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Tall Tales is the 15th episode of Season 2. It premiered on February 15th, 2007.


Dean Purgatory Blade.png.png There was something about being there... It felt pure.

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Sam and Dean call upon their family friend and fellow hunter Bobby (guest star Jim Beaver) for help after they are stumped by violent and unexplainable happenings on a local college campus. Bobby arrives with a suspicion as to the culprit behind the killing spree and the brothers' escalating feud.


College campus, outside Crawford Hall, a professor who looked in his forties was walking toward the college, late at night. He suddenly saw a young woman, standing at the side of the she's lost. "No," she replies, "I've been waiting for you, Professor." "Oh, you're in one of my classes?" he asks. "Don't you recognize me?" she says. "They're big classes," he says. "Anyway, my office hours are Tuesday and Thursday mornings." "Really? I was hoping I could see you now," she says, hopefully. He thinks about it for a second and then says, "Well, since you asked so nicely, come on." She smiles and follows him.

In his office, she is looking at a book with his picture on the back. "Such a handsome photo," she says, stroking it with her fingers. He laughs. "Oh, that old thing. So, what can I do for you?" He asks her how a paper is coming, but she shakes her head. "Um, professor, I have a confession to make." He turns from opening the window to look at her. "What's that?" "I'm not really one of your students," she confesses, smiling. "Really," he says, smiling himself. "Then why are you here?" She continues to smile at him. After a long silence, she says "Maybe I should just go." "Wait," he says, and she turns back. "I get it," he says, walking over to her. "I understand how you're feeling and it's only natural. You are young and wide-eyed, and I'm somewhat of a celebrity around here." He starts to pull her over toward him. "Don't get me wrong, you're a very beautiful girl. But it would be wrong of me to take advantage of you." Nevertheless, he touches her hair. "I just, I just respect you too much." Then he begins to kiss her. Suddenly her face begins to look rotten. "Oh my God," he says, seeing her. "What?" she asks. "Don't you like me anymore? Don't you want me?" He backs up away from her. She comes forward. Outside, one of the staff is locking up the doors. He heards a thump behind him and he turns to see the Professor lying dead on the steps.

The boys' motel - Sam is sitting in a motel room, looking at some books. Dean is making happy groans next to him as he is eating fries and gravy and sitting on a bed, also reading and listening to music. "Dude. You mind not eating those on my bed?" Sam says. "No, I don't mind," Dean says, not moving. "How's the research going?" he asks. "You know how it's going?" Sam says, closing a book and turning to glare at Dean, "Slow. You know how it would go a heck of a lot faster? If I had my computer!" Dean smiles and nods at him. "Could you turn that down, please?" Sam finally says angrily. "Yeah, absolutely," replies Dean, reaching over and turning the radio up instead. "You know what?" Sam says. "Maybe you should just go somewhere for a while." "Hey, that's a great idea," says Dean. "I'd love to. Unfortunately, my car is all screwed to hell." "Dean I told you, I have nothing to do with –" Sam begins, but he is interrupted by a knocking at the door. They exchange looks, and then Sam goes to the door and opens it. Bobby is standing outside. He comes in and the boys greet him. "It's good to see you again so soon," he says. "Yeah, thanks for coming," says Sam. "So uh – what didn't you want to talk to me on the phone about?" Bobby asks them. "It's this job we're working," begins Sam. "We weren't sure you'd believe us." "I can believe a lot," says Bobby. "Yeah yeah, I know, it's just we've never seen anything like it –" "Not even close," Dean adds. "- and we thought we could use some fresh eyes," Sam finishes. "Well, why don't you begin at the beginning?" Bobby suggests. "Alright, so, it all started when we caught wind of an obit," Sam begins. "See a professor took a nose dive from a fourth story window, only there's a campus legend that the building's haunted. So we pretexted these reporters from the local paper."

