She's Echidna, right?{{SUBST:KrytenKoroSig}} 04:31, February 17, 2011 (UTC)

Not Over Yet?Edit

Ummmm.... If Eve was killed, and she's a monster/god/ whatever, wouldn't that mean she'd just be sent back to Purgatory? For all we know that's how she got stuck there in the first place, so is it possible that the whole Eve thing isn't done? (Leviathan657 20:20, May 5, 2011 (UTC))

I, personally, though no offense towards you, as I mean you no disrespect whatsoever, highly doubt that she will return... And even if she is back inside the pits of Purgatory, she would have to be released again. Also, correct me if I'm wrong, but in order to raise her, don't you need someone who can read the manuscript and a pure virgin... And I'm pretty sure that only Dragons can do that but I'm pretty sure their gone or scarce if anything. Also, on more of a side note, the second half of the program will focus more indepth on the conflict raging in Heaven. -- ImperiexSeed, 5:32 PM, May 5tgh 2011

Yeah I know about the war, I was optimistic that it would end or atleast die down for Eve would considering she was one of my favourites, even though Eve is probably gone for good. I was just kind of pissed about "Mommy Dearest" . I mean first off she's not the complete bad-ass I was hopeing for, just the revenge seeking type. Second, three episodes is all she got, thats pathetic considering how big of a deal her rising was and she was killed first time she actually met Sam and Dean, my hopes are high based on how pathetic it all is, but it doesn't make a difference, I was simply asking if anyone thought it could be possible. (Leviathan657 23:27, May 5, 2011 (UTC))

Yes, like I said up above, it could happen.... But remeber, one would have to prepare a virgin vessel not to mention they would have to read the ancient document in order to release her. -- ImperiexSeed, 8:03 PM, May 5tgh 2011

When an Angel or a Demon die, they don't go to Heaven or Hell, they just vanish. I guess Eve is just the same. 22:40, November 4, 2011 (UTC)


Maybe we should indicate the similarities between Eve and the Leviathans. They are older than Angels, use vessels, are shapeshifters, bleed some dark blood, and were locked in the Purgatory. 01:21, November 5, 2011 (UTC)

Eve, a Leviathan? Edit

Apparently, Eve was a Leviathan. At least according to Leviathans page's trivia based on "There Will Be Blood". however, it needs to be explicitly confirmed, directly or indirectly. -- ImperiexSeed, 8:20 PM, May 12th 2012

Exactly, it wasn't confirmed. I will admit its possible that she was, or anything type of monster similar to them. It would explain why she is older than Angels. But, she has a different weaknesses, possession of vessals, and even the ooze is different slightly with not being shiny jet black like oil. Maybe, Eve was a mutation of the Levianthans or maybe a god-like meaning not powerful but a deity type creature. While, the pagans are one of the few supernatural species not of her making some of them are more monster like than other. Like The Carrigans are more monsteris, and ones like Atropos or Osiris are more like what deities that are less like god-like creature and more what mythology tells gods to be like. So it also possible that she is one of the monster-like gods.: The Twilight of Your Despair 01:59, May 13, 2012 (UTC)

Yeah. She did, however, spit up and release clear, black ooze. Like something similar to Leviathan blood, I guess. Maybe she's a "gone-bad Leviathan", which would attest to Edgar's comment. -- ImperiexSeed, 10:13 PM, May 12th 2012

Maybe a mutated Leviathan -- MisterRandom2 19:24, May 13, 2012 (UTC)

Eve is briefly mentioned by the Alpha Vampire, when he tells Edgar that "we come from you" and that he is a "son of Eve," heavily implicating Eve was a Leviathan herself. Edgar, however, dismisses their connection, stating that the Alpha is a mere mutt, and that Eve was a whore. An enraged Alpha then attacks him. From the superwiki.

