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In S4.E03, Dean never fired the gun at Azazel, so the bullets were not used. In S5.E04, Not only was the gun not fired, but if it was, it wouldn't count because it was used in an alternate future.

In S5.E10, Crowley kills the demons before giving it to Sam and Dean, and Dean shoots a Hellhound before getting to Lucifer. LazerWulf 06:41, January 21, 2010 (UTC)

is it possible that the gun doesn't work because he only uses 'normal bullets' and not a 'colt 13' bullets on lucifer?

--No. The show canon is that the Colt cannot kill Lucifer. As it was said as part of dialogue in the show, it's canonical, and thus trumps any fan speculation (such as differentiating between normal and original bullets). KevinTheDestoryer 20:39, March 19, 2012 (UTC)

Possible origin[]

I am not stating fact here, just a theoretical idea that we can disscuss.

Upon wondering how Samuel Colt made the gun.

Well aswell as the knife which may be older, Deaths sythe may of somehow been used, since for time Death lost possesion of it and i somehow doubt that Death would lend it to Alastair, more like he somehow stole it, but at some point Colt got his hands on it and somehow used it to craft a gun that kills almost anything but since the sythe was used to help, it is not near the sythes power.

Or colt may have made a deal with death somehow, and, knowing it could be used by the winchesters later, empowered it with near limitless killing power.

Theres also the knife, as Ruby may of made it, but she is not as old as some witches that have appeared, and they have not shown any knowledge like it. Ruby knew how to fix the colt aswell. 01:39, August 18, 2012 (UTC)

The knife was made by the Kurds, and Death had been locked up since the Great Flood.Dragonvalejunkie (talk) 01:54, February 3, 2014 (UTC)

Invulnerability to the Colt?[]

The page here says that the Colt can't kill God and the four archangels, and then speculated that it is probably God, Death, Michael and Lucifer (excluding the two younger and weaker archangels).

Can't it be that it is 1) God, 2) Death, 3) the four archangels as a collective, and probably 4) Eve (can only be killed by phoenix ashes) and the 5) Leviathans? Then again we still have the aboslutely immortal four horsemen of the apocalypse (or can we group them all with Death?).

I dont think that Leviathanes are imune. It was never tried on them but onely five things it cant kill and Eve was never confirmed that she was imune to the colt.  

FTWinchester (talk) 03:01, October 21, 2012 (UTC)

No , God and Death precede creation, so they would not be one of the five things in all creation the Colt can't kill. To continue, aside from himself, Lucifer did not specify what the other things he spoke of were, so it is uncertain whether he meant indivually or collectively. In conculsion, I have say no to the list you suggested as it far too speculative to be considered as fact. 08:48, October 21, 2012 (UTC)

Yes, it's speculative, that's why I posted it here in the talk instead. Because I was merely pointing out that the five creatures could be interpreted as pertaining to collective species as opposed to individuals. Furthermore, given the updated lore, I was also asking for opinions on what those five things were.

FTWinchester (talk) 11:00, October 21, 2012 (UTC)

Well, it still unknown who or what the five things Lucifer spoke are nor has the series touched upon the subject again since "Abandon All Hope...", so I am unable to give a valid opinion as I would only be grasping at straws. 18:49, October 21, 2012 (UTC)

All we know for sure is that Lucifer said that he was one of five things in creation that the colt cannot kill. But, to his knowledge maybe it is just five things. However, it could be more as despite holding cosmic awareness he isn't all knowing.--[[User:Twilight Despair 5|]] ([[The God of Creation]]) (talk) 01:02, October 23, 2012 (UTC)

What about "The Earth" as the planet itself? I mean, some could think that the planet is alive, maybe that is another of the things "The Colt" can't kill. A Planet 02:50, November 9, 2014 (UTC)

"There's only five things in all of creation that that gun can't kill, and I just happen to be one of them."===

I think that putting God and Death outside of creation is a matter of semantics, and I generally don't see the writers using that much finesse.[]

I take this to mean Lucifer himself is one thing that can't be killed by the colt. He doesn't sound like he's talking categories. I also don't think the writers had thought of all five at the time. This gave them some wiggle room. As far as I can tell, the only Angel who could equal or beat Lucifer is Michael. This gave me Lucifer, Michael, God, and Death. It also left me wondering about the fifth thing. Assuming the writers didn't already have something in mind, I'm inclined to go with Cain. Possibly Dean is a candidate for the list now... 23:11, April 21, 2015 (UTC)

Where is the colt ?[]

We have not seen the colt since Dean tried to kill Lucifer with it, so were is it? Or they hiding it so they can keep it safe and are waiting to use it until they realy need it?