Bar -  Sam is sitting at a table with a girl and a guy. He's asking them why they think the professor did it. The girl tells him that he had a wife and kids, and his book is like a really big deal. "Then again," she says, "who's to say it was suicide?" The guy starts to argue, but Sam asks, "What else could it be?" She starts to say something but the guy interrupts, saying "It's a bunch of crap, it's a total urban legend." "Yeah well, Heather's mom went to school here and she knew the girl," the girl says. "What girl?" asks Sam. "See, three years ago? This girl was having an affair with some professor. He broke it off, she jumped out a window and killed herself." "You know her name?" asks Sam. "No. But they say she jumped from room 669. Get it? You turn the nine upside down...?" Sam nods. "So now she haunts the building. And anyone who sees her? They don't live to tell the tale," she finishes. "Well if no one lives to tell the tale then... how does the tale get told?" asks the guy. "Curtis! Shut up!" she says. "You know what? Thanks a lot guys. Excuse me." Sam stands up and leaves.

Dean is sitting at the bar, having a few shots. "Dean, what are you drinking?" Sam says, coming up. "I don't know man, I think they're called purple nurples?" Dean says with a little burp. "Well listen, I think maybe we should go check out the professor's office," Sam says. "No no no no," Dean says. "I got a feisty little wildcat on the hook, I'm gonna 'zzzz' reel her in." He turns to a girl standing next to him. "I'll introduce you. Starla?" A chubby girl with tons of makeup turns around, in the middle of a drink. "This is my shuttle co-pilot, Major Tom. Major Tom, this is Starla." "Hi," says Sam. She holds out a drink to him and then suddenly puts her hand over her mouth, coughing. "Sorry," she says. "Just trying to keep my liquor down..." Dean laughs and turns back to Sam. "Hey, good news. She's got a sister..." He smiles at Sam and Sam smiles weakly back. Starla giggles and puts her arms around Dean's neck. Suddenly –

The boys' motel -  "Whoa whoa whoa," cuts in Dean. "Come on dude, that's not how it happened." "No? So you never drank a purple nurple?" says Sam with a smile. "Yeah maybe that, but I don't say things like 'feisty little wildcat' and her name wasn't Starla." Bobby watches silently. "Then what was it?" asks Sam. "I dunno," says Dean. "But she was a classic chick. She was a grad student. Anthropology and folklore. We were talking about local ghost stories."

Bar -  Dean is standing with a beautiful young woman, dressed in a low-cut black dress. "Here's to..." she begins, holding up a drink. "Here's to us," Dean finishes, and they clink glasses and drink. "My God," she says, "You are attractive." "Thanks," Dean says humbly. "But no time for that now. You need to tell me about this urban legend. Please – lives are at stake.""Sorry," she says, "I can't even concentrate. It's like staring... into the sun." She moves forward and starts to stroke his hair, and then they start to kiss. Sam walks up behind them and watches for a second before saying loudly, "Dean, what do you think you're doing?" Dean turns around. "Sam please. If you wouldn't mind, just give me five minutes here." "Dean, this is a very serious investigation," Sam says. "We don't have time for any of your blah blah blah. Blah blah blah..." Dean turns away and begins to kiss the girl again. Sam stares at him for a second and then says very loudly, "Blah!" Then –

The boys' motel -  "Right!" says Sam. "And that's how it really happened. I don't sound like that, Dean!" "That's what you sounded like to me," Dean replies. "Okay, what's going on with you two?" asks Bobby. "Nothing," Sam says. "It's nothing." "Come on," says Bobby, "You're bickering like an old married couple." "No, married couples can get divorced," says Dean. "Me and him? We're like Siamese twins." "It's conjoined twins," Sam says loudly as Dean gets up. "See what I mean?" Dean adds. "Look, we've just been on the road for too long, tight quarters all day. Don't worry about it," Sam says. "Okay," says Bobby, unsure. "Anyway, we figured it might be a haunting. So went to check out the scene of the crime."