Now I will not say there isn't a connect of sorts, but their are too many differents to say that she was a Levianthan directly based off a few comments made by Edgar and the Alpha Vampire. Its possible that she is a different kind of Levianthan like Dick is the first of his his kind of Levianthans and Eve is a different kind that can create, turn, and repoduce monsters with souls. Maybe she is was like Dick's sister or something as Sam described the Edgar like the Alpha Vampire's monster cousin, but that just could be as they both are monsters of a kind.: The Twilight of Your Despair 02:33, May 13, 2012 (UTC)

I guess. Dick could eat her whole, though. As Leviathans can eat anything, except Archangels, and God and Death, obviously. -- ImperiexSeed, 1-:38 PM, May 12th 2012

This all theory, but on the Levianthans triva I made it say she may have been one. I personality think that Eve is Echida remade, as a god-like monster or the first monster that isn't a Levianthan, but similar to them. That would explain why Ben Edlund said that Eve has a slight connection with some of the deities and being more than just another monster.: The Twilight of Your Despair 02:45, May 13, 2012 (UTC)

Hey can we unlock this page?Edit

I see no reason why this article has to stay locked. -- MisterRandom2 19:22, May 13, 2012 (UTC)

Yes, I sure can. Unlocked for some reason locked pg. It's now opne for editing usage. -- ImperiexSeed, 3:33 PM, May 13th 2012

Not a Leviathan Edit

If you recall the first time Sam, Dean and Bobby saw Eve, her face was distorted on the camera. Leviathans' aren't.

One Above All (T-B-C) 18:02, May 25, 2012 (UTC)

Oh, duhEdit

If ya'll realized this before, go easy on this sleep-deprived dummy, but... could she've been infecting people by planting her eggs in them? Like how the Khan worm developed inside her and she spat it out into that trucker's ear, maybe spitting the Jefferson Starship thing in that guy's mouth when she kissed him... Oh, ew. Could her possession of that virgin have "contaminated" the girl's ova?! Serious case of Fridge Horror over here. (Eve, why you gotta be so gross in such a cute girl?)-- 08:40, October 15, 2012 (UTC)

I'm convinced her presence in the girl's body altered her genes and hormones. Similarly, like how Celestial beings escalate or protect their said vessel's immune system. -- ImperiexSeed, 12:46 PM, October 15th 2012

My theory about EveEdit

Edgar mentions that Eve is a half breed, what if her other half was Deity? She has abilities leviathans clearly don't have so she had to of gotten them from somewhere. Ben Edlund said that Eve has a slight connection with some of the deities and being more than just another monster so wouldn't that fit with the info we have? Dead deities don't go to purgatory, heaven or hell, and purgatory was only intended for Leviathans, so it does make sense that those decended from leviathans like Eve, her monsters and those turned by her monsters would go there. 16:25, November 22, 2012 (UTC)

I believe that the "mutt" comment referred to the Alpha Vampire, so Eve would not be a half-breed at all. Just a "whore." Alpha said "I am a son of Eve," to which Edgar responded "A pathetic mutt." In this case, "a pathetic mutt" would refer to "son of Eve." Ensephylon (talk) 21:40, December 4, 2012 (UTC)
It was pretty clear he was talking about Eve -- the rest of the quote is also about her, with no indication he was changing the subject from Eve to the Alpha. Also, if we pretend there's no connection between Eve and the Leviathans, we fail to account for why Alpha clearly linked her to them. Somehow I doubt he just ignored what his Mom really was. That Eve may be a Leviathan-type creature could clarify a lot of things, not only that specific dialogue, but also, for example, the fact that Eve was older even than the angels. 09:42, May 27, 2014 (UTC)

Certainly a possibility but since the alpha vamp is still a vamp wouldn't that imply he was turned by Eve herself rather than born a vampire? I took what Edgar said as a condemnation of Eve as a half breed and a whore,because however connected to the Leviathans she may be, she certainly isnt purely Leviathan155.39.88.241 18:44, December 27, 2012 (UTC)

Age Edit

"Eve predated angels, which would dictate that she also existed before the creation of Earth and humanity however Archangels predate her."

This was mentioned exactly when and where in canon? FTWinchester (talk) 20:18, December 8, 2012 (UTC)

Your right, only half of that is canon, Eve stated to castiel she was older than him (refering to angels), the other half wasn't mentioned. General MGD 109 (talk) 22:10, December 8, 2012 (UTC)

No, Eve is older then the Archangels.

End Game?Edit

Can anyone explain Eve's plan to me because it doesn't really make sense. As far as I'm aware, Eve is angry that Crowley and Cas are torturing her children and alphas so she decides to travel to earth from Purgatory to raise the number of monsters on earth. She then creates the Jefferson Starships so that she can convert all humans on earth into monsters and that way every soul will come to her and Crowley and Cas's plan will be ruined and she'll have all the souls. But if there are no humans left on earth as the starships have turned them all, won't they all just die of starvation? I mean if there's no food supply all her children will die so what exactly is the point of her plan? She defends her children by carrying out a plan that'll result in their deaths anyway? 