Have the same question. And else more - why, WHY they don't use (or even TRY to use) it against Leviathans? Lucifer says that Colt can't kill only 5 creations in the world, and i don't think he has mentioned this monsters (IMHO they are: The God, The Death, four Archangel, Eve and something don't shown). 17:36, December 4, 2012 (UTC)

The last we saw of the Colt was in Season 5, when Dean dropped it in that field after failing to kill Lucifer with it. Additionally, I think God and Death are automatically immune to the Colt's power, since they aren't technically "in creation." I have no idea why Eve would be immune, since she's just a freak offshoot of the leviathans. Personally, I just think that Lucifer was referring to the (now retroactively five) Archangels - himself, Michael, Gabriel, Raphael, and Metatron. 12:24, February 21, 2013 (UTC)

That could very well be--seeing as Lucifer said there's five thing that gun (the Colt) can't kill, and there are five Archangels. And yes, God and Death, being before time itself, would automatically be immune to the Colt. Well, the Mother of All--Eve--can only be killed by Phoenix ash, and the Colt's not Phoenix ash (....obviously....), so it could be possible that she's immune to the Colt. -- ImperiexSeed, 7:29 PM, February 21st 2013
Actually, Imperiex, the show never says that ONLY Phoenix ash can kill her. The exact quote was, if memory serves, "The ashes of a phoenix can burn the mother." It just says that they can, not that they alone can. KevinTheDestoryer (talk) 14:25, February 22, 2013 (UTC)
Plus, even if Phoenix ash is the only thing that could kill Eve under normal circumstances, the Colt can get around other "this is the only thing that can kill them" rules such as vampires only being susceptible to beheadings, so its effectiveness on Eve would still be in question. 21:53, February 22, 2013 (UTC) Big difference. For Eve, her only weakness is something of supernatural origin - something paranormal, in other other words. For Vamps, a beheading is a normal weakness. So, naturally, the Colt would bypass the Vamps' only one weakness whereas the Eve already has a set-in supernatural weakness. -- ImperiexSeed, 10:57 PM, February 22nd 2013
How do we know that her weakness to phoenix ash isn't natural? Granted; to us, the viewers, it seems mystical and special, but from her perspective it could just be an everyday thing (or at least as "everyday" as phoenixes get). For example, dead man's blood (a natural substance) affects vampires, but not humans. Iron (another natural substance) affects many things such as demons and spirits, but not humans. Borax (natural) burns leviathans, but not humans. Iridium (natural) is naturally lethal to the alpha shapeshifter, but not to humans. In the same vein, phoenix ash affects Eve, but not humans or anything else that we know of. Therefore, phoenix ash would simply be another natural substance that is lethal to whatever species Eve belongs to but is harmless to other species. Yes, it comes from a phoenix, but from an objective point of view, phoenixes are just another kind of creature that happen to produce a natural substance (special ash) upon death in the same way that when we die, our blood becomes poisonous to vampires. The Colt, however, is imbued with magic that bypasses a creature's immunity and kills it outright regardless of what their natural "kryptonite" is. 08:57, February 23, 2013 (UTC)

With Abaddon on the chessboard this question is now, more than ever, very relevant. The writers seem really intent on dropping the subject of the Colt if they don't even mention that it can't kill Abaddon. (used a different computer, that was me). FTWinchester (talk) 19:15, October 25, 2013 (UTC)

Theres no reason it shouldn't kill Abaddon, it can kill every other demon, including ones stronger than Abaddon. General MGD 109 (talk) 19:14, October 25, 2013 (UTC)

Exactly. But Carver seems to have conveniently forgotten about it. FTWinchester (talk) 19:15, October 25, 2013 (UTC)


Wouldn't a better translation of the phrase on the Colt be "Fear No Evil"? 