Professor's office -  "So how long you been working here?" asks Sam, talking to the same worker who locked the door the night the professor died. "I have been mopping this floor for six years," he says. "There you go, guys," he says, unlocking the door to the office and turning on the light. "What the heck is that for?" he asks as Sam takes out their EMF meter. Sam tells him it will pick up wiring in the walls. The worker says he's not sure why they're wiring up this office, as it isn't going to do the professor much good. "Why's that?" asks Dean. "He's dead," replies the guy. "What happened?" asks Dean. "He went out that window, right there," he replies, pointing. "Yeah? Were you working that night?" asks Sam. "I'm the one who found him," the guy replies. Sam asks if he saw him do it, and he replies no. "I just saw him come up here and – well." Dean is busy eating something over in the corner. "What?" asks Sam. "He wasn't alone," he finishes. "Who was he with?" asks Dean, coming over. His mouth is stuffed totally full with food. ("Come on!" says Dean's voice, back at the motel, "I ate one, maybe two!" "Just let me tell it, okay?" says Sam.) "He was with a young lady. I told the cops about it, but I guess they never found her." "You saw this girl come in, but you did you ever see her come out?" asks Sam. "Now that you mention it, no," he says. "You ever see her before, around?" asks Sam. "Not her," replies the worker. "What do you mean?" asks Dean, still stuffing food in his mouth. The guy replies that the professor had brought a lot of girls up to his office. Sam quickly asks him, "One more thing, this building has only four stories, right? So there wouldn't be a room 669?" "Course not. Why do you ask?" the worker says. "Just curious," replies Sam. Dean's mouth is now packed so full he can't even close it.

"No traces of EMF, that's for sure," says Sam as the boys go into their motel. "Yeah, and that room 669's a load of crap," Dean says. "So what do you think?" asks Sam. "I don't know," says Dean. "The girl the janitor described is pretty weird." He says they should check out the history of the building and see if any girls killed themselves there. Sam picks up his computer and flips it open, then looks annoyed and asks, "Dude, were you on my computer?" "No," says Dean. "Oh really? 'Cause it's frozen now, on – uh, busty asian beauties dot com?" Dean squints at him for a second and then quickly leaves. "Dean! Would you just – just don't touch my stuff anymore, okay?" Dean starts to argue back.

The boys' motel -  "Well did you dig up anything about the building? Any suicidal co-ed?" Bobby asks. "No. History's clean," Sam replies. "So it's not a haunting," Bobby says. "Maybe not. To tell you the truth, we're not really sure," Dean says. "What do you mean you're not sure?" asks Bobby. "Well, it's weird," Sam begins. "What's weird?" Bobby asks. "This next part – we didn't see it happen ourselves, exactly, but... pretty freakin' weird," Dean answers. "Even for us."

Campus, outside Crawford Hall, Curtis was walking along outside when he heard something weird behind him, like a machine. He turned and looked back, but there was nothing. He kept walking and then heard an odd noise, like humming over top of him. He looked up, and then started walking again. Suddenly a light shined down on him. He yelled and started running, but then he fell. The light was following him. Suddenly he began rising into the air in the beam of light, screaming.

The boys' motel -  "Aliens?" says Bobby. "Yeah," Sam says. "Aliens?" Bobby says again. "Yeah," says Dean. "Look, even if they are real, they're sure as hell not coming to earth and swiping people," Bobby says. "Hey, believe me, we know," says Dean. "My whole life, I've never found any evidence of an honest-to-God abduction," Bobby replies. "It's all just cranks and pranks." "Yeah, that's what we thought," Sam says. "But, we figured we'd at least talk to the guy."

Bar - Sam and Dean are sitting with Curtis, who has a bunch of drinks in front of him. "Hey, you oughta give those purple nurples a shot," says Dean, but Sam clears his throat. "So what happened, Curtis?" "You won't believe me, nobody does," Curtis replies. "Give us a chance," Sam says. "I do not want this in the papers," Curtis says firmly. "Off the record then," Dean says. "I uh – I blacked out and I lost time and when I woke up, I don't know where I was," Curtis begins. (Curtis is lying down and there are aliens leaning over him.) "Then what?" asks Sam, sitting down. "They did tests on me, and um –" he pauses for a drink. "They uh – they probed me." "They probed you?" says Dean. "Yeah, they probed me. Again and again and again and again and again and then one more time." "Yikes," says Dean. "And that's not even the worst of it," Curtis begins. "How could it get any worse?" asks Dean. "I mean, some alien made you his bitch." Curtis glares at him and Sam frowns at him. "They – they made me slow dance!" Curtis says. (Curtis is slow-dancing with an alien under a disco ball.) The boys look at each other, and then try in vain to think of something to say.

