Tammi Fenton was the vessel of the demon Astaroth.


Tammi was chosen as a vessel for Astaroth so Astaroth could get close to Tammi's friends and form a Book Club with them, in which Astaroth would trick the girls into selling their souls to her in exchange for powers. Tammi's friends remained completely unaware that the demon they were selling themselves to was possessing Tammi.

During a fight with the Winchesters and Ruby, Astaroth was killed by Dean Winchester with several stabs of the demon-killing knife. This killed Tammi as well if she was still alive.


Killed ByEdit

After Astaroth was distracted by a hex from Elizabeth Higgins, Dean killed her with several stabs from the demon-killing knife. As Astaroth's vessel, Tammi was killed by the stab wounds as well.


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