Just curious, I'm not really an expert on Latin. 00:36, November 27, 2013 (UTC)

The 5 things in creation the Colt can't kill.[]

What are the other four things the Colt can't kill? Is it collective or individual, also? It's possible, though, that some of this things haven't been mentioned yet. If it's individual, for possibilities, I'd say Michael ('cause Luci is), Dick, Edgar and can't think of a fifth. If collective, so far, I can only think of Archangels and Leviathans. But you can also, realistically, denounce ghosts and Horsemen ('cause Horsemen can't die while their attribute exists and ghosts can't die again). However, every other class of angel, demon, monster, fairy can be killed by the Colt. God, Death, and Eve (who probably isn't part of creation) aren't even tallied in, because they're before creation. -- ImperiexSeed, 2:18 AM, January 3rd 2014

It's heavily implied Eve descended from the Leviathan so she would qualify as part of creation along with angels, demons, monsters ect. However it's never stated whether pagan gods were created by God or not or how fairies originated but it's safe to assume fairies were created by God, although why he would make them and why he would choose to create another dimension entirely for them I have no idea. The only things that predate creation are the horsemen and God. Also demons are just evil ghosts in essence so you can't be sure the colt can't destroy spirits. As for the five things, I would guess Angels (including the archangels), Leviathan, Eve, and no clue for the other two. I doubt it's individuals as Lucifer said "things" not "people" but it could really be either. 

No Horseman, but Death, predate creation. Famine came after famine, War came after war and Pestilence came after....guess what....pestilence. In fact, nothing in the series' universe predates creation but God, Death, and possibly Eve. It was highly, well, implicated that she was somehow distantly related to them. Edgar's statement and her bleeding black goo makes it all too obvious. This unequivocal distance is proven by the fact that something other than the bone weapon can kill her. She could be, like, the result of a Leviathan and something else breeding. Which, even that, makes no sense cause there was nothing before the Leviathan (besides God and Death) for them to breed with. But, many users can't come to some consensus, even still, about how, in what way, she was related to Leviathan. According to a lore book in "Phantom Traveler," entities that use vessels (like angels, demons and ghosts) are batted down considerably. So, in a vessel, a ghost could be killed by the Colt. On the subject, the Horsemen's human physiologies could be torn to ribbons if hit with the Colt, while the Horseman itself would survive. There's no way God would create the fairies in supernatural, on a basis with two reasons. I'd say the Colt could kill any yet revealed angel type (barring Lucifer and probably the other archangels), seeing as Castiel was sure it would work, and wasn't too weary about the possibility of wasting bullets. Then again, maybe Cas was just desperate, seeing as just two episodes back, he said the thought of killing Lucifer was impossible. -- ImperiexSeed, 5:20 PM, January 8th 2014
I think like Crowley, Cas didn't really know but figured it was the best option they had at the time. The fact that Edgar calls her a whore and a mutt implies she's clearly not leviathan but the fact he says he and the alpha vampire are "barely" related, shows that Eve is very distantly related to leviathan so she is still part of creation. To be honest I really doubt God created fairies or pagan deities. Either way it raises a question. If he did then why make them in the first place? And if he didn't then who created them? It's possible the colt could kill angels but I personally think it's unlikely. Angels usually show resistance to most supernatural weapons and while the colt is strong I don't think it's that strong. Also if it could kill angels, why haven't demons like crowley and ruby produced more so they could use it as weapons against the host of heaven?
Is it really that hard to believe it can kill seraphs, Rit Zien, angels and cupids? Then again, when John said "anything," he might've not been thinking about angels, seeing as Dean didn't believe in them and neither did Mary. In the broadest sense, it is possible to kill Lucifer (amidst the quote in the second episode of the fight season) using a weapon, which is an archangel blade. However, Castiel knew that, for one, it'd be a bitc* to get, and that no one, like humans, could effectively use against him. They'd be ash a million times over before they could use it. Castiel suggesting the Colt was probably desperation at something that, to them, seemed inconceivably impossible. It's like if you had a pistol going up against Godzilla. Then, she's part of creation, yes. It's good you doubt that, because it makes no sense that he would. I could be wrong, but I think Oberon is there "god", and he created them. -- ImperiexSeed, 12:56 PM, January 9th 2014
And who created Oberon?
Doesn't matter, whoever created Oberon (if he was created) wouldn't be the creator of fairies, which is what we're talking about. -- ImperiexSeed, 4:49 PM, January 9th 2014
They could be Tulpas. There isn't any limitations mentioned, so everything unexplained could be a tulpa. I'm pretty sure a tulpa could be immune. Dragonvalejunkie (talk) 01:40, February 3, 2014 (UTC)