The boys' motel -  "You guys are exaggerating again, huh?" says Bobby. "No," they say together. "Then this frat boy's just nuts," Bobby says. "We're not so sure," Dean replies.

On campus -  Dean and Sam are standing looking at a big round burned patch of grass. "I'm telling you, Dean, this was made by some kind of jet engine," Sam says. "You mean some saucer-shaped jet engine?" says Dean sarcastically. "What else could it be?" asks Sam. "What the hell," says Dean. "I don't know," says Sam. "No, seriously, dude, what the hell?" says Dean. "I don't know!" says Sam. "I mean first the haunting and now this? The timing alone, there's got to be some sort of connection here." "What you mean between the angry spirit and the sexed-up ET?" Dean replies. "I mean what could the connection possibly be?" ("What could we do?" says Dean. "So we just kept on digging.)

The boys are standing talking to a frat pledge. "So, you and this guy Curtis, you're in the same house?" asks Sam. "Yeah," replies the kid. "You heard what happened to him, right?" asks Dean. "Yeah, he said it was aliens, but you know, whatever," the guy says. "Look, man, I know this all has to be so hard," says Sam. "Not so much," says the guy. "But I want you to know," Sam continues, "I'm here for you. You brave little soldier! I acknowledge your pain. Come here." He grabs the guy in a hug. "Too precious for this world," he says, as Dean looks awkward.

"I never said that!" Sam interrupts. "You're always saying pansy stuff like that," Dean replies. Sam just looks shocked and annoyed.

Back with Sam hugging the frat student, he awkwardly pats Sam on the back and says, "Well – uh – thanks – thanks for the hug – but I'm okay, really." Sam nods, backing up, then pats him on the shoulder a few more times. "To tell you the truth, whatever happened to Curtis, he had it coming," the guy goes on. "Why's that?" asks Dean. "He's our pledge master. He put us through hell this semester," replies the guy. "So now he knows how we feel." "Hmm. It's okay," he says to Sam, patting him on the shoulder, and Sam smiles gratefully.

Back at their motel, Dean says "Still doesn't make a lick of sense. But hey, at least there's one connection." "Between what?" asks Sam. "The victims," Dean says. "They're both dicks." "That's a connection?" says Sam. "You got anything better to go on, I'd love to hear it," Dean says. "Where's my laptop?" Sam says suddenly. "I don't know," says Dean. He starts to talk about how the guys got what was coming to them, "I left it in here," Sam interrupts. "You obviously didn't," Dean replies. "These punishments, they're almost poetic. Actually that'd be a limmerick..." "Okay," says Sam. "Hilarious. Where'd you hide it?" "What, your computer?" Dean asks. "Yeah. Where'd you hide it?" Sam asks. "Why would I take your computer?" Dean argues. "Because no one else could have, Dean! We keep the door locked, we never let any maids in." "Looks like you lost it, Poindexter," Dean says with a smile. "Dude, you know something, I put up with a lot from you!" Sam says angrily. "What're you talking about, I'm a joy to be around," Dean says. "Yeah? Your dirty socks in the sink? Your food in the fridge?" "What's wrong with my food?" Dean interrupts. "It's not food anymore, Dean! It's Darwinism!" "I like it," Dean mutters. "You know all I ask from you is one thing, that you don't mess with my stuff," Sam yells. "You done?" Dean says. Sam shakes his head. "You know, how would you feel if I screwed with the Impala?" "It'd be the last thing you ever did," Dean says firmly.

