I think it has Been Confirmed Zachariah is a Seraph he stated his form in heaven is Six Wings and Four faces one which is a lion according to biblical teachings that is a Seraph's true form

Altering Reality???

In "It's a Terrible Life" the reality wasn't altered. Sam and Dean's memories were blocked, and changed, and they were put into a real building, with real people, and a real haunting. So, I wouldn't say that Zach can alter reality. I think only Gabriel can do that. I say we change that part of the article. Then again, I may be wrong. If anyone agrees or disagrees, please say something.--Effectofthemassvariety 07:33, May 1, 2010 (UTC)

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Can we unlock this page, please? -- MisterRandom2 19:53, May 22, 2012 (UTC)

oh, but I thought I unlocked it, huh, guess not. Oh well, I'll do it. -- ImperiexSeed, 10:02 PM, May 22nd 2012

Talk To Me

Zachariah please Answer the next time I call you please and what is your deal what is going on Kriseee26 (talk) 22:30, August 28, 2012 (UTC)Kristin Williams


what proof is there that zachariah is a seraph? the six wings doesnt prove anything cause obviously canon and lore arent the same. in lore azazel is a fallen angel but in canon hes a demon. in lore seraphs are the highest rank of angel but in canon archangels are the highest rank. so what evidence is there that zachariah is a seraph. also castiel's a seraph and yet hes never made any claim to have six wings. 

I've tried to make that point before, but ImperiexSeed insists that Zachariah is a seraph. I've asked for proof and evidence but have received none. So, as far as I'm concerned, it's the biggest piece of speculation on the wiki. But your point about lore not always being canon is perfectly valid. SilverRain (talk) 15:24, February 17, 2013 (UTC)

Zachariah IS, indeed, a Seraph. He described his true form. In it, he has "four faces, one being that of a lion, and six wings." That there proves what type of Angel he is, without him having to say, specifically, what type he is. -- ImperiexSeed, 12:59 PM, February 17th 2013

Yes his description matches that of the lore, and I understand you calling Zach a seraph based on that, but we haven't the evidence or proof from the show or creators to back up that claim, lest it be speculation, something this wiki doesn't do as far as as I've come to understand. And while it's not necessarily conducive to my argument, when Zach died, he only showed 2 wings. Same with Castiel when he scared off Raphael and Crowley. But the difference is, Castiel called himself a seraph. Zach, nor anybody for that matter called him a seraph and so we shouldn't call him one. I could argue that Anna is a seraph because she's a rouge but retained full power, something regular angels don't do. But when I wanted to rename the Seraph page Seraphim, I was told that because word Seraphim hadn't been used in the show, it shouldn't be the page name. Same applies here: Zach was never called a Seraph, so we shouldn't label him as on the wiki until he is called one, or we get proof from the show or creators that he is one. SilverRain (talk) 18:49, February 17, 2013 (UTC)

True, but we first hear the name "Seraphim" (Seraph) in episode 8X5, "Blood Brother", so how were we, the viewers, suppose to know what the means, UNLESS the writers supplied us with something to base off of. Seraphs, in lore, have four faces, one being that of a lion, and six large feathered wings - the EXACT description Zachariah gave. So, put two and two together. Yes, exactly, both Zachariah and Castiel (an specifically acclaimed Seraph) displayed only two wings, upon revealing a reminiscent of their true form - so it's possible (and obvious) that Zachariah is a Seraph. There's a reason why they one displayed two wings. In the image of a Seraph, two wings hide their feet, two wings hide their body, and the two remaining wings are utilized for flight. So, in Supernatural, when a Seraph perishes, it only displays two wings, as the four are hiding it's true body, and it's feet. If they didn't do this, they'd probably eviscerate, and abolish, everything in it's immediate vicinity. -- ImperiexSeed, 2:06 PM, February 17th 2013

Seraph, part 2

Seeing as how I somehow can't edit the original section, I've made a new one. Anyways, ImperiexSeed, I'm glad that you have understand,of angelology, but that doesn't always apply to the show. First off, Cupid is a Greek deity, not an angel, same with Lucifer (called Hesephorus in Greek). What I'm saying is, lore doesn't always equal canon. So saying Zach is seraph based of his description (mind you, aligns more with the description of a Cherub, or the ambiguous Living Creatures in the Book of Revelation) isn't necessarily right in the context of the show. Cherubim had nothing to do with people falling in love in Scripture, so does that mean Cupid is a not Cherub in the show? No. Because he was called a Cherub so therefore he is a Cherub. Castiel was called a Seraph by himself and he's a "multidimensional wavelength of celestial intent". Sounds nothing like Zach's description, who, according to you, is the same class of angel as Castiel. What I'm saying is, we can't align in-show descriptions of angels to real life descriptions because they aren't always true. We have to hold off on calling Zach a seraph until he's called one in the show (very unlikely, considering he's dead) or the writers mention it. Otherwise, we're essentially lying based on the opinion of one person. SilverRain (talk) 18:39, February 18, 2013 (UTC)