Well, when the monsters on Earth all die, they'll come to her in Purgatory, anyway, so as far as she's concerned, that's probably not the issue. Or maybe she planned to make it so that her children fed on each other instead of humans, a la Purgatory. It's not like she stuck around long enough to answer many questions. I don't think it was neccessarily Crowley killing her children that angered her (or else she would have come to Earth a long time ago to kill all hunters) as much as it was that he was torturing and killing so many of them to get to her--or, if you don't take her words about loving her creations at face value, she was pissed that he was trying to steal all the souls in Purgatory that belonged to her.--NaiflidG (talk) 20:30, November 27, 2013 (UTC)

Origin Edit

With Eve being connected to leviathans and being locked away in Purgatory, is it accepted that God created her?

Myself, im not satisfied with this as God likely did not create the other deities and eve seems part leviathan, part deity, and does not seem to have created the fairies, which eve also would be connected.

Her comments like 'jesus was just a man', and ' i once knew god personally' gives her a relationship to him similar to death, she would have refered to him as her creator or 'father' if he made her, and knowing him personally implies she has met him face to face and knew him quite well.

I would not be suprised if the deities were born of interplay by God and Eve and God created the leviathan from her in a way.

Princepurple (talk) 07:07, December 18, 2013 (UTC)

How is Eve in any way connected to the fairies? FTWinchester (talk) 17:12, December 18, 2013 (UTC)

Possibly, however it does beg more than a few questions if its true. I have no idea what she's got to do with Fairies, but monsters and deties seem seperate beings, she seemed to consider herself only mother of monsters, if she also created the deties, then why didn't they also react to her return like the monsters did. General MGD 109 (talk) 18:23, December 18, 2013 (UTC)

Nice point on Eve and the deities, General. Additionally, if she were mother of deities as well, she should also have made stronger deities, and deities would have been confirmed to end up in Purgatory after. But they don't. FTWinchester (talk) 20:39, December 18, 2013 (UTC)

Most of that was conjecture, the heading is origin, i pointed out that she is connected to fairies by the unclear creation, she may have originally came from avalon or something, she seemed a bit fairy to me, with dragons being required to raise her and phoenix needed to kill her, the subject is more of a discussion as to her relationship socially with God and where both her and deities originate from.

But also, as she is clearly an equal to Echidnea  from greek myths, mother of monsters, it reminded me that also in greek myth, Gaia/Earth and her son Uranus/sky had 3 sets or litters, the first and second were the Cyclops, and the hundred handed ones, seperate creatures, in a similar way to the ziz, behomoth and leviathan from abrahamic lore, and Uranus thought them ugly and hurled them into the plane of Tartarus/Hell. Later Uranus and Gaia bore the original 12 Titans, a 3rd litter, seperate in nature to the hundred handed ones and the cyclops but still related, like Deities and monsters, or Eve and leviathan could be.

This is mostly for fun, what if conjecture, but since the writers base things from Abrahamic myths aswel as greek, roman, nordic and others, I thought that it's likely they COULD very possibly add in more mixed up versions into the mix, as theve already kind of confir,ed that GOD is not the all creator, he has been alluded to have created everything in our universe only, not acalon, or the non magic universe.

Princepurple (talk) 01:47, December 19, 2013 (UTC)

Archangel predate? Edit

Is eve older than the Archangels?

Unclear due to semantics. FTWinchester (talk) 00:21, January 26, 2014 (UTC)
That's unanswerable, with how it was presented. Whether she could be or not is irrelevant, so I'd recommend leaving it out altogether to avoid confusion. -- ImperiexSeed, 6:00 PM, January 27th 2014

Powers Edit

Archangels are extremely powerful, she only overpowered Castiel, a Seraph.