The boys' motel -  "Did you take his computer?" Bobby asks. "It serves him right, but no," Dean replies. "Well I didn't lose it," Sam says. "'Cause I don't lose things." "Oh that's right, yeah, 'cause he's Mr. Perfect," Dean says, pointing at Sam. "Okay, okay, why don't you just tell me what happened next?" Bobby says. "There was one more victim," Dean begins. "Right, right, and we didn't see this one ourselves, either. But we kinda put it together from the evidence. This guy, he was a research scientist. Animal testing." "Yeah, you know, a dick," puts in Dean. "Which fits the pattern."

Campus -  The scientist is walking down steps from Crawford Hall and is crossing the road when suddenly he sees something shining down inside a drain. He crouches down and looks in. It's a watch. He sticks his arm down inside the drain, trying to reach it. Suddenly he starts screaming – something's got his arm.

Morgue - Sam and Dean break into the morgue through a window. ("The cops didn't release a cause of death because they had no idea what the cause was," Dean is saying. "So, we checked it out ourselves," Sam finishes.) Inside, they pull out the tray. "Well this oughta be quick," says Dean. They pull off the cloth – which is bloodstained. Underneath there is only an arm and a leg left, along with lots of guts. "Okay, that is just nasty," says Dean, looking away. "Mutilated?" "Looks to me like something was hungry," Sam says. "They identify him yet?" asks Dean. "Yeah. A research scientist at the college. Guess where his office was, by the way. Crawford Hall. Same as the professor," Sam says. "That's where the frat boy had his close encounter," Dean says. "Yeah – hey, grab me that thing, would you?" Sam points at a magnifying glass nearby. Dean gets it for him. Sam looks at something on the bodypart. "What is it?" asks Dean. "It looks like a – a belly scale?" Sam says. "A belly scale?" says Dean incredulously. "From what?" "Uh – an alligator?" Sam finishes. "An alligator in the sewer," Dean says. "Come on." "What? Dean, it's a classic urban legend. The kid flushes a baby alligator down the toilet and it grows huge in the tunnels?" "Yeah but nobody's really ever found one. I mean – they're not real," Dean says. "And then there's alien abduction," Sam continues. "But something jumped on this guy." "This couldn't get any weirder," Dean says. "Yeah maybe we should get some help. I'll call Bobby, maybe he's run into something like this before," Sam suggests. "Oh, I'm sure he has, it's just your typical haunted campus-alien abduction-haunted sewer-gig," Dean says. "Yeah, it's simple."

The boys' motel -  "We decided to search the sewer anyway. So we split up, each taking one end of campus," Sam says. "Did you find anything?" Bobby asks. "Yeah, I found something. Just not in the sewer," Dean says.

Outside -  Dean climbs out of the sewer and walks around the corner, only to stop in horror. All the air in the tires of the Impala has been let out. Dean finds some money on the floor held together in a little metal clip with initials "S. W." on it. "Sam!" he says angrily.

Dean comes into the motel room, slamming the door behind him. "You think this is funny?" he says angrily. "It depends," says Sam. "What?" Dean mocks him for a second and then says angrily, "The car! You can't let the air out of the tires, idiot, you're gonna bend the rims!" "Whoa, wait a minute. I didn't go near your car," says Sam. "Oh yeah? Huh. Then how did I find this?" Dean says, holding up the money. Sam looks shocked and reaches into his pockets, then stands up, realizing it's gone. He turns to look at Dean. "Hey, give me back my money." "Oh no, no. Consider it reparations for – emotional trauma," says Dean, walking past him. "Yeah, very funny! Now give it back!" Sam says, going after him and making a grab for the money as Dean takes off his coat, but Dean says no and moves it away. "Dean, I have had it up to here with you," says Sam furiously. "Yeah? Right back at you!" says Dean. Sam reaches for the money again, and once again Dean jerks it away. Sam laughs and then tries again, then finally tackles Dean. "Hey come on!" Dean yells, trying to get away. "Give it back!" Sam says, holding Dean tightly so he can't get away.

