twins Alicia and Max nine months later and chose to raise the children herself.

However, it was apparent that she let Asa into her children's life as they both mentioned some stories of their father.

Upon Asa's death, Tasha's children attended Asa's wake. It is unknown why she did not join them.

Season 12[]

Tasha goes in search of a particular witch and arrives at a hotel. Once there, she is greeted by an elderly lady who tells her to ring the bell. Tasha notices her ring and compliments it. For a price, she even offers to cleanse the old lady's aura, but the lady isn't interested.

At night, Tasha uses a spell to track down the witch. A locket leads the way and Tasha is taken to the hotel basement. Tasha is surprised to find numerous corpses, but while she is looking around she gets stabbed from behind.

The assailant reveals herself as the old lady as well as the witch Tasha was looking for. The witch offers to save Tasha from her fatal injury if she agrees to take on the witch's magic. Bleeding and in pain, Tasha refuses and spits in the witch's face. Disgruntled by Tasha's bad manners, the witch stabs Tasha again and removes her heart to place it inside a twig doll. Using the power of her ring and a book, the witch recreates Tasha: the new Tasha bears all physical and emotional similarities to the original, including the memories, except the new Tasha is obedient to the witch.

Twigs doll Tasha

The new Tasha meets with Max and Alicia, who have been searching for their mother. The siblings find nothing wrong with "Tasha" and share a happy reunion with her instead, until Sam, Dean and Max discover the real Tasha's body.

Max confronts the imposter and forces it to reveal its true nature. The new Tasha begins to convulse and eventually collapses to the floor. Alicia, still believing its her real mother, tries to wake "Tasha" up. Meanwhile, Max goes to confront the witch responsible.

When Max demands to know what the witch did to his mother, she forces Max and Dean to view a memory of Tasha's death. The witch tells Max he can keep the new Tasha and remain as "one big happy family" if only he accepts the witch's magic. Max nearly agrees until Dean shoots and kills the witch. The witch's demise causes the new Tasha to dissolve into twigs, but not before she managed to fatally stab Alicia, ultimately killing her.

Powers and Abilities[]

Tasha's eyes glowing purple.

Tasha was a powerful natural witch. She even taught her son Max witchcraft, and he became noted for possessing impressive powers.

  • Magic - As a natural witch, Tasha had the ability to use magic in a number of different ways. She was only shown using magic to track someone down. Like her son, Tasha's eyes glowed purple when she used her magic.
  • Aura Sensing - She could sense people's aura and even clean it, which she'd do it for a price.


  • Mortality - Tasha was mortally wounded by being impaled from behind by a blade. She was killed when the Borrower Witch cut out her heart.


  • Pendulum - Tasha owned one in order to perform a revelation spell.
  • Crystals - According to Alicia, Tasha had owned lots of crystals.



  • Tasha was killed within five to six months after her lover, Asa's death.
  • According to Max, Tasha liked to Irish musician Enya.
  • Tasha's actress, Alvina August, afterward went on to portray another witch mother of twins. It's the case of Lady Blackwood in Netflix's Chilling Adventures of Sabrina.