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Did the show ever state he is immortal BECAUSE he steals organs of others? cause if this is true how did he come back from the dead when his heart was gone? Sam stated there was a 'formula that was simple' which didn't need anything gross or disgusting so...can his 'Immortality' part of his page be changed to a secret formula to get it or..what?

Think we will see him again?

I mean he's not dead so think there's a chance he might get out of the what ever they locked him up in?

I believe Doc is dead. For one thing, after his organs he has gets to damaged he needs to replace them. Granted he'd be still alive, but still after all those years being in the ground, after beign shot several times damaging his organs, he wouldn't exactly be alive. Due to the injuries and the decaying dead organs (that where shot or needed to be changed at the time). 

Then theres the whole fact that he is still human and has lungs, needs Oxygen to survive, by burying him they basically killed him.

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