The boys' motel - "Okay, I've heard enough," says Bobby. "Anyway, you showed up about an hour after that," Dean says. "I'm surprised at you two," Bobby continues. "I really am. Sam, first off, Dean did not steal your computer." "But I-" begins Sam. "Shhh," says Bobby, holding up his hand. "And Dean, Sam did not touch your car." Dean says nothing. "And if you two had bothered to pull your heads out of your asses, it all would've been pretty clear." "What?" says Dean, confused. "What you're dealing with," says Bobby. "Uh," says Sam. "I got nothing," says Dean. "Me neither," says Sam. "You got a trickster on your hands," Bobby explains. "That's what I thought," says Dean, smiling. "What?" says Sam. "No you didn't!" "But let me tell you," cuts in Bobby. "You guys were the biggest clue." "What do you mean?" asks Sam. "These things create chaos and mischief as easy as breathing. And it's got you so turned around, and at each other's throats, you can't even think straight." "The laptop," says Sam. "The tires," Dean says. "It knows you're onto it," Bobby says. "And it's been playing you like fiddles." "So what is it, spirit? Demon? What?" Dean asks. "More like demi-gods, really," Bobby begins. He lists a few deities, including Loki in Scandinavia. "There's dozens of them. They're immortal, and they can create things out of thin air, things as real as you and me, and make them vanish just as quick." "You mean like an angry spirit, or an alien, or an alligator," Dean says. "The victims fit the MO too," Bobby continues. "Tricksters target the high and the mighty. Knock 'em down a peg. Usually with a sense of humour. Deadly pranks, things like that." "Bobby, what do these things look like?" Dean asks. "Lots of things, but human, mostly," Bobby says. Dean turns to Sam. "And what human do we know that's been at ground zero this whole time?"

Somebody is looking at a magazine with all sorts of different headlines – aliens and alligators. He comes across one that says Cannibal Madman Chainsaws Family! "Oh," he says. "That's a good one." It's the janitor from Crawford Hall. He calls to his dog and then stands up. "Did you eat? I could eat." He heads over to the table, where there is tons of cakes, fruit, and chocolate. "Something's missing," he says, and then two women appear next to him and start to feed him the food.

Inside Crawford Hall -  The janitor is with Sam and Dean again. "Sorry I'm dragging a little ass today, boys," he says. "Had quite the night last night. Lots of sex, if you catch my drift." "Yeah, hard not to," says Dean. "Listen we won't be long, we've just gotta check a couple of offices up on three." He motions at Sam behind the janitor's back. "Oh, damn, I forgot something in the truck. You know what, I'll catch up with you guys," Sam says. "Okay," says Dean, and the two of them walk away. Sam heads downstairs and checks out the lockers. He finally finds one with Weekly World News inside with a picture of a UFO on the front.

Outside Crawford Hall -  "Just 'cause he reads Weekly World News doesn't mean he's our guy," says Sam to Dean as they head down the steps. "I mean, you read it too." "I'm telling you it's him," says Dean. "I just think we need some more proof, that's all," says Sam. "Look, another thing Bobby mentioned is that these things have a metabolism like an insect, you know, a real sweet tooth," says Dean. "Well I didn't find any candy bars," argues Sam. "Or sugar." "Yeah, that's probably cause you missed something," Dean says. "I don't miss things," Sam says. "Oh right, 'cause you're Mr. Perfect," Dean says. "What? Are you really still pissed at me because of what the trickster did?" Sam says incredulously. "Oh come on, man, you've been a tight ass long before that trickster showed up," Dean argues. Meanwhile, the janitor is watching from the window. "Look, just stay here, keep an eye on the janitor, I'll go to his place and see if I can find any actual evidence, before you go barging in staking the man!" Dean looks away. "Just wait till I get back, okay?" says Sam. "Mmm," says Dean. "Okay?" Sam says again. "Okay!" Dean says loudly. The janitor is still watching as Sam goes to the car and Dean walks away.

It's night, and Dean is still waiting outside the hall. He's pacing around, obviously getting tired of waiting. Finally he says, "Screw this," and heads up the steps and inside the hall.