Well, I could be wrong, but I think the quote, "I'm a multildimensional wavelength of Celestial", was used in Season 4, a time when Castiel was just an Angel, but now that I think about it, I think he could've said in Season 6's episode, "Family Matters." Well, technically, all Angels are Celestial beings, so Zachariah could easily fit that description, too. In the Bible, Cherubs are not gods of Love, but magnificent beings of tremendous strength. And Seraphs are beings that continually sing, "Holy, holy, holy is our God", or something to that effect. -- ImperiexSeed, 2:29 PM, February 18th 2013
The quote you're thinking of is "I spent the last 'year' as a multidimensional wavelength of celestial intent," from Season 6's "The Third Man." Ensephylon (talk) 08:47, February 19, 2013 (UTC)
But that still doesn't prove that Zachariah is a Seraph. The only confirmed Seraph is Castiel after he is brought back so stating that Zachariah is a seraph is speculation. 
No speculation is when you jump to unreasonable conclusions, make up facts or simply speculate. This is simply a case of connecting the dots, if someone told you they had seen a stripped big cat, would it be speculation to say they had seen a tiger?General MGD 109 (talk) 17:55, May 5, 2013 (UTC)
Technically, Zachariah's description is that of a cherub and of a seraph. Cherubs are the ones with four heads (an ox, an eagle, a lion, and a man), but they only have four wings. As far as I know, seraphs are described as "fiery" and have six wings. So Zachariah's description is already fairly ambiguous; frankly, I don't think the writers were trying to imply any particular angelic rank. I think the point was "angels are monstrous amalgamations that are far beyond comprehension" and they chose to highlight that by citing a few common angelic traits. Ensephylon (talk) 19:46, May 5, 2013 (UTC)
That is a valid point, and your possibily right, but as Cherub's have been official ruled out as a possibility that leaves Seraph.General MGD 109 (talk) 19:53, May 5, 2013 (UTC)
Not necessarily. It also leaves Throne/Ophanim, Principality, Power, Virtue, Dominion, etc., and since they aren't going strictly by Biblical description (Zachariah having the wings of a seraph but the heads of a cherub), he could be any one of those or even a made-up rank. Ensephylon (talk) 20:52, May 5, 2013 (UTC)
Another valid point, but as we don't know any of the specifications of them, or if they even exist in this shows cannon, I think its truely speculation to say he's one of them. Seraphs and Cherubs have been confirmed to exist. All in all it simply answers enough questions to connect the dots and call him a seraph.General MGD 109 (talk) 21:04, May 5, 2013 (UTC)
Now, both Zachariah and Castiel are Seraphs. Phisologically, Zachariah is a natural Seraph, and Castiel was turned into one by the Maker. Not really....Cherubs have four wings, and Zachariah said he had six wings. As their constructs (vessels) lay on the floor, we, the viewers, only see two wings because the other four are covering their body and feet. If they didn't do this, their dead forms would probably harshly desecrate the environment around them. -- ImperiexSeed, 4:28 PM, May 5th 2013
Stating that Zachariah is a seraph because he has six wings is speculation as you're basing that on lore not canon. In lore seraphs rank higher than archangels, in canon this is not the case. Cherubs are the second highest rank in lore but the lowest in canon. In lore Azazel is a fallen angel, in canon he is a corrupted human soul. See the point? You can't assume that Zachariah is a seraph because he has six wings because that's never been stated in canon. So saying Zachariah is a seraph is speculation not connecting dots.
I agree with the comment above; Zachariah was never confirmed onscreen as being a seraph specifically, and saying he's one just because of a description of his true form matching seraphim's depiction in lore would be about as speculative and factually-unsupported as saying that Eve was originally the first female human before she became the Mother of All Monsters. TroopDude (talk) 10:34, August 19, 2014 (UTC)

Act like Admins

Imperiex and Empyrean will you two talk it out on the talk pages instead? This edit war is childish and unbecoming for admins. FTWinchester (talk) 02:40, October 28, 2014 (UTC)

Your right FTWinchester, I'm sorry for acting childish. EmpyreanSmoke (talk) 02:43, October 28, 2014 (UTC)

That's because he is a child. My original edit was "As a seraph, Zachariah possessed great power and "falling" didn't affect them at all. He was unfairly way more powerful than humans, monsters and most, if not all, demons, but pride and arrogance was his downfall" and there's nothing wrong with it. I guess I need to clarify, when I said "them," I wasn't talking about him, I was referring to his powers. And he put the "falling" as its own sentence, when it should be attached to the other sentence. He's habitually preying and stalking every edit I make and unnecessarily undoing them. -- ImperiexSeed, 10:54 PM, October 27th 2014

Imperiexseed is obsessive and paranoid. He did the same thing with MisterRandom2. I am not "stalking his edits". Also, the description of his powers and his fall are seperate issues. So they should have seperate sentences. EmpyreanSmoke (talk) 03:00, October 28, 2014 (UTC)

Obsession? Let's talk about obsession; you're obsessed with unnecessarily undoing my edits for no reason. The "falling" part should be joined with the sentence entailing power, because his powers are not affected by "falling" like regular angels. -- ImperiexSeed, 11:02 PM, October 27th 2014

Once again, you are being SOOO paranoid. You always think someone is out to get you! I am not "stalking your edits" or "unnecessarily undoing them". They are improper, so I fixed them. That is how a community wiki works, since you obviously don't seem to get that. And no, the description of his power level and his fall shouldn't be in the same sentence. While yes, they relate to each other, they are both seperate things, and get seperate sentences.

No, no, I think your out to get me. Again, there's a difference between tweaking something the way you want it (which is how communities work) and just following and hawking the feed and undoing all of someone's edits. No, they belong in the same sentence. -- ImperiexSeed, 11:26 PM, October 27th 2014

No, no, it's NOT just me that you think is out to get you! You did the same thing with Misterrandom2!!! And for the last time, I am not fricking stalking your edits!!! If I find an edit that looks improper, I will edit it. Yours looked improper, so I tweaked it. You need to stop being so paranoid. I am not out to get you, you need to calm-fricking-down! I didn't do anything wrong by changing that edit, that is how the wiki community works (which you should definitely know by now). And no, they don't. His powers and his fall are not the same thing, and so they shouldn't both be squeezed into one sentence. Even if fitting both into 1 sentence not improper (which it really is), there isn't anything wrong with it being seperate sentences either. EmpyreanSmoke (talk) 03:35, October 28, 2014 (UTC)

That was years ago, and he was wrong, just like you. No, you didn't just tweak my edit, you totally reworded it. And again, the "falling" part should be joined with the sentence entailing power, because his powers are not affected by "falling" like regular angels. -sighs exasperatingly- No, there is something wrong with it that way. That would be like saying, "Birds fly. In the air," which would make way more sense as "Birds fly in the air." -- ImperiexSeed, 11:32 PM, October 27th 2014

It doesn't matter how long ago it happened, it still happened. And no, he wasn't wrong. He was just editing the wiki (like everyone else) and you were being paranoid as usual. All I did was change a few words and seperate a sentence that needed to be separated. And your analogy is completely off. That is nowhere near the same thing. A CORRECT analogy would go like "An Eagle has massive wings, and can soar high into the air. Because it has larger wings than normal birds, it can fly higher than them." Your analogy makes no sense, as neither are complete sentences. EmpyreanSmoke (talk) 03:58, October 28, 2014 (UTC)

Both of you back the fuck up. What is your point of contest here in this article and where did it start? FTWinchester (talk) 02:35, October 31, 2014 (UTC)

Seraph Part III

So there is no evidence that he has been confirmed to be a Seraph by the producers or by Kurt himself? Otherwise I will have to change it. SeraphLucifer (talk) 19:32, May 15, 2016 (UTC)SeraphLucifer

Oh lookie, Mr. Details needs to fix something else several years after the Wiki has made it a fact!!!--WarGrowlmon18 (talk) 21:44, May 15, 2016 (UTC)
The wiki doesn't make facts. The wiki gets official sources and puts canon information on its articles. It's easy to say something is confirmed by a producer (or six), but it almost always seems to lack sources, which is a big problem. Given that an admin was blocked because he lied about having a direct line to the producers, SeraphLucifer's skepticism is perfectly valid.
Orion (T-B-C) 21:49, May 15, 2016 (UTC)
I checked the talk page, sources and Superwiki, noone ever confirmed that Zachariah is a Seraph. All I can see is ImperiexSeed's obssesive manners. I don't understand your offensive behaviour though. SeraphLucifer (talk) 22:03, May 15, 2016 (UTC)SeraphLucifer

can someone remove the speculation(Zachariah a very Weak)

okay we can fix that which evidence is there for Zachariah to kill any demon. In the first episode of the fifth season, he prefers to flee from Castiel than to be able to face him. Zachariah mostly used only his typical standard telekinesis, biokinesis, showed some magic tricks and knowledge of how to mislead / threaten humans. Can someone please remove this speculation. "Even if he did not want to get his hands dirty, he could kill Humans, monsters, demons and lower angels". First, high rank has nothing to do with true power. Zachariah may be high ranking but in this wiki he is described far more powerfully than he is, he is very very very very, very very very weak and can do nothing but threatening people.

1.What canonical confirmation is there from the series that he is actually powerful. He is only Hierarchical, but as for powers and abilities, he is a cherub frome the Power.

2.how should he get his hands dirty if he is the dirt himself?

3.What proof is there that he can finally destroy and finally extinguish every demon and all demons?

4.Castiel never threatened him with God he just explained that God brought him back again Castiel even wanted to fight him but he prefers to teleport himself away not fled out of fear of God then Castiel never threatened him with God but just explained to him that God has brought him back.

5.what special services or what special services did he show except to threaten the people.

6.how do we know that he can kill and extinguish people monsters of lower angels and demons we never saw him in a fight and we do not know what he has in a fight on it all we know he can do nothing but threaten the people

7.it is something completely different if you are powerful or strong in the hierarchy than if you are powerful or strong in a real fight !

8.can someone please remove all these speculations and assumptions.

(Anonyme Tät (talk))

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