I have a theory on the 5 things the colt can't kill, and why it can't kill them. Of coarse my theory has no evidence and obviously can't be proven, but it is definitely a possibility. My theory is that a Seraph took out its grace and fell (like Anna) and the grace landed near Samuel Colt. Somehow, he integrated some of the grace into the gun, so that with the right bullets, the grace would rub off onto the bullets. That way, the grace would enter the being with the bullet, and kill it with the Seraphs power. But the gun can't kill anything above a seraph, because it is using Seraph grace. Lucifer said he was one, which makes sense, because archangel are above Seraphs. Knights of hell are next, because they are immune to all but the first blade, and maybe archangels. The next is leviathan for obvious reasons. Eve is defiantly above Seraphs, so she can't be killed by it. The last thing the colt can't kill are the horsemen. I know Lucifer said "5 things in all of creation" and God didn't create the horsemen, but I think it was talking about everything that came into being, or was created. Please tell me what you think. Dean.winchestor.54 (talk) 00:13, July 5, 2014 (UTC)

Please tell me what you think. Dean.winchestor.54 (talk) 06:26, July 9, 2014 (UTC)

now some time has gone by, the answers are somewhat a bit more clear....obviously, the colt cant kill Cain(Dean) or the one person who holds the mark of Cain, so add that to the list. Death clearly stated he could not kill Dean, but take him off world, and he said if he removed the mark it unlocked the darkness, so as a fail safe anyone bearing the mark of Cain cannot be killed. if Death cant kill it, neither can the colt. So, the bearer of the mark of Cain, Arc Angels(lucifer has no more power than Michael, if it cant kill Lucifer, it cant kill Michael, and assuming the other Arch Angels). and obviously it can't kill Death. when Chicago was about to bite it, Crowley gave Dean the sickle which he said its rumored that its the only weapon that can kill Death(which eventually turned out to be true). Crowley was aware of the colt and if the colt could kill Death he would have given Dean the Colt instead of the sickle(as he mistakenly did with Lucifer). in 10-23 the sickle did kill Death(although it wasnt the same looking Sickle i think they meant it to be the same one). i mean Deaths Sickle, how many could he have, he did say "ive been looking for that, thank-you for returning it" in 5-21. so symbolically it was the same Sickle and hes not just any horseman, hes the olny one that is forever and eternal. so the facts are colt cant kill Arc-Angels, bearer of The Mark of Cain, and Death(or Horsemen, but death is the only Horsemen that for sure can't be killed by the Colt)....So speculate all you want we have 3 that are certainly on the list, maybe we find the rest iin the future Jmdevans (talk) 16:13, May 27, 2015 (UTC) realize the Person Who bears The Mark of Cain cannot be killed, by nothing or nobody, its in the design, its a physical impossibility, if the Colt killed Cain the darkness would fall so God made the person immortal, any one who bears the mark cannot die Jmdevans (talk) 16:18, May 27, 2015 (UTC)

I think it needs to be established first what Lucifer meant when he said 'five things' in creation can't be killed by the Colt. Did he mean five things as in five individuals, five creatures? Or as in five species? If five individuals, that can only mean the four Archangels plus some really exceptional fifth being, perhaps Eve or Dick Roman. If five species, then Archangels, Leviathans and Eve, who's sort of a species of her own, not clearly identified with any other kind of being, are the strongest candidates, though this reading opens a very important question: what are the other two exceptional races that are immune to the Colt? No other species known in the series seems to fit the bill - they all seem very ordinary, very killable, not exceptional enough to belong with the rest of the presumably immune beings. Knights of Hell can't be one of them, in my opinion; in power, they rank below Seraphs (Abaddon flees even ordinary angels). Plus, if even older, more powerful demons like Lilith aren't immune to the Colt, why would the Knights be? As for the Horsemen, I don't think they are one of those things for the reason you just said; unless clearly indicated in the series, we shouldn't take liberties with the way the words said by the characters are read, and it was never implied that by creation, Lucifer meant anything other than the sense the word has in the series: "God's creation". Me, I think what Lucifer meant when he spoke of the five immune things is five individuals. The Archangels are four of them - that much is undeniable, in my opinion; and Eve is the fifth. It's more complicated to make the case for her, since it's never said that she's one of those exceptions, but just think about it - the whole way the gang went around to killing her kinda indicates she's immune to the Colt. They went to the past to find something to kill her; they found the Colt; if the Colt were enough, they could've just fetched the gun and returned to the present to kill her. But that is not what they do - instead, they use the Colt on the Phoenix, and then they come back, as if The Colt wouldn't be enough - as if only the Phoenix ashes would do. 05:10, July 18, 2014 (UTC)