Inside Crawford Hall -  He takes out his flashlight and starts looking around, heading down the stairs. Then he goes back up. Suddenly he hears music playing. He turns around and heads over to the door where it's coming from. It's the door to the theatre, and down on the stage there's a big bed and there's two women sitting on it. Dean goes inside further, looking around. "We've been waiting for you, Dean," says one of the women, and they move forward. "You guys aren't real," says Dean. "Trust me, it'll feel real," she says. "Come on," says the other one. "Let us give you a massage." "You know I'm a sucker for happy endings," says Dean, "but really I'm gonna have to pass." "They're a peace offering," says a voice behind Dean, and he turns to see the janitor sitting in the theatre. "I know what you and your brother do. I've been around a while. Run into your kind before." "Well then you know that I can't let you keep hurting people," says Dean. "Come on," says the janitor, "those people got what was comin' to them. But you and Sam, I like you. I do. So treat yourself. As long as you want. Just long enough for me to move onto the next town." "Yeah, I don't think I can let you do that," says Dean. "I don't want to hurt you," says the guy, "And you know that I can." "Look man, I gotta tell you, I dig your style. I mean – and the slow dancing alien?" They laugh together. "One of my personal favourites," the trickster laughs. "Yeah, but I can't let you go," Dean finishes. "Too bad," says the trickster. "Like I said, I liked you. But Sam was right. You shouldn't have come alone." "Well, I'll agree with you there," says Dean, and suddenly Sam and Bobby come into the theatre. "That fight you guys had outside," says the trickster. "That was a trick?" Dean smiles and shrugs. "Hmm. Not bad," he says. Dean pulls out a stake from inside his jacket. "But you wanna see a real trick?" goes on the trickster. Suddenly a man holding a chainsaw appears behind Sam. Dean goes forward to stab him, but one of the women on the bed grabs him and throws him aside. Bobby and Sam fight with the chainsaw man as Dean is being beat up by the two women. The trickster is laughing as it all happens. Finally Dean is thrown and hits into some of the chairs, and they stop coming after him. "Nice toss, ladies!" laughs the trickster. "Nice show." Dean spots a stake on the ground at the same time as Sam does. "Dean, Dean, Dean Dean," says the trickster. "I did not want to have to do this." As he stands up, Sam throws the stake to Dean and Dean jumps up, stabbing it into the trickster's chest. "Me neither," says Dean. The man with the chainsaw vanishes, and so do the women. Dean pulls out the stake, and the man's body slumps down on the seats, dead. "You guys okay?" Dean asks Bobby and Sam as they run up. "Yeah," says Sam. "I guess." "I gotta say," says Dean, "he had style." They leave the theatre.

Outside Crawford Hall -  "Bobby, thanks a lot," begins Sam as they leave the hall. "We really couldn't –" "Save it," says Bobby. "Let's just get the hell out of Dodge before someone finds that body." "Yeah," agrees Sam. Bobby gets into the Impala, but Sam stops. "Dean, hey, I just wanted to say that I'm – um –" "Hey," says Dean. "Me too." They look at each other for a second and then Bobby gets out of the car again. "You guys are breaking my heart, could we please just leave?" They get in the car and drive away.

Inside Crawford Hall -  Inside, someone walks up to the body still lying on the chairs. Slowly the body disappears, and we see that the man that came up is the same janitor – again. He takes a bite of a chocolate bar.


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  • This episode marks the first appearance of Angels in the series.
  • This episode received its own special article at Weekly World News. Oddly, the article explains one thing that goes unmentioned in the episode itself: the stakes used to kill a Trickster must be dipped in the blood of one of its victims.
  • The building that serves as the exterior of Crawford Hall is the Iona Building, located at the University of British Columbia Vancouver campus. It houses the Vancouver School of Economics. The featured stained glass window is titled "Light of the World".
  • The boys relating their mutually contradictory accounts of events shown in flashback to Bobby, who then determines the truth, is a take on the 1950 movie Rashomon, in which four people tell mutually contradictory versions of events shown in flashback and the final account is assumed to be the truth. This narrative device was also used in an X-Files episode, "Bad Blood", on which John Shiban (the writer of this episode) was a co-producer.
  • A "Purple Nurple" is an actual drink containing coconut rum, triple sec, blue curacao, and cranberry juice.
  • Sam Winchester (Jared Padalecki) fights a serial killer (created by The Trickster) that very much resembles Jason Voorhees. In 2009, Padalecki played Clay Miller in in the remake of "Friday the 13th".
  • The frat pledge was played by Neil Grayston, best known as Fargo in Eureka.
  • Bobby names Loki as a Trickster in this episode. It was later revealed in Hammer of the Gods that Gabriel had been impersonating this deity for centuries.


