What qualifies as agility?Edit

What exactly did Djinn, Vampires or Vetala demonstrate that qualifies as super agility. I mean if it's just enhanced reflexes then surely demons like astaroth should qualify as she caught the demon killing knife as ruby tried to stab her with it which would extremely difficult for a human. Also crowley throws ruby's knife to break a devils trap with inhuman accuracy. But if it has to  be agility in the sense of climbing a steep wall or the likes what did Djinn or Vetala do to demonstrate agility?

I apologize for any confusion with how the ability of super agility is defined. The technical definition could be loosely fitted to the following ascription: 'the equilibrium's ability to exceed the balance, coordination, or reflex of human standards at a higher cord.' Or, I guess, more simply, 'to be agilely superior to any human capability.' Vampires and Vetala go through a somatic transformation where their agility is surely affected. Through vessels, demons and angels are able to stop bullets with their mind or snatch knives that are whipped at them. -- ImperiexSeed, 4:05 PM, January 30th 2014

No problem. Thanks for the definition. In that case, doesn't practically every supernatural creature have agility superior to humans? And while angels and demons need vessels to display this ability so do archangels so shouldn't they be listed as well? 

You're welcome. I wouldn't say every monster out of the crowd that have been given to us, by default, possess this ability because they're not human. There are multiple engraved fallacies with that presupposition, that every monster must naturally possess super-agility because they're not human. Yes, incorporeal beings, like demons and angels, can only execute super-agility in a vessel. -- ImperiexSeed, 5:44 PM, January 30th 2014

I'm gonna add examples of agility next to the creature list

--Orioname (talk) 21:52, March 17, 2018 (UTC)

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