A Taser is a small weapon that delivers an electrical charge capable of rendering a person unconscious.


A taser is a small weapon that usually delivers an electrical charge of around 10,000 volts. It is generally used by law enforcement personnel as a non-lethal way of subduing suspects.

Due to some type of monsters being vulnerable to electrocution such as Rawheads, tasers can be an effective weapon in killing them.


While hunting a Rawhead, hunters Sam and Dean Winchester arm themselves with tasers due to the Rawhead's weakness being electricity. During the fight with the Rawhead, Dean is able to kill it with his taser, but as he is lying in a puddle of water that the Rawhead is also standing in, Dean is electrocuted as well. The conducted taser blast caused fatal damage to Dean's heart that nearly kills him.

After Randy Baxter finds the Winchesters in his office and begins calling 911, Garth uses a taser to render him unconscious.

To prevent Sam and Dean from finding out the true identity of Thinman, Deputy Tom Norwood lures them to the local mill and knocks them both out with a taser.

After Dean fights back when Sheriff Ben Anderson tries to keep him from going after Sam, Anderson uses a taser to render Dean unconscious.

After losing a fight to Mary Winchester, Arthur Ketch renders her unconscious with a taser to keep Mary from escaping the British Men of Letters compound.

As the Nephilim Jack causes destruction around him with his powers due to the pain of hearing "angel radio," Sam uses a taser to knock him out.

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