Featured Music[]

  • "Walk Away" by The James Gang
  • "Can't Get Enough of Your Love Babe" by Barry White
  • "Next To You" by Junk Food
  • "Lady In Red" by Chris DeBurgh

Cultural References[]

Elizabeth Anscombe (Character)

  • The professor asks the young woman how the Anscombe paper is coming.

David Bowie-Space Oddity (1969) (Song)

  • In Sam's version of events, Deam introduces Sam as "my shuttle co-pilot Major Tom". Major Tom appears in "Space Oddity" by David Bowie.

E.T (1982)

  • Dean refers to the alien as a sexed-up E.T.

Felix the Cat (1958) (TV series)

  • Dean refers to Sam as Poindexter, which was the name of the nerdy nephew of the Professor in Felix the Cat.

Close Encounters of the Third Kind (1977)

  • Dean says that the abductee had a "close encounter".


  • Curtis: (in between shots) "They, uh, they ... probed me."
  • Dean: "They probed you?"
  • Curtis: "Yeah! They probed me; again, and again, and again and again and again; and one more time."
  • Dean: "Yikes."
  • Curtis: "And that's not even the worst part."
  • Dean: "How could it get any worse? Some alien made you his bitch."
  • Curtis: "They made me slow dance." (dancing to "Lady in Red")

  • Sam: "Dean, did you touch my computer?"
  • Dean: "Uh, no."
  • Sam: "Eh, well, then why is it frozen at ''?"
  • (Dean smiles awkwardly and walks away)
  • Sam: "Just ... don't touch my stuff anymore, okay?"
  • Dean: (yelling) "HEY! Why don't you control your OCD?"

  • Sam: "How would you feel if I screwed up your Impala?"
  • Dean: "Would be the last thing you'd do."

  • Sam: (being portrayed in Dean's recap) "Dean! This is a very serious investigation. We don't have time for any of your blah blah blah blah. Blah blah blah blah. Blah ... blah blah blah. Blah blah blah blah. BLAH!"
  • Sam: (in the real life present time) "I don't sound like that, Dean!"
  • Dean: "That's what you sound like to me."

  • Bobby: "You're bickering like an old married couple."
  • Dean: "No, see, married couples can get divorced. Me and him? We're like, Siamese twins."
  • Sam: "It's conjoined twins."
  • Dean: "See what I mean?"

  • Sam: "What are you drinking?"
  • Dean: "I don't know, man. I think they're called purple nurples."

  • Dean: "You have to give those purple nurples a shot ... phew!"

  • Dean: (after hearing Sam's version/recap about what happened at the bar) "Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, that's not what happened!"
  • Sam: "No? So you didn't drink a purple nurple?"

  • Sam: (trying to apologize) "Um, I just want to say that I'm, uh, um..."
  • Dean: "Hey. Me too."
  • Bobby: "You guys are breaking my heart, could we please just leave?"

International Titles[]

  • Finnish: Uskomattomia Juttuja (Incredible Tales)
  • Brazil: Exagerado (Exaggerated)
  • French: Frères Ennemis (Enemy Brothers)
  • German: Tricks und Legenden (Tricks and Legends)
  • Polish: Nieprawdopodobne Historie (Unbelievable Stories)
  • Italian: Storie Incredibili (Incredible Stories)
  • Hungarian: A Szemfényvesztő (The Thimblerigger)

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