Tarrell was a Leviathan.


On the orders of Dick Roman, Tarrell takes on the form of Pete Miller and consumes him, so that he can take over Pete's job of monitoring Charlie Bradbury, whose task is to decrypt Frank Devereaux's hard drive.

Later, as Charlie tries to escape from the building after erasing the info on the hard drive, Tarrell (as Pete) attempts to stop her. The ghost of Bobby appears and throws him, breaking Charlie's arm by accident. Dean and Sam Winchester then burst in and toss some borax on Tarrell which distracts him long enough for them to rescue Charlie and escape.

It is unknown what becomes of Tarrell afterwards.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Tarrell was a low-ranking Leviathan.


  • Ghosts - Tarrell was thrown by Bobby Singer's ghost.
  • Higher Leviathans - Tarrell was subservient to Dick Roman.
  • Borax - Borax was able to burn and cause Tarrell great pain.


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