Just because Lilith is older than the knights, doesn't mean if she isn't immune, then they aren't. The demon killing knife can kill her, but not the knights. It could be the same with the colt. Also, although Seraphim rank above Knights, they cannot kill them. Only the first blade, and most likely archangels can. And "creation" has multiple meanings, so we can interpreted in any way we want. I think the most likely 5 are archangels, knights, horsemen, leviathan, Eve. Dean.winchestor.54 (talk) 07:10, July 21, 2014 (UTC)

No proof she could be killed by the knife. FTWinchester (talk) 13:34, July 21, 2014 (UTC)

Your right, there is no proof, but there IS proof that Abaddon is. We know that Lilith is not a Knight, and Abaddon is. I'm not saying that we know the knights are immune to the colt, but this is my theory. Dean.winchestor.54 (talk) 18:55, July 21, 2014 (UTC)

The 5 things in all of Creation that the Colt cannot kill are as follows: 1) The Mightiest Of Heaven - the 4 Archangels 2) The Mightiest of Hell - Lilith and the Knights of Hell 3) The Mightiest of Beasts - The Leviathans and their half-breed offspring, such as Eve. 4) The Horsemen/The Keepers of the Keys to the Cage - This includes Death, regardless of who holds the post 5) The Mightiest of Humans - The Winchesters Note that God and Amara pre-date creation and, therefore, are immune to the Colt. This immunity also extends to anyone bearing the Mark of Cain.

This was confirmed by Jensen Ackles at several Supernatural conventions, starting in 2017. Cast won't address this question during a panel, but will divulge the information if asked away from microphones and cameras. He also gave this same answer to a pair of fans who stopped by for a tasting event at the Family Business Brewery in 2018. Since this question has been floating around for the past decade, skepticism is to be expected. I'd advise anyone who absolutely MUST hear it from them to stop by the Brewery and ask when they aren't slammed (and buy something first, just to be polite).



I have been grotesquely kind and patience in undoing a load of speculative edits by users pertaining to the subject of characters that haven't been confirmed to be immune to the Colt. Regardless of cerebration, only Lucifer has been revealed to be immune and thus any other character cannot be included without it being downright speculative. I'm locking this page till I feel it's ready to be opened again. The faster people ensnare themselves in the fact that no other character can be mentioned, other than Lucifer, as being immune to the Colt, the faster this page will be unlocked. -- ImperiexSeed, 12:17 PM, January 29th 2014

Colt and Cain[]

I was thinking, was the time that Cain killed the knights roughly the same time Samual built the colt?? I'm really thinking that Cain may have helped Samuel create it, imbuing it with either the first blades powers, or his own, as even with the mark, he can smite demons in a similar way to the effect that colt and knife has on demons, and since cain had found love and was showing signs and being civil and relatively neutral, and giving he hated the knights, I have to wonder if Cain had any hand in the colts creation?

Is this plausible????

Princepurple (talk) 20:43, February 17, 2014 (UTC)

I don't think so, but intriguingly, I think that'd be a cool entwining. The Colt was made in 1835 and it's unknown when Cain killed all the other Knights, although after killing the black-eyed demons guarding Abaddon in 1863, he targeted Abaddon. Cain played absolutely no part in the creation or idea of the Colt. -- ImperiexSeed, 4:33 PM, February 17th 2014

I agree, it would have been cool, but the time difference is far too much. Cain couldn't have reformed for about thirty years with Abaddon thinking of possessing Colette only after that span of time. From what it would seem, Cain struck down the Knights really fast, and Abaddon and the demons' efforts to stave Cain off were a last-minute effort. FTWinchester (talk) 22:06, February 17, 2014 (UTC)

I know, i just find it curious, they bring in the colt, made by samuel in the 1800's, then later a knife with similar effects to a lesser extent, the second weapon to kill demons, then it's owner, Ruby, helped bobby fix the colt to get it working again, seasons later a 'first blade' is introduced, weilded by a demon who was capeable of putting his demon side to the side, and had the power to smite demons with a similar effect to the colt and knife..then we get the flashback to cain hunting the knights in the 1800's.. 30 years after colt, but he could have been slowly feeling humanity earlier than before his falling in love, knights being the creatures only killable by the first blade..or the all seems very linked.

Princepurple (talk) 02:51, February 18, 2014 (UTC)

Also, we need to think were the standard demon killing knives came from, it almost seems like each knight had one, like angels, with Cain having the first, most powerful one, like an archangel blade by comparrison, did the curds find out about the first blade and craft the lesser ones? and with no other explanation as to where the colt gets it's power, and what it can kill, I feel something must have helped him get the colts power source.

and the above links seem like the wriyers are discreetly trying to imply something for later.