Actually, she did not just overpower a seraph. That seraph was also super-charged with 50,000 souls and the weapons of heaven. And if Eve's power/control over the souls of Purgatory gave that super-charged Seraph powers that exceeded that of the Archangels, it's not farfetched to say that Eve herself is on par or stronger than Archangels. Also consider the fact that her line "I know what makes Angels tick" given the fact that Castiel was not an ordinary angel but a Seraph indicates that Eve meant "angels" as a whole, not just the low-tier ones. I won't revert any changes to the page, though. I'm just pointing out the fact that we can't easily dismiss Eve's potential against Archangels, and that her claim is not without basis. FTWinchester (talk) 10:54, May 15, 2014 (UTC)

Oh, alright.... I concede, that if Eve did unplug a seraph imbued with 50,000 souls while wielding all of heaven's weapons then Eve would probably at least be able to duke it out with an archangel for a few days before you see someone gaining the upper hand. But, in all fairness, at what point is it safe to say he doesn't have them anymore. Season 7, 8 or 9? -- ImperiexSeed, 9:41 PM, May 15th 2014

I've always assumed from dialogue of Fate that what she described as a "war machine," wasn't necessarily inside Castiel but stored somewhere for power just in case he needed it. I assumed the same thing for the weapons of Heaven. In real war, more territory means more advantage over the opponent.

I did think however that Castiel was given the souls from Crowley just to start the war with Raphael, though he did hold up with him even after their first encounter of aggression so that might not be true that he used it all up in one go. Also, Imperiex, pretty certain he gave them up when he returned all the souls to Purgatory. That's what I've always assumed anyway.

You guys can change it how you like but I'd avoid speculation, even though I trust you might not put it there anyway. Gurgatory (talk) 15:16, May 15, 2014 (UTC)

The "war machine" either referred to a literal filter for the souls Castiel had bagged somewhere (secretively stowing them way in a hidden cubby in the cosmos) or the idea of what Castiel conceptualizes in how he is going to use them. The power of 50,000 souls inside Castiel almost certainly dissipated after he lost his grace and became human. He had to have ditched them at some point, otherwise he'd be an almost unbeatable character. But where would he have hidden them? Metatron might have them, now ruling over Heaven as king. Although, really doubtful as Metatron with the angel tablet and all of heaven's weapons would make him so powerful he'd be almost unapproachable. -- ImperiexSeed, 3:15 PM, May 15th 2014

That's a far out assumption.. This page says that Castiel gave up the souls after he released the other million(s) of them after ending the war. Thing is, Castiel only borrowed them for the war, so he used them somehow and that was either to knock Raphael out of Heaven or simply to aid his defeat. Either he had them inside him the entire time to be able to match Raphael's powers (and subsequently lost them after releasing them all into Purgatory) or used them already when, like I said before, blasting Raphael out. That's only my thoughts but so much has happened since Season 6, the last thing the writers are thinking about now is that forgotten subplot. Gurgatory (talk) 20:05, May 15, 2014 (UTC)

Castiel used the power of the 50,000 souls to be able to threaten Raphael. We know souls don't expire as they are (at least according to respecable lore) indestructible, so we can assume the souls survived. In The French Mistake, Castiel consolidates all of the weapons to, again, stand up to Rapahael and intimidate the archangel. When Castiel takes hold of the Purgatory souls, he absorbs all of them. We have more evidence to suggest Castiel actually holds the souls and the weapons personally so he could stand up to his more powerful rival. 

As for losing is power, Castiel was returned to regular level Seraph when he released the Purgatory souls (because presumably, based on the dialogue, he gave up the heavenly weapons as well), and by season NEIN, he is an ordinary angel. FTWinchester (talk) 10:17, May 16, 2014 (UTC)

I suppose it isn't too far out, you guys are right, my mistake. I forgot that they don't expire haha.. That changes everything. Silly me. Of course they wouldn't go anywhere. Anyway, you guys can change this page to how you like, just avoid speculation of course. Gurgatory (talk) 17:46, May 16, 2014 (UTC)

The page as it is is completely fine. Like I said, I was just pointing out her claim was not without basis, but until we see evidence of it, we cannot validate the character's claim. FTWinchester (talk) 18:50, May 16, 2014 (UTC)

Eve's name carved in Hell Edit

Season 8 episode 19 about 16 minutes and 4 seconds in if you read on the wall, you'll see "EVE"

Could this be a possible reference or something?

