It just annoyed me that Dean said "or maybe for the guys, I don't judge." Dean does judge, a lot, clearly shown by the fact that he commented about the guy potentially being gay to make fun of him. And if a guy Dean's close to hasn't done sexual things with multiple women, he gives that guy shit for it repeatedly, and if a guy has had sex with a woman he will congratulate him, which is a very bad attitude and the root of most nonreligious homophobia. He literally hasn't known any gay men longer than one episode and usually doesn't know they were gay until the end of the episode, so it's inferrable he'd do the same with gay men until discovering they're gay, at which point I honestly don't know how he'd be about it, but it's not like he's the kind whom I'd expect to be particularly supportive.Jonnesty (talk) 16:01, September 16, 2020 (UTC)

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