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Tamara: I left my husband bloody on the floor!

Sam: Okay, I understand that, but we can't go back.
Tamara: Fine, then you stay, but I'm heading back to that bar.

Tamara and Sam
in The Magnificent Seven

Tamara is a hunter who knew Bobby Singer.



Tamara was married to Isaac for almost eight years by the time of "The Magnificent Seven." They had a daughter together, who was killed by monsters that came to their house. To avenge their daughter, Tamara and Isaac became hunters. They also knew Bobby Singer.

Season 3[]

Tamara and Isaac investigated a home with a reported insect problem, where they found a family of corpses inside. They also encountered Bobby and the Winchester brothers there. Although Tamara tried to be polite to them, she was forced to leave when Isaac made his dislike of the Winchesters (for their part in the opening of the devil's gate) clear.

The couple followed Walter Rosen, who was secretly possessed by Envy into a bar. They sat at a table and made a plan: Isaac was to capture Envy and Tamara bring their car up in back to drive off with their captive in tow. She told her husband she loved him, with him simply replying, "I know." However, they themselves were captured by the bar patrons, who were all possessed by demons. Gluttony, a demon, forced Tamara to watch on in growing horror and hysterics as they used mind control to make Isaac drink a bottle of drain cleaner, which liquefied his organs and killed him. Just as the demons were about to kill her next, she was rescued by Bobby, Sam, and Dean, who also captured Envy. Later, Tamara insisted on returning to the bar, if not to rescue Isaac (who was already dead), then at least to gain vengeance on the demons who killed him. Although Sam tried to stop her, Dean volunteered to join her on a sure suicide mission. Envy mocked her about all her anger.

Tamara exorcised Envy, which sent the demon back to Hell but caused Walter to die of wounds sustained during his possession. After the hunters had fortified their hideout in preparation for the impending demon attack, Tamara was confronted by Wrath, who had possessed Isaac's corpse, further devastating her. First he taunted her by pretending to be her husband in need of help; when that failed, he started blaming her for her daughter's death, finally luring her out of the house. She accidentally broke the salt line at the door on her way out, thus allowing demons to enter the hideout. Outside, she fought with Wrath, stabbing the demon with a stake of palo santo and exorcising it.

After the hunters defeated the remaining demons, a stone-faced Tamara cremated Isaac in a hunter's pyre. She talked to Sam about Dean's deal off-screen and mentioned a "hoodoo priestess outside of Shreveport" who might've been able to help, although Dean refused to go. She left after bidding goodbye to the remaining hunters and warning each other to be careful.