Princepurple (talk) 02:55, February 18, 2014 (UTC)

The visual shown at a demon's death by the Colt or Ruby's Knife is markedly similar to the visual we get when Cain smites demons, I'll give you that. However, I can't imagine how Cain could've assisted in the making of the Colt because of the contrast on the timeline, sorry. The human tribe, the Kurds, crafted or imbued a knife we know as Ruby's Knife with the power to kill most demons. -- ImperiexSeed, 10:07 PM, Feburary 17th 2014

Just one more thing--if Cain did have a hand in making the weapon, it's rather a tall-order for him to be able to create a weapon stronger than the First Blade in some aspect (kills monsters, and arguable angels as well), when the First Blade itself only killed Knights and demons and was only partly powerful due to Lucifer (creating the Mark), right? FTWinchester (talk) 04:19, February 18, 2014 (UTC)

Now that it has been shown that the first blade is capable of killing angels as well as demons, I think it fair to assume it is capable of killing monsters as well. What I'd like to know is if it could kill the 5 things that the Colt was incapable of killing?


This has been locked for some time now. Can it be unlocked? I need access to this page. FTWinchester (talk) 01:35, May 22, 2014 (UTC)

Oh, sure, I'll unlock it. -- ImperiexSeed, 10:30 PM, May 21st 2014

Possible 5 immune to Colt[]

With the recent introduction of The Darkness and all that we know of the supernatural beings so far we can deduce that what the 5 could possibly be.

1.Angels/Archangels-as demons had it and never tried to use it. Archangels because they're the oldest beings in creation(God, Darkness, and Death predate creation).

2.Leviathan/Eve-older than angels so it wouldn't make sense

3. Pagans Deites- have great power and extremely durable

4.3 Horsemen- can't be destroyed except by Death's Scythe 

5.Knights of Hell- only be killed by The First Blade

only way it could kinda be with collective beings. 03:25, June 6, 2015 (UTC)


  1. God
  2. The Darkness
  3. Archangel
  4. Horsemen
  5. ?

Dean not knowing where Sam got the Colt from[]

Where's that comment coming from in the page updates??? Dean saw Eileen try to use it against Dagon, knew Mick brought it for them to use and probably knew that Eileen took it with her. She simply left it for them when she went to Ireland and Sam showed that off to Dean.--WarGrowlmon18 (talk) 21:42, April 8, 2017 (UTC)

So Dean now knows the BMoL had The Colt? How is he not disturbed?? (On a side note, I don't usually use sound when watching episodes because my ears are bad, so that was partly an assumption.) Kajune (talk) 05:47, April 9, 2017 (UTC)

  • He knew Sam killed the Alpha just from dialogue over the episodes. Namely Sam mentioning last week that Mick did help kill the Alpha when Mick wanted to go on that werewolf hunt with them. I can't remember if Mick said something to him when he handed the Colt off to them to use against Dagon, but he definitely did ask for it back. More than that, he saw Eileen use it to accidentally kill Renny and she could be clearly seen walking off with it. Remove the parts about Dean not knowing about the Colt because that's obviously not true.--WarGrowlmon18 (talk) 06:35, April 9, 2017 (UTC)

5 things in creation that Colt can not kill[]

Note :First of all, I want to say that Lucifer spoke about five things in creation, that is, we should never count the darkness and death to God because they are not of creation but only beings created by God or of what God created.

Note: As far as Eve is concerned, I doubt she can't be killed by the Colt because first the Colt can kill all her children or at least all the kids where it was tried and if the Colt can kill all her children then the Colt should be in be able to kill them in principle, in principle. Especially since Eve does not even seem half as powerful as Cain, Asmodeus, Dagon and Ramiel.

Remember, Metatron had been Godlike when he had the angelic tablet in his possession, and Castiel was in possession of 40,000,000 souls from purgatory when he had been as powerful as God in possession of these souls and almost invulnerable therefore it only makes sense someone who is strengthened and empowered by a divine power can not be killed by the Colt, as well as the Shedim who can not die by anything or by anything that is known, and the Leviathane as well as Archangel beings

Note:I know what I am writing here is just a theory but I think he should at least recognize my theory anywhere in the main page as possible somewhere write that it is a fan theory because I know it is only a theory but I think that should be somewhere in I think this theory should already be recognized as possible even if it is just a theory, this theory should at least be recognized as possible. That's why it would be cool if it could be seen on the main page.




4.Bearer of the Mark of Cain

5.Castiel and Metatron