If it really says that, then yes, definitely. However, what that is referencing is unknown at this point. Plus, that could have so many interpretations. -- ImperiexSeed, 10:38 PM, June 3rd 2014

Could be any Eve, though. FTWinchester (talk) 02:48, June 4, 2014 (UTC)

That's highly naive, man. That's like saying if you saw "Dean" carved on a wall in Heaven or on Sam's forehead and said "well, could be any Dean, though." No, you'd assume it meant Dean Winchester, wouldn't you? Some stuff like that are so distinct they're blatant. I'll level with you, though, it could also be talking about Eve, the human, Adam's first wife. -- ImperiexSeed, 11:57 PM, June 3rd 2014

"though, it could also be talking about Eve, the human, Adam's first wife"
There you go. FTWinchester (talk) 11:18, June 4, 2014 (UTC)

Not conjuration Edit

Eve isn't conjuring monsters. She wasn't creating them from nothing or summoning them from thin air. She was laying eggs and turning humans. 'Conjuring' should be changed. FTWinchester (talk) 04:12, November 7, 2014 (UTC)

I would agree, except the Khan Worm was produced instantly and wasn't made by changing a human into a monster. So she does have some form of conjuration Magic. Plus, it does on to say as evidence that she made the dragon blades in Bobby's Guide to Hunting. But I agree that most of her monster making power is the true from of Biokinesis. Maniuplation of bodily properties and life energies. [[User:Twilight Despair 5|]] ([[The God of Creation]]) (talk) 06:20, November 7, 2014 (UTC)

Dude, you forgot the part about where she lays eggs. Even Eve can't create a soul. She could only damn them. Besides, Bobby's Guide is dubiously canon at best. FTWinchester (talk) 12:25, November 7, 2014 (UTC)

I wouldn't say damned as that relates to Hell not Purgatory. And maybe your right, but at least she can produce her supernatural formulas. And despite this being a form of biokinesis. She her vessal's body was dead, she was brain dead. And if the brain is dead it cannot make new the body produce cells, outside of necrosis to breakdown the body. So then she shouldn't have been able to produce new monster eggs. So that could be a form of conjuration.[[User:Twilight Despair 5|]] ([[The God of Creation]]) (talk) 21:12, November 7, 2014 (UTC)

Can someone add in the notes how it is incredibly ironic that being the mother of all monsters she has to possess a virgin to walk the earth? Considering under traditional cirumstance a virgin can't be a mother biologically speaking. 01:29, September 14, 2016 (UTC)

I'll do that ina few minutes. Zane T 69 (talk) 01:41, September 14, 2016 (UTC)

making the alphas Edit

I personally believe Eve to be Leviathan-related, but one thing that doesn't make sense (to me at least), is that if she existed before angels and thus humans, when could she have turned humans into alphas if she was locked in Purgatory before they were created?Jmac 703 (talk) 00:19, March 16, 2017 (UTC)

She could have simply visited Earth and Humans when they were created and then made the Alphas. Gabriel456 (talk) 13:53, March 16, 2017 (UTC)

Eve definitely visited the Earth after being lucked up in Purgatory for the first time. In fact, it is said in one of the episodes that she'd walked the Earth 2,000 years ago or some such thing. 2804:7F7:DC80:12F3:0:0:0:2 02:54, October 18, 2017 (UTC)

"A pathetic mutt!"Edit

Right after the Alpha Vampire brags about being Eve's son, Edgar makes that exclamation, "A pathetic mutt!" It is unclear to me who's being called a mutt here, if it was Eve or the Alpha Vampire. If it was Eve, then that would imply she is a part-Leviathan hybrid; but if it is the Alpha, then he's the one being implied to be some sort of bastardized Leviathan-mutation, whereas Eve would get to be a pure Leviathan. What do you guys think -- who did Edgar call a "mutt", Eve or her creations? 2804:7F7:DC80:12F3:0:0:0:2 02:57, October 18, 2017 (UTC)

Orthography errorEdit

" Like the Leviathans, with whom she was related to..."

This should be just, "to whom she was related". Can someone fix this?

"Soul exists in Purgatory"? Edit

In season 7, it was said that Leviathans were created before souls. Eve is about as old as Leviathans according to season 6 and 7 lore (both predating angels), or is even older than them according to season 15, since, in episode 15.9, she was retconned as their mother. In any case, it is most likely that she, like the Leviathans, was created before souls, and therefore she must not have one. Whatever is sent back to purgatory when Eve or a Leviathan dies, it is not a soul. -- SonOfEve (talk) 13:42, April 6, 2020 (UTC)

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