Name Edit

So, is this character's name Vince Vincente or Vince Vincent, because a handful of pages seem to contradict each other. Kajune (talk) 09:15, August 13, 2016 (UTC)

Since it's an upcoming episode, it's possible there aren't enough info yet. I couldn't even find a source interview or article for this. FTWinchester (talk) 11:32, August 13, 2016 (UTC)

Search for SDCC 2016 on YouTube. His name is clearly pronounced with an "e" at the end. MysticalArchAngel (talk) 12:21, August 13, 2016 (UTC)

Picture Edit

I saw the Promo, I believe we should allow the picture to be used, since it is an official release rather than an outright spoiler. Zane T 69 (talk) 15:27, September 9, 2016 (UTC)

Status after 12x03 Edit

Is it okay for him to have merely Alive status without additional information? I remember the last season where Lucifer was labeled as Alive(captured by the Darkness)
I mostly observe and edit small stuff,so maybe experienced editors can do something about it? The-Real-Ironwill (talk) 17:04, November 3, 2016 (UTC)

I think It's okay as is. We can't be sure of his status, the writers may pull a Deus Ex Machina and magically restore him. Zane T 69 (talk) 17:11, November 3, 2016 (UTC)

Agreed,they just introduced Rick Springfield as a new actor The-Real-Ironwill (talk) 17:36, November 3, 2016 